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According to one quote “Sometimes the choice of answer confuses you more than the question.” Today plenty of information available on the internet and the surroundings of the people regarding the immigration and permanent residency of any of the county and that confuses them. As a result, many people are unable to take wise decision for their careers especially in permanent residency selection. Here we try to some basic reason why you need to consult a professional for your Canada Permanent Residency Visa.

  • Aspire Square Immigration consultant is known for its country-specific counseling for the last decade or so
  • Over the years Aspire Square immigration consultant is guiding several people in a precise manner who are looking for a permanent residency visa, or student visa or visit visa
  • Apart from this, Aspire Square is holding a core position in the coaching sector as well
  • On the overview, the Canada Permanent Residency process seems an easy-going process and even any layman can apply for it for himself. At some point of the stage, it is correct as well. However, there many small peculiarities which only a professional can pick and submit the profile accordingly
  • Usually, the major concerns raised after getting a nomination or invitation from the federal government or any province. This time is really crucial and you highly need a professional consultant who knows the ins & outs of the entire Canada PR Process
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Why Canada?

Canada offers a variety of immigration options for you to choose from, whether you wish to study or work, or even apply for Permanent Residency. Canada knows the value benefit skilled immigrants bring along with them and has designed policies to attract immigrants and make them feel at home. If opportunities, sophisticated lifestyle, benefits, and the breath-taking beauty of Canada allure you to relocate, come to us. We offer excellent immigration services and will assist you to get Permanent Residence in Canada and make the country your abode.

From an immigration point of view, Canada has a wide range of options. According to a calculation, nearly 80 different immigration programs are running which help to obtain permanent residency in Canada in direct or indirect ways. Not only from today but from over the years Canada needs skilled migrants. However, the structure of inviting skilled immigrants is changed drastically in past few years. And as a result, they have started inviting a huge number of candidates from the past 5 years.

The reasons behind this are the policies and strategies which they have designed to attract the number of skilled immigrants.

On the other hand, there also plenty of other benefits that also attract many migrants to the country. Such as,

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Permanent Resident’s Rights

1. Right of permanent residency

Because of the permanent residency candidates can have the right to live, work and/or study anywhere in Canada and enjoy almost every benefit which a Canadian citizen is getting.

2. Sponsor eligible family members

A permanent resident can also invite his/her spouse and dependent children as well. On the other hand, if the resident lives in the provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan then he/she can sponsor the other family members like siblings, cousins, and parents-grandparents as well.

3. Apply for Canadian Citizenship

After residing for 3 years as permanent residents in Canada the candidate can also eligible to apply for citizenship of Canada as well. However, there are certain rules and regulations which they need to follow before applying for citizenship.

4. Freedom of work anywhere in Canada

As a permanent resident, the candidate is allowed to work anywhere and under any employer of Canada. However, he/she is only not allowed to work for high-level security and government jobs because it requires to have Canadian citizenship.

5. No tax on income from outside Canada

Canadian residents and citizens only need to pay the taxes if they are working physically in Canada otherwise, if they are working outside of Canada then there will be no tax on their income.

6. Access to subsidized study option

Canadian permanent residents and citizens have the access to get subsidized education from any Canadian university, college, institute, or post-secondary education organization that is public-funded. Apart from this, they can also enroll themselves for free English and French language coaching which can be offered by the federal or provincial government.

7. Social Security services and their benefits

The benefit is specially designed for those citizens and permanent residents who are unable to work due to disability, or may they unable to find even the survival jobs. The benefits which they get under the process.

  • The Pension
  • The subsidized accommodation, especially for low-income individuals.
  • Compensation of workers
  • Insurance coverage for unemployment
  • Up to 98% subsidized medication facilities for especially for low-income group people
  • Without any cost job searching and skill enhancement training facilities
  • Subsidize for children for private nurseries admission for the low-income group

8. Canadian Law Protection

The Canadian law and Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms protect and give the rights not only to the Canadian citizens but also to Canadian Residents.

9. Connections with the USA

Canada and the USA have attached with the NAFTA Agreement and as a result, both the countries’ residents are allowed to work legally in both countries. After getting citizenship they are also allowed to settle in the vice e versa country.

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Rights for the Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens have only two more rights than Canadian Residents.

  • They can vote in the Elections and
  • They can do High-level Government and high -level security and defense jobs
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