Australia, the island continent is the sixth largest country in the world and is abundantly blessed with unique biodiversity. Australian economy majorly backed by the skilled workforce has an ocean of opportunities for those who are looking forward to establishing their career there. Construction, technology education and training, manufacturing, mining, and public administration are sectors that are booming recently.


Canada topped the list in the World’s Best Country for the Quality of Life in 2018. Needless to say, moving to Canada promises a significant upgrade to your lifestyle. One of the most immigrant-friendly countries, Canada is on the lookout for skilled foreign labour. Health care, Information Technology, and Engineering are worth mentioning as the sectors that are witnessing rapid growth.

Aim for Immigration to Australia and Canada with Aspire Square

We all know that a Visa is mandatory to migrate to another country. To help you understand more, Visa is the approval that a non-citizen needs to step into a country, live, travel, and establish his livelihood there. Each country offers several visa types based on the purpose, the duration of stay, and method of issue. Here are some popular types of visas that you may want to be familiar with:

  • Tourist Visa: The purpose of visit is purely travelling for leisure, with no business activities allowed.
  • Student Visa: Allows the visa holder to pursue studies in an institution in the host country.
  • Temporary Worker Visa: Provisional permit to stay in the host country for approved work only for a specific period.
  • Permanent Residence Visa: Permit to live in the host country for a longer or indefinite period.
  • Business Visa: Allows the visa holder to engage in commercial activities in the host country.
  • Spouse Visa: Permit for the partner of a citizen or resident of a country to settle down in the land.

These are just some samples to quote from the many options available.

Can a Visa application be rejected? Yes. It can be! When one doesn’t fulfil the requisites to gain entry in a country, as prescribed by its immigration laws, visa can be declined.

Worry not! The global immigration advisors at Aspire Square are here to guide you to your dream destination.

We, in Aspire Square, help people like you immigrate from India to an overseas location of their choice. We support you right from guidance to documentation and take care of all the associated legal procedures. Here is the sequence of events through which we will navigate together to make immigration incredibly smooth for you.

  1. Assessment: We thoroughly examine your profile and assess your chances of migration. Our report is precise and stems from our immense knowledge about federal laws and immigration policies of each country.
  2. Submitting Visa Application: From submitting the visa application to getting your visa stamped passport, we will provide you guaranteed assistance.
  3. Expert Guidance for Visa Interview: Visa interviews are all about clarifying the details in your documents to the assessment officer. However, this ends up being the most stressful step in the entire process. Why worry when you have a Visa advisor guiding you with what you can expect and how to answer the questions on point!
  4. Completing Paperwork: Each visa type has its own set of documents to be submitted. Understanding what is required and collating all the papers with accurate details may seem like another Herculean task. Our services include thorough checking of all your forms to ensure unquestionable perfection in your documents.
  5. Travel Assistance: Aspire Square takes end-to-end care of your immigration. We continue to support you through all your travel needs, be it booking your air tickets, or arranging for Forex to post-migration support.

Each country has its own set of pre-requisites, eligibility criteria, regulations, legal requirements and conditions for immigration. The rules pertaining to immigration may change and evolve based even on the political situation in a region. So, it is imperative to understand the immigration laws of the land you intend to migrate to make informed decisions.

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