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    Traveling to Canada in COVID Situation – A To Do List for International Students

    Jun 01,2021

    International Student

    In the current situation of COVID-19, health and safety is the primary concern of every student seeking to study abroad. The government of Canada is taking strict protective measures to control the spread of COVID-19 and safeguard people from adverse effects. All the students traveling to Canada must adhere to the government guidelines to retain the validity of their study permit and study in Canada without hassle.

    The blog aims to present you with the pieces of information crucial to fly Canada with an aim to pursue studies during the ongoing context of COVID-19.

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    Pre-arrival Checklist

    • Go through the comprehensive guideline on traveling, arrival, and quarantine regulations.
    • Arrange a temporary stay at your point of entry in Canada.
    • Plan your self-isolation. Crowded places such as hostels, shared accommodations, etc. must be avoided to accomplish the task.
    • Undergo a COVID-19 test and acquire your test results (the test must be negative) to show to the airline authorities before you Board the Flight for Canada. Please note, the candidates who are COVID negative are permitted to enter Candian boundaries, however, they must complete the 14 days of self-isolation before starting their studies in the country.
    • Shop for good-quality face masks and hand sanitizers to carry.
    • Review your health conditions. If you feel sick and have any symptoms of COVID-19, postpone your plan to Travel to Canada.

    During Traveling

    • Ensure to cover your face properly either with a mask or other suitable stuff.
    • Don’t miss to carry at least 2 face masks, a hand sanitizer bottle, and disinfecting wipes. Use them often during the journey.
    • Strictly adhere to the social distancing guideline. Maintain at least two meters of distance between yourself and the people nearby you.
    • Wash your hands frequently. Apply hand sanitizer in situations where hand wash is not possible.
    • Do not touch the nearby surroundings and surfaces unnecessarily.
    • Don’t forget to sanitize your allotted space and other crucial belongings such as your seat belt before making use of them.
    • Have your mobile phone properly charged.

    Entry to Canada

    • Your face must be covered with a mask.
    • You may be asked to undergo some health screening tests and answer a few health screening questions at the entry point. Cooperate with the authorities. They may also ask you about your quarantine plans. Provide adequate information.
    • Present essential documents and information to make an Entry to Canada.
    • You may be required to undergo a COVID-19 test in case you have symptoms

    Result: Negative

    • Finish your self-isolation as per your plans.
    • Begin your Life in Canada.

    Result: Positive

    The officials will direct you towards the necessary quarantine facilities and will arrange the required treatments for you.

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    Quarantine or Self-isolation Period in Canada

    Each traveler entering Canada is needed to provide the traveling, communication, and quarantine information via ArriveCAN within 3 days prior to their Arrival to Canada. The information must include your traveling details, contact information, COVID-19 test information, quarantine plan, COVID-19 self-assessment information, and recent traveling history. The attempt to provide faulty or incorrect information is an offense under the Quarantine Act in Canada. Once you submit the information, you will be given a receipt via email. The receipt is required to be shown to the authorities on the Canadian border when you step in to Canada.

    After you reach Canada, you must confirm on ArriveCAN that you have moved to your specified address and adhering to your self-isolation plan. You must also complete and provide the daily self-assessment COVID information until your self-isolation period gets over. The Canadian officials can call you on a regular basis to ascertain that you are complying with your quarantine plan without any delays or disruptions. The designated authorities may also visit you at your specified quarantine location to cross-check your conduct while living in the quarantine period.

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    Quarantine Period – Important Things to Keep in Mind

    • Only the utilization of private outdoor areas is allowed.
    • Visit from a family member, friend, or any other guest is prohibited.
    • The use of shared spaces such as restaurants, pools, courtyards, lobbies, etc. is not allowed.
    • Leaving the quarantine area is not allowed unless there is a medical need.

    After the Quarantine

    You are all set to commence your life in Canada once you have completed your quarantine period. Here are a few things that should be your first priority when you head towards initiating a Student Life in Canada.

    Settle Your Accommodation

    Accommodation is the primary concern of every migrant traveling to an unfamiliar place. As an international student, you have two accommodation options – off-campus and on-campus. Most of the Universities in Canada provide high-quality housing options in affordable manners. If you don’t go for on-campus accommodation due to any reason then you are required to search for a suitable off-campus housing option that may take some time and effort.

    Arrange a Local Cell Phone

    The next important thing you should do during your first week in Canada is arranging a local sim card and phone plan. Search and compare the available phone plans to make an optimum choice. Settling an early local cell phone will help you to avoid the high-priced roaming charges you are likely to pay if you use your home country’s sim card to communicate with your family and friends.

    Find a Place to Purchase Your Daily Needs

    As you are in a completely new place, you don’t know the most convenient place to buy your daily needs. Taking some time to understand your nearby areas is a crucial step to ease your life in this respect.

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    Socialize Yourself

    Settling up life in an unknown place is a stressful affair but you are not alone. There are many who are in the same boat. Hence, getting yourself socialize and making friends can be beneficial to cope with the situation calmly. A strong network of new friends can help you to feel at home in your new place of living.

    Dear friends, we understand your dilemmas associated with migrating to a new country especially when it is COVID-19 everywhere. That’s why we have created this to-do list to aid you to ensure your safety while Flying to the Land of Canada.

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