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    How Good is Australia?

    Australia is a land of beautiful islands. The great climate conditions and excellent work opportunities make the country a favorite residence destination for many immigrants planning to settle abroad. The country also serves as a striking option for those who aspire to study overseas. The existence of world-rated universities makes Australia a leading choice for the youths attempting to nurture their life dreams.

    In order for you to achieve this dream of millions of people around the world, you will need to obtain an Australian Student visa. Securing such a visa is a rather tedious process that’s where our agents and advisors come in to help. Our company’s policy is that the customer is always right and we aim to always please our clients.

    Nowadays a lot of people consider studying abroad in Australia. Australia is the ideal place to have your educational experience spent. It has a perfect combination of highly respected universities and economy-class living facilities. As of this year, Australia has ranked seven universities in the top 100 in the world. Accommodation-wise of the 30 best cities for students to live in 5 is in Australia.

    The country has one of the best blends of quality of life, affordability and student employment. It also comes ahead by having a high education standard with intensive courses that aim not to waste your precious time but rather give out the important aspects. As they say, time is money and the Australian Student Visa consultants know that.

    Australia Student Visa Consultant

    Acquiring an Australia Study Visa is the first move to set your path towards an Australian university. The Australia student visa associates a complex and time-consuming visa process and is not so easy to gain. Connecting with an Australia education consultant is a smart move to make the process hassle-free for which Aspire Square is an optimum choice.

    Aspire Square is a renowned visa and immigration consultancy ruling a vast part of the Gujarat state of India. With the branches in Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, and VV Nagar and plans for further expansion, the company is continually endeavoring to provide the best Australia student visa and other immigration services at the best comfort the clients are seeking.

    Our advisory department is full of skillful and experienced staff whose only aim is to make you an Australian student. Our services are tailor-made in order for you to have a stress free experience and to sail smoothly into your new life. There are several documents that are needed by the Australian government so that everything goes smoothly on the legal side of things.

    What are The Requirements for Australia Student Visa?

    Firstly there are documents required for the visa like personal detail forms and all the financial and academic documents that also need to be notary attested. The Australia Student visa is tailored around foreign students that apply to study in Australian universities. That is why it is obligatory to provide some admission documents that are needed to the Australian university of your choice.

    They are the following:

    • Birth certificate
    • Copy of your passport
    • At least two letters of reference from previous colleges/employers
    • Short resume
    • Statement of purpose
    • IELTS score sheet
    • Mark sheets and passing certificates starting from the 10th grade

    Continuing your education in Australia has never been this straightforward. You shouldn’t settle for the low-quality education that your region offers. Let us help you with your success in life!

    Aspire Square Helping Students to Get an Australia Student Visa

    As mentioned, acquiring an Australia student visa is a precondition to achieve your dream of study in Australia. However, the complexities and confusions associated with the visa process do not allow all to fulfill their aspiration. Aspire Square, being a renowned visa consultant in Gujarat, offers comprehensive support to help you obtain your Australia student visa and transform your goal of study in Australia into reality. Our invincible team of expert consultants is compelling to handle all the issues pertaining to your Australia student visa process and convert your ambition of study in Australia into a lifetime experience. Our offerings and guidance to aid you to get your Australia student visa and study in Australia include but not limited to the following

    • Guide you to select the right course/ Institutes
    • We can help you in the faultless submission of your visa application
    • Assisting you in the collection of mandatory documents
    • Aiding you to understand and solve complex issues pertaining to your visa application and process.

    Studying overseas has always been highly valued as an experience but it is rather expensive for most people around the world. It’s almost everybody’s dream to have their education somewhere exciting and far away. But until now the hassle of having to get all the needed documents and get the actual funding for their little exciting and experience-gaining adventure.

    Applying for an Australian Student Visa – When and How

    As stated, applying for an Australian student visa is the foremost step to drive yourself to the land of Australia. The visa can be applied at most 124 days before the start of your desired study program. The entry in the Australian boundaries is allowed at most 90 days prior to the beginning of your course. The visa process to acquire an Australian student visa is online and can be performed through the ImmiAccount website.

    Why Study in Australia

    • Cultural Diversity
      Cultural diversity
    • Global Acceptance
      Global acceptance
    • Wide Variety of Available Subjects
      Wide variety of available subjects
    • Impressive Scholarship Options
      Impressive scholarship options
    • Employment Permissions While Studying
      Employment permissions while studying
    • Fabulous Weather Conditions
      Fabulous weather conditions
    • No Language Barriers
      No language barriers
    • Plenty of Career Prospects
      Plenty of career prospects

    Advantage Study in Australia

    Australia is a vibrant country with the best education system offer to international students. Choosing Australia as your preferred study destination will provide you a wonderful opportunities and experience to learn a new phase of your life.

    As a Student Visa Expert in Gujarat, we assess your eligibility and profile and suggests you the best course and university of institute suited with your future career growth.

    Here are the few advantage and reasons to choose Australia as your future study option:

    • Top ranking Universities
    • Quality of Education
    • Cost-Effectiveness
    • Safe, Diverse and Multicultural Environment
    • Research Intensive Universities
    • Global Recognition
    • Scholarships and Internships
    • Opportunities to Work after graduation
    • Work while studying

    Your dream to study in Australia is just one call away. To get the detail consultation with Best Student Visa Consultant in Gujarat to book your appointment today.


    • Australia is the third most popular study abroad destination present in the world.
    • Australia is home to seven of the top 100 universities in the world.
    • Seven of the most convenient student cities are in Australia.
    • Australia provides swift and easy-going visa options to stay back and work in the country after studies.
    • Australia holds one of the best higher education systems existing across the globe.
    • The Australian government keeps around 300 million dollars aside to provide scholarships to deserving international students every year.
    • The international students studying in Australia are permitted to work during their study span in Australia 

    Reasons to Study in Australia

    Australia is the third most preferred destination for students who endeavor to study abroad. There are many reasons that make Australia an amazing destination for the youths willing to study overseas. Let’s explore a few of them

    1. High-quality Education

    Australia holds a huge list of top-class universities holding a remarkable global ranking. The universities encourage innovative vocational and technical education compelling to enhance the creativity and thinking-ability of the students and refining them in every possible aspect. The sensible training provided to the students is perfect to enrich their skills and get them ready for the international job market.

    2. Cultural Diversity

    Australia welcomes a tremendous number of international students from different parts of the world. The diverse crowd existing in Australia equips the students with different languages and cultures and helps them to understand the world in a better way.

    3. Security

    Safety is the topmost concern for one and all looking at the current scenario. If you are planning to reside in an unfamiliar region or country, safety becomes more crucial. Australia is considered one of the top 10 happiest and safe countries in the world. Sydney and Melbourne, the two most prevalent cities of Australia are the foremost names in the list of highly secured cities in the world. The assured safety and secured surrounding are another reason for Australia’s high precedence when it comes to studying abroad.

    4. Scholarship Benefits

    The glorious land of Australia offers more and better scholarship options as compared to the other countries like the USA and UK. The scholarship benefits provided by Australia are commanding to attract students from all over the world.

    5. Astonishing Weather

    Australia ensures pleasant weather throughout the year. The presence of moderate climate conditions along with soggy beaches is sufficient to grab the students seeking to enjoy life to the fullest.

    6. Easy Communication

    Australia is an English-speaking country. The country protects the students from facing the communication challenges that are generally encountered by the students immigrating to a country where English does not serve as a primary language.

    7. High-class Lifestyle

    The marvelous lifestyle of Australian people cannot be overlooked by anyone looking for a quality life and a gratifying future.

    8. Freedom of Employment

    The Australian government permits international students to work for restricted hours while they study. The freedom of works aids international students to manage their livelihood and other expenses while residing in Australia. The work experience gained this way is also helpful to raise the chances of getting the Australia PR visa in the future if they wish to.

    9. Excellent Job Opportunities

    The degree acquired from an Australian university is recognized and admired by many employers across the world. Hence, the students have higher chances of procuring their dream job in any of their preferred countries.

    10. Easy Visa Process

    The visa to study in Australia is easy to acquire. Of course, you are likely to face hassles if you try to accomplish it on your own. Hence, the best way to make the process easier is to adopt proper and timely guidance from a reliable Australian education consultant.

    11. Affordable Cost of Living

    The living cost in Australia is less as compared to the other prominent options such as the USA and UK.

    12. Availability of Varied Courses

    The study plans of Australian universities cover a varied range of trending courses and subjects. Hence, choosing a course that matches their vigor is easy for the students.

    Aspire Square’s Advantage:

    • We offer you to choose any institute or universities to get the admission, If your profile match with respected institute’s entry criteria.
    • Our expert counsellor will provide the best suitable option match with your profile.
    • Director of company is Qualified Education Agent Counsellor of Australia and can help you to guide you for your study option in detail.
    • Personalise attention to you and your application.
    • More than 10 years of Experience in Australia Immigration and Education services.

    Eligibility Criteria to Apply for an Australian Student Visa

    • You must be enrolled in an Australian school or university
    • You must meet all the health requirements
    • You must have adequate language proficiency to survive in the country
    • You must be above 6 years of age
    • You must possess Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

    Australia Student Visa – List of Required Documents

    A Valid Passport

    A Valid passport

    CoE Letter Obtained from Australian School or University

    CoE letter obtained from Australian school or university

    Receipt of an Application Payment

    Receipt of an application payment

    Passport size photograph (in digital format)

    Passport size photograph (in digital format)

    English language proficiency test scorecard

    English language proficiency test scorecard

    Proof of Financial Stability

    Proof of financial stability (such as bank statements, Savings, Fixed Deposits, Education Loan, ITR)

    Academic Certificates

    Academic certificates

    The Validity of Australia Student Visa

    The validity of an Australian student visa is generally equivalent to the duration of the course you want to pursue. The maximum stay length can be up to 5 years.

    Student Visa Procedure

    Study in Australia is a dream for many students. Student visa process of Australia start with the counselling from Aspire Square’s expert counsellor. There are many step involved in the entrie process as below;

    1. Counseling and Registration with Aspire Square

    Before registered with Aspire Square, We preferred that you must be aware about your chances, course selection, university selection. We make a profile assessment based on your experience, financial status, your career goal and interest.

    2. Coaching for English Language Test

    Aspire Square is known as the best coaching Institute in town. Once you register with us you will also get the benefit for your English Language coaching with state of the art facility in Ahmedabad.

    3. Apply for an Offer Letter

    With your English Language score and the required documents Aspire Square will apply for an offer letter to your chosen Institute.

    4. COE (Confirmation of Enrolment)

    After receiving offer letter, Student needs to pay the 1st semester fees and submits his offer letter acceptance to the university, University will issue a COE.

    5. Final Visa Lodgement and Medical Check-up

    Student needs to undergo for Medical Check-up. Aspire Square will apply for final visa application to the department.

    6. Visa Outcome

    Department’s current turnaround time is 2 to 4 weeks. As per department guideline 75% of cases get the outcome within one month from the application date.

    Australia Student Visa Process

    1. Enroll Yourself in an Australian University

    Enrolling yourself in an Australian school or university and getting a confirmation is the first step to commence your Australia student visa process. The CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) you receive from the underlying University is a mandatory document to complete your visa process successfully.

    2. Register on the ImmiAccount

    The next step is to create an Account on the ImmiAccount Website. The task can be easily fulfilled by providing your basic information such as name, phone number, and email address.

    3. Get the Mandatory Documents Ready

    Next, get all the mandatory documents ready in digital format. The list includes

    • A valid passport
    • Your health insurance records
    • Proof of financial stability (such as bank statements, Savings, Fixed Deposits, Education Loan, ITR)
    • Proof of language proficiency (such as IELTS scorecard)
    • Medical Test Report
    • Coe received from the University

    You may be asked to arrange a few more, however, these are the prominent ones.

    4. Submit Your Application

    You are all set to complete and submit your application via the ImmiAccount website. The most compelling option to obtain an Australia study visa is visa subclass 500. Fill in all the mandatory details and submit your visa application. You can also save your application and submit it later if you want.

    5. Settle the Visa Fee

    It’s time to clear the visa fee. You can use your credit card for convenient payment. After the successful payment, you are likely to receive a payment receipt with a TRN number. The number should be saved for later use.

    6. Undergo the Required Health-checkups and Interview

    You may require to undergo health-checkups and a visa interview as a mandatory part of your visa process. The timely completion is imperative to move forward.

    7. Wait for the Decision

    Acquiring a student visa is a lengthy process that can take a couple of weeks to complete. Sit patiently and wait for the decision from immigration authorities. You will get a notification via mail once the decision on your application is done.

    8. Pack Your Bags

    If your visa gets approved, you are free to travel to Australia as per the regulations your visa specifies.

    You may require a few more, however, these are the most expected.

    Australia at Glance – Education System

    Australia is a highly developed country with high per capita income and high quality of healthcare services. Australia remains one of the most popular study destination for International students especially amongst Indian. Having 8 university in 100 university of the world, Australia providing more than 20000 courses option from more than 1000 institute. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide are the city who are into the list of top 30 cities in the world popular for student.

    Australia is a Top Destination for Indian Students because of many reasons;

    Important Reasons :

    • They are accepting our 12 + 3 education system for direct entry in Master’s degree.
    • Master course are available with 1, 1.5 and 2 years duration same like in India.
    • High international ranking universities, Australian education system recognized world wide and their 8 university are in the list of top 100 universities of the world.
    • Part time job opportunities for international students. Post study work visa for
    • Research facilities are available with state of the art equipment.
    • Overseas students are protected under ESOS ACT.
    • Large area, sixth largest country in the world and has the lowest population density per square kilometre.
    • Opportunities for permanent residence.

    Other Reasons :

    • IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and CAE scores are accepted.
    • Availability of pathway programs for international students.
    • Multicultural Society providing safe learning environment
    • Relatively warm climate

    Intakes Available for Australian Universities

    Major Intakes :

    • February and July
    • Offered by universities, Private colleges and TAFs
    • Courses offered : All Popular areas

    Minor Intakes :

    • November
    • Offered primarily by private colleges, TAFs and some of the universities
    • Course Offered: Business, Hospitality and Information Technologies

    Australian Qualifications Framework

    The Australian education system has a predefined framework specifying the level of each qualification.  The framework aids you know the difference between two qualification types and has a clear understanding of which one to choose. AQF is comprised of 10 levels which are given with the corresponding qualification types as under.

    AQF LevelQualification Type
    Level 1Certificate I
    Level 2Certificate II
    Level 3Certificate III
    Level 4Certificate IV
    Level 5Diploma
    Level 6Advanced Diploma
    Associate Degree
    Level 7Bachelor Degree
    Level 8Bachelor Honors Degree
    Vocational Graduate Certificate
    Vocational Graduate Diploma
    Graduate Certificate
    Graduate Diploma
    Level 9Masters Degree (research)
    Masters Degree (coursework)
    Masters Degree (extended)
    Level 10Doctoral Degree
    Higher Doctoral Degree

    Programs Offered by Australian Universities

    • IT and Computer
    • Hospitality and tourism
    • Engineering and Project management
    • Education and teaching
    • MBBS, Nursing and Public Health
    • Biotechnology & Biomedical science
    • Media and communication
    • Architecture and Urban planning
    • Pharmacy
    • Business management and Accounting

    Fund Requirement of Australian Universities:

    Unmarried StudentsMarried Students
    Tuition FeesAUD 25,000 approx.Tuition FeesAUD 25,000 approx.
    Leaving ExpenseAUD 19,830Leaving Expense (Applicant)AUD 19,830
    Travel FareAUD 2,000Travel Fare(Applicant)AUD 2,000
    Total (AUD)AUD 46,830Leaving Expense (Spouse)AUD 6,940
    Total (INR)Rs. 25,28,560Travel Fare(Applicant)AUD 2,000
    Total (AUD)AUD 55,770
    Total (INR)Rs. 30,11,580

    Fund Accepted by Universities:

    • Education Loan
    • Balance in Saving Accounts
    • Fixes Deposit
    • Fund in PPF (Public Provident Fund) Account

    Top Universities in Australia

    Australia is a splendid education hub offering a highly valued degree to both domestic as well as international students. The country is home to many top universities that not just hold a remarkable Australian rank but are appreciated worldwide. The most popular and highly rated universities of Australia are

    • Australian National University
    • University of Sydney
    • University of Melbourne
    • University of New South Wales
    • University of Queensland
    • Monash University
    • University of Western Australia
    • University of Adelaide
    • University of Technology Sydney
    • University of Wollongong

    Trending Courses to Study in Australia

    Australia contains an ample number of work opportunities for skilled people. There are many students who wish to continue their abode and join an employer in Australia looking at the amazing lifestyle. You can increase the chances of obtaining your desired employment option and gaining an Australian PR if you pursue a course that is in high demand. Few such courses are given as under

    • Architecture
    • Agricultural science
    • Biomedical engineering
    • Core engineering
    • Psychology
    • Tourism
    • Hospitality management
    • Computer science and information technology
    • Earth sciences
    • Accountancy

    Australian Universities and Rankings

    In this Section you will get Guidance about Rankings of Australian Universities and Quality Indicators of Australian Universities. So, you can start exploring best Australian University for you.

    There is No fix formula to decide best Australian university for every student. Please remember alone rankings are not indicator of best university. It depends on many variables like Ranking of Universities, Ranking of particular stream of Universities, Quality indicators like Full time Employment outcome, Salary and Overall satisfaction of students. So in below Tables you can find Ranking of Australian Universities as per different Rankings and Quality indicators like Full time Employment outcome, Salary and Overall satisfaction of students.

    We considered Ranking of Australian Universities as mentioned on websites of four commonly used rankings [U.S. News Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities, QS World University Rankings AND Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings]. We used Quality indicators mentioned on QILT Website. The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, including QILT website, are funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. So we are trying our best to provide you Authentic information and data. Further we have added Ranking of Top Indian institutes like Various IITs, So Students can have a comparative idea about possible quality outcome from Respective Australian University.

    Rankings 2017-18: Australian Universities

    Aus RankUniversity NameCityStateARWU – 2017 RankingTIMES – 2018 RankingQS – 2018 RankingUS News 2018 Ranking
    1The University of MelbourneMelbourneVIC39324136
    2The University of QueenslandBrisbaneQLD55654752
    3Monash UniversityMelbourneVIC78806079
    4The University of SydneySydneyNSW83615045
    5The University of Western AustraliaPerthWA911119395
    6Australian National UniversityCanberraACT97482080
    7The University of New South WalesSydneyNSW101-150854580
    8The University of AdelaideAdelaideSA101-150134109152
    9Macquarie UniversitySydneyNSW151-200251-300240267
    10Curtin UniversityPerthWA151-200351-400262297
    11Queensland University of TechnologyBrisbaneQLD201-300201-250247319
    12University of WollongongWollongongNSW201-300251-300232313
    13Deakin UniversityMelbourneVIC201-300301-350293309
    14University of TasmaniaHobartTAS201-300301-350313323
    15University of Technology, SydneySydneyNSW301-400201-250176294
    16James Cook UniversityTownsvilleQLD301-400201-250367273
    17Griffith UniversityBrisbaneQLD301-400251-300325307
    18University of NewcastleNewcastleNSW301-400251-300N.A.313
    19La Trobe UniversityMelbourneVIC301-400351-400360535
    20Swinburne University of TechnologyMelbourneVIC301-400401-450421-430433
    21University of Western SydneySydneyNSW301-400401-500N.A.384
    22Flinders UniversityAdelaideSA401-500301-350551-600471
    23Rmit UniversityMelbourneVIC401-500401-500247486
    24University of South Australia (Unisa)AdelaideSAN.A.201-250279433
    25Charles Darwin UniversityDarwinNTN.A.301-350651-700803
    26Victoria UniversityMelbourneVICN.A.301-350701-750613
    27University of CanberraCanberraACTN.A.351-400551-600N.A.
    28Murdoch UniversityPerthWAN.A.401-500501-550625
    29Southern Cross UniversityLismoreNSWN.A.401-500801-1000896
    30Bond UniversityGold CoastQLDN.A.501-600431-440N.A.
    31Central Queensland UniversityRockhampton, QLDQLDN.A.501-600601-650N.A.
    32Edith Cowan UniversityPerthWAN.A.501-600751-800706
    33Australian Catholic UniversitySydneyNSWN.A.501-600801-1000N.A.
    34University of the Sunshine CoastMaroochydoreQLDN.A.501-600801-1000N.A.
     35University of Southern QueenslandToowoombaQLDN.A.601-800751-800N.A.
    36University of New EnglandArmidaleNSWN.A.N.A.801-1000691
    37Charles Sturt UniversityBathurst, NSWNSWN.A.N.A.801-1000854
    38Federation University AustraliaBallarat, VICVICN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
    39The University of Notre Dame AustraliaFremantleWAN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.

    Top Ranked Universities in Sydney

    Aus RankUniversity NameCityStateARWU – 2017 RankingTIMES – 2018 RankingQS – 2018 RankingUS News 2018 Ranking
    4The University of SydneySydneyNSW83615045
    7The University of New South WalesSydneyNSW101-150854580
    9Macquarie UniversitySydneyNSW151-200251-300240267
    15University of Technology, SydneySydneyNSW301-400201-250176294
    21University of Western SydneySydneyNSW301-400401-500N.A.384
    33Australian Catholic UniversitySydneyNSWN.A.501-600801-1000N.A.

    Top Ranked Universities in Melbourne

    Aus RankUniversity NameCityStateARWU – 2017 RankingTIMES – 2018 RankingQS – 2018 RankingUS News 2018 Ranking
    1The University of MelbourneMelbourneVIC39324136
    3Monash UniversityMelbourneVIC78806079
    13Deakin UniversityMelbourneVIC201-300301-350293309
    19La Trobe UniversityMelbourneVIC301-400351-400360535
    20Swinburne University of TechnologyMelbourneVIC301-400401-450421-430433
    23Rmit UniversityMelbourneVIC401-500401-500247486
    26Victoria UniversityMelbourneVICN.A.301-350701-750613

    Top Ranked Universities in Brisbane

    Aus RankUniversity NameCityStateARWU – 2017 RankingTIMES – 2018 RankingQS – 2018 RankingUS News 2018 Ranking
    2The University of QueenslandBrisbaneQLD55654752
    11Queensland University of TechnologyBrisbaneQLD201-300201-250247319
    17Griffith UniversityBrisbaneQLD301-400251-300325307

    Top Ranked Universities in Adelaide

    AUS RankUniversity NameCityStateARWU – 2017 RankingTimes– 2018 RankingQS – 2018 RankingUS News 2018 Ranking
    8The University of AdelaideAdelaideSA101-150134109152
    22Flinders UniversityAdelaideSA401-500301-350551-600471
    24University of South Australia (Unisa)AdelaideSAN.A.201-250279433

    Top Ranked Universities in Perth

    AUS RankUniversity NameCityStateARWU – 2017 RankingTimes – 2018 RankingQS – 2018 RankingUS News 2018 Ranking
    5The University of Western AustraliaPerthWA911119395
    10Curtin UniversityPerthWA151-200351-400262297
    28Murdoch UniversityPerthWAN.A.401-500501-550625
    32Edith Cowan UniversityPerthWAN.A.501-600751-800706

    Ranking Sources

    usnews | topuniversities | timeshighereducation

    Warning on Rankings

    University rankings usually focus on a number of factors which are not relevant to all the students. These university rankings, which present a list of institutions in the form of a league table, suggest a precision which is unlikely to be supported by detailed examination of the data. Students the world over use rankings for advice on which particular teaching program, at what campus to enroll in. Most don’t realize that many of the rankings scarcely measure teaching or the campus experience at all. They mostly measure research outcomes.

    Most of the ranking systems are heavily influenced towards universities with reputations and research-intensive profiles. However, many universities do not have a research focus and have not had the history to develop an age-related reputation. Instead these universities might focus on vocationally-oriented studies such as nursing, Hospitality and other health sciences, design, fashion, journalism and many other career-based studies.

    So Students should therefore be aware that ranking systems generally promote well-established more traditional universities and do not give much credit to universities, especially younger universities, which might be more focused on producing job-ready graduates for a diverse range of careers.

    Over All Performance Indicator of Australian Universities

    University NameCityFull-time Employment OutcomeMedian Salary A$Overall Satisfaction*
    University of Southern QueenslandToowoomba83.60%60,00081.10%
    Charles Darwin UniversityDarwin82.20%60,00080.30%
    The University of New South WalesSydney77.00%59,00080.70%
    University of New EnglandArmidale75.00%60,00087.80%
    James Cook UniversityTownsville74.60%56,00083.60%
    University of South Australia (UNISA)Adelaide74.10%54,00085.40%
    The University of QueenslandBrisbane73.50%57,00083.80%
    University of WollongongWollongong73.10%55,00089.90%
    Australian Catholic UniversitySydney72.40%55,60080.90%
    Queensland University of TechnologyBrisbane71.80%55,00084.80%
    Bond UniversityGold Coast71.20%54,00089.20%
    University of Technology, SydneySydney70.70%54,00081.70%
    Australian National UniversityCanberra70.50%$59,40084.00%
    University of CanberraCanberra69.80%56,00081.00%
    Monash UniversityMelbourne69.80%55,00085.80%
    Curtin UniversityPerth69.00%58,00079.90%
    The University of Western AustraliaPerth68.90%63,00077.70%
    Southern Cross UniversityLismore68.00%55,00078.70%
    Macquarie UniversitySydney67.70%52,00084.40%
    University of NewcastleNewcastle67.40%56,00083.90%
    The University of SydneySydney67.10%55,00079.20%
    University of TasmaniaHobart66.90%56,00079.60%
    La Trobe UniversityMelbourne66.90%52,00079.50%
    The University of MelbourneMelbourne66.70%55,00083.80%
    Deakin UniversityMelbourne66.50%52,50087.40%
    The University of AdelaideAdelaide65.80%58,00083.90%
    Griffith UniversityBrisbane65.20%54,00085.20%
    Swinburne University of TechnologyMelbourne64.40%53,00085.20%
    Edith Cowan UniversityPerth63.40%59,50084.50%
    Murdoch UniversityPerth63.40%58,00083.10%
    University of Western SydneySydney62.60%50,00085.50%
    RMIT UniversityMelbourne61.90%50,00077.30%
    Victoria UniversityMelbourne59.40%54,00072.30%
    Flinders UniversityAdelaide55.20%56,50084.70%

    Overall Satisfaction = Overall Satisfaction of Newly Qualified Higher Education Undergraduates

    Australia is home to 43 universities with at least one university main campus based in each state or territory. When it comes to world university rankings, Australia has a strong, proven track record. Across all global ranking systems, criteria and fields of study, Australia ranks highly for quality of education, student satisfaction, and global reputation. Above Information will helpful to you to find Top rank Universities in Australia according to different World Rankings.

    For Example There are 33 Australian universities featured in the 2015/16 edition of the QS World University Rankings®, Seven Australian Universities rank within the global top 100, while a further 10 Australian Universities are in the top 300.

    If you want In depth information including Subject wise Rankings of Australian Universities and Subject wise Quality indicators of Australian Universities, our ebook on Australian Universities is best resource for you.

    Scholarships for Students Studying in Australia

    Australia provides many scholarship options that can sponsor your education in Australia. However, you have to meet certain eligibility criteria to secure the same. The prominent scholarships available for the students studying in Australia are

    • Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship
    • CCSE Graduate Scholarship
    • Global Study Awards
    • Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award
    • BrokerFish International Student Scholarship

    Post Study Work Opportunities in Australia

    Many overseas students studying in Australia find themselves asking this question: Can I get work permit after study in Australia?  Yes. International students can stay on and work in Australia after their study in an Australian education institution.  There is a temporary visa provided by Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia for such student. Post study visa of Australia and the duration for which it is issued is mainly dependent on the level of qualification you have obtained.

    There are visa options that permit students to join employment in Australia after completing their degree and gain a valuable work experience of two to four years. The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) and the Graduate Work Stream are the main choices among them.

    Post Study Work Visa

    You can obtain Australia post study work permit on temporary basis under subclass 485. Post study work visa in Australia is also referred as “485 visa Australia”.

    There are 2 types of visa are available for international students:

    • Post-Study Work Stream Visa
    • Graduate Work Stream Visa

    As it applies to all other visas, 485 visa requirements are as below:

    The applicant for post study work stream visa must be under 50 years with good health condition and should have taken English language proficiency test (IELTS) with minimum score of 6. Read more here.

    1. Post-Study Work Stream

    This visa is offered for international students who have qualification of graduation and above. Accordingly, these students can stay in Australia from 2 to 4 years’ duration.

    Prerequisites of post-study work stream visa:

    • The student must have graduated or have obtained master or doctorate from an Australian education institution not more than 6 months back.
    • Should have done academic study of at least 2 years in Australia for bachelor’s degree or higher. You may get a single or multiple degrees in this 2 years’ duration, however, that is impertinent.
    • The course of study should not have been completed in less than 16 months.
    • You must have studied a course / courses offered by CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students) and accredited Australian education providers.
    • Your first student visa ever applied to Australia should not be before November 5, 2011.

    Permitted qualifications for post study work visa:

    • Bachelor Degree
    • Bachelor (Honours) Degree
    • Masters by Coursework Degree
    • Masters(Extended) Degree
    • Masters by Research Degree
    • Doctoral Degree

    If you have graduate degree, you will get up to 2 years of time to stay on and work in Australia.

    If you have master’s degree, you can get up to 2-3 years of time, depending on your qualification (coursework / extended/ research)

    If you have obtained doctorate, you can stay on and work up to 4 years in Australia.

    What does this visa mean to you?

    With post graduate visa of Australia, you and your family can live, work, study and travel in Australia.

    2. Graduate Work Stream Visa

    Work permit after study in Australia is granted for those who have lesser than graduation degree too.

    Pre-requisites of graduate work stream visa

    • The student must have obtained certificate III, diploma, graduate diploma, trade-level certificate not more than 6 months back.
    • The academic study must have been undertaken by the student must be for at least 2 years but not less than 16 months.
    • The course / course must be offered by CRICOS and provided by accredited education providers in Australia.
    • Your first student visa ever applied to Australia should not be before November 5, 2011, when you are applying for post work visa.
    • Your obtained qualification should be in high demand list provided by SOL (Skilled Occupation List)
    • You must pass Skills Assessment in an occupation listed on SOL.
    • The qualification obtained must be related to the skills nominated from SOL.
    • Since Australia has dearth of skilled workforce in some of the industries, the student applicants having such skills are given graduate work stream visa. These visa holders should find work related to their skills.
    • You can stay and work in Australia for 18 months with graduate work stream visa.

    What does this visa mean to you?

    With post-study work visa, you and your family can live, work, study and travel in Australia.

    Acceptable Courses for Post-study Work Visa

    • The course/ courses must be registered with CRICOS
    • The course muse be successfully completed
    • The completion of the course must have result in an eligible qualification
    • The medium of instruction was English
    • The course is completed while the applicant is physically present in Australia
    • The applicant has had student visa while completing the course of study
    • The course is considered just once under Australian education requirements.

    Please note that any English language proficiency training courses or programs that you may have undertaken, will not be considered under study requirements to be eligible for work visa after study in Australia.

    How student can improve chances of gaining Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia after Study in Australia

    Many international students studying in Australia stay in the country with the hope that one day they will become permanent residents and carry on their stay in Australia for good. However students should remember that General Skilled Migration rules keep changing. This is an uncertain path and there is no guarantee to get Permanent residency after Study in Australia. On these guidelines, our intention is to provide an easy-to-understand outline of the main things that international students need to be aware about General Skilled Migration and possible ways to maximize their chances of gaining Permanent Residency (PR).

    The most common pathway for students is to get Post study work visa after completion of studies and then they can apply for General Skilled Migration to achieve Permanent Residency (PR). There is a lot of information on General Skilled Migration / Immigration / Permanent Residency (PR) on the internet. However sometimes it’s difficult to figure out about your chances for Permanent Residency (PR) and what you need to do next. Many students ask a friend who has applied before, but the rules changes so quickly that this can be dangerous. For example many students discuss about SOL list and CSOL list. However The SOL list has been replaced by the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and CSOL list has been replaced by the combined list of eligible skilled occupations.


    Summarized tips to improve chances of gaining Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia after Study in Australia:

    • Apply for Post Study work visas / Graduate Temporary Visas first, after completion of your studies.
    • Related Work Experience during Post Study work visas / Graduate Temporary Visas is most important. Work Experience before study in Australia is useful in certain circumstances.
    • Choose a course with possible outcome of occupation on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Next best approach is to choose course with possible outcome of occupation in a combined list of eligible skilled occupations. These lists keep changing every year. Please keep in mind your Interest and skills as well. Demand is important but Interest and skills are also important for Potential employment.
    • Make sure to choose course of 2 academic year’s duration to fulfill the requirement of study in Australia.
    • Keep improving English and IELTS Score. This is most important to increase EOI score and chances of Permanent Residency.
    • State nomination can be very advantageous for international students.
    • Students completing 2 years of study in a regional campus receive 5 extra points.
    • Keep looking for possibility of employer sponsorship as well.
    • Think about professional year if required to get enough points.
    • Use Bridging Visa wisely.
    • Understand Skill selection criteria and keep yourself update with the changes.

    The need of an Australia Education Consultant

    The dream of studying in Australia is fascinating that can take you to a new world. However, when it comes to reality, the trouble and frustration associated with the visa process may lead you into a state of distress and confusion. Connecting with an Australian education consultant can diminish your hassle up to a great extent. Their knowledge and hands-on experience on the visa process are persuasive to convert your attempts into a success and save both your time as well as cost.

    Expense Vs Earnings

    • Expense
    • Earning

    Study Expenses

    The cost of studying in Australia depends on the universities and the level of study you choose.

    Given below is the list to give you an indication of the course costs for different types of qualifications.

    QualificationsFee (In AUD/year)
    SchoolA$8,200 to A$30,000
    Vocational Education and Training(Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma)A$4,000 to A$22,000
    English language studiesApproximate A$300 per week depending on course length
    Undergraduate Bachelor DegreeA$15,000 to A$33,000
    Postgraduate Master’s DegreeA$20,000 to A$37,000
    Doctoral DegreeA$14,000 to A$37,000

    Living Expenses

    The minimum cost of living required by the Department of Home Affairs to issue a student visa is $19,830.

    Accommodation Expenses

    First ChildA$3,720/year
    Second ChildA$2,790/Year
    Hostels and guesthousesA$80 to A$135 a week
    Shared rentals and On-Campus AccommodationA$70 to A$250 a week
    HomestayA$110 to A$270 a week
    Return Air TravelA$2,000/head

    Weekly Expenses

    Groceries or eating outA$80 to A$200
    Gas and ElectricityA$60 to A$100
    Phone and InternetA$20 to A$50
    Public TransportA$10 to A$50
    EntertainmentA$50 to A$100

    Work Opportunities on Student Visa to Cover Expenses

    Working while studying is one of the major reasons why a large number of international students choose Australia as their study destination. The Australian Immigration system provides international students on a student visa a chance to work up to 40 hours every two weeks during semesters and unrestricted hours during semester breaks.

    However, before applying for work, international students need to visit the Australian Taxation Office to get a TFN (Taxation File Number). The process including submitting few details like name, current address, date of birth along with the date of arrival in Australia, passport and proof of enrolment.

    Australian Industries offering Part-time work

    There is a wide range of industries in Australia that offer part-time work opportunities including:

    • Hospitality (Restaurants, bars and cafes)
    • Agriculture (Farming and fruit-picking)
    • Retail (Super markets and clothing stores)
    • Tourism (Hotels and Motels)
    • Tutoring
    • Administration or Clerical roles
    • Sales and Telemarketing

    Ways to Find Work

    Some of the best ways to find appropriate work in Australia are:

    • Online job sites and Newspapers
    • Through institution’s international student support staff
    • Registering the details at a recruitment firm
    • Work Rights
    • Every individual working in Australia including international students on student visa or people on working holiday visa have some basic rights at work. This includes:
    • A healthy and safe work environment
    • A minimum wage
    • Right to Challenge unfair dismissal
    • Breaks and Rest Periods
    Check Your Eligibility for FREE


    01 Which test is the best to showcase the language proficiency while attempting to study in Australia?

    You have many options like but IELTS and PTE are the prominent ones. The other options are TOEFL, CAE, and OET.

    02 What is CoE and what is its role in your visa application process?

    COE stands for Confirmation of Enrolment. It is the letter of confirmation you receive from the Australian school or university once it accepts your application for enrolment. The document is mandatory to complete your visa application process and obtain a visa.

    03 How much does it cost to study in Australia?

    Depends on the rank of your chosen institute and the level of education you want to pursue. You can also include accommodation and other important expenses that you have to manage while you study in Australia.

    04 Which kind of courses can be accomplished from Australian institutions?

    Australian schools provide a huge range of courses pertaining to a variety of domains including management, tourism, hospitality, commerce, science, engineering, and law. The availability of this ample range gives you the freedom to undergo a course of your choice and interest.

    05 What are the prerequisites to enter an Australian university?

    You must satisfy the eligibility criteria of your desired visa and university. This may depend on the factors like your academic background, language proficiency, financial stability, and health requirements.

    06 How lengthy is the Australian student visa process?

    The process may take around 6 to 12 weeks to get finished.

    07 Is a Student visa required to pursue an online course from an Australian school?

    No, as long as you are residing outside of Australian boundaries you do not require a Student visa to commence your course.

    08 Will my Student visa be extended in case the duration of my course extends for some reason?

    No, a Student visa cannot be extended. In case the duration of your course extends for some reason, you have to apply for a new visa to continue your dwelling in Australia.

    09 What is the cost to apply for Australia Student Visa?

    The basic application cost is AUD $620 (approx). You are likely to encounter some additional costs as well depending on your age and other factors.

    10 Does an Australian Student Visa permit you to work while studying in Australia?

    Yes, most student visas allow employment with restricted working hours.

    11 Does Australia offer scholarships to international students?

    Yes, international students can definitely avail scholarship facilities from the Australian government, educational institutes, and other organizations if they meet the specified eligibility criteria.