Canada offers a variety of immigration options for you to choose from, whether you wish to study or work or even apply for Permanent Residency. Canada knows the value benefit skilled immigrants bring along with them and has designed policies to attract immigrants and make them feel at home. If opportunities, sophisticated lifestyle, benefits, and the breath-taking beauty of Canada allure you to relocate, come to us. We offer excellent immigration services and will assist you to get Permanent Residence in Canada and make the country your abode.

Advantages of Canadian Permanent Residency

Permanent Resident’s Rights

  • Lifetime free Medical Benefit (Health Coverage by the Government)
  • No cost for Child Schooling up to Standard 12th.
  • After Schooling domestic Fees would be applicable for further studies.
  • First year of your PR will be Tax Exemption*.
  • Live, Work, Study, and Settle anywhere in Canada.
  • Unemployment Benefit.

Canadian Citizens Rights

  • Can vote in the Elections.
  • Can do High-level Government Jobs.
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