Foremost Reasons for Canada Student Visa Rejection

Jun 22,2021

Foremost Reasons for Canada Student Visa Rejection

Canada is one of the most prevailing study abroad destinations among international students. The top-class education and enhanced career opportunities make Canada an enviable choice to pursue overseas studies.

It’s no secret that the acquisition of a Canada student visa is essential to study in Canada, however, the visa is not so easy to attain. Though the process seems quite easy, it associates lots of challenges and hassles. Even a single mistake you commit can direct you towards the denial of your visa application.

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Main Reasons of Canada Student Visa Rejection

There are many prominent reasons that can lead your Canada Student Visa application to rejection. Let’s understand what are those

Absence of Letter of Acceptance

Obtaining a letter of acceptance from a Canadian school or university is mandatory to apply for a Canada Student Visa. If you fail to attach this document to your visa application, the authorities may doubt your eligibility to perform a course from a Canadian institute or university and may reject your visa application.

Financial Instability

Demonstrating the evidence of your financial stability is a crucial part of Canada student visa process. If you are not able to showcase your ability to manage the traveling, tuition fees, and other expenses pertaining to Study in Canada, the visa authorities are likely to deny your visa application.

Poor Academic Performance

Visa authorities check your past academic performance before making a decision on your visa application. If you hold impressive grades throughout your academics, it improves the possibilities of your Canada student visa approval. On the other hand, if your grades are not good, it may desperate the visa officers and bound them to refuse your visa application.

Problems with The Documents

Canada student visa application asks you to submit a huge list of documents including traveling and identity documents. The incomplete or faulty submission of these documents can disappoint the visa officers and direct your Canada student visa application to rejection.

Failure to Prove Your Intention of Leaving Canada After Completion of the Studies

Canada Student Visa is a temporary visa having an expiration date in place. You are not allowed to stay in Canada beyond the termination of your visa. If the visa officers find your intent to return to your home country doubtful, they can refuse your visa application.

Insufficient English Language Proficiency

The students endeavoring for a Canada student visa must possess sound language proficiency skills and must have proof of the same (such as IELTS, TOEFL scorecard). If you fail to score sufficient marks in your IELTS or TOEFL test, the probabilities of your visa rejection are higher.

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Inappropriate Selection of the Study Program

The selection of an appropriate study program that matches your past qualification and background is vital to Study in Canada. Picking an unsuitable course to pursue your education in Canada can be a hurdle in the path of your Canada student visa approval.

Timing Matters

The time when you apply for your student visa plays an important role in its approval and denial. Early applications have greater possibilities of being approved. On the other hand, if you apply late or miss the deadlines to submit the documentation and all, your visa application is more vulnerable to be denied.

Poor Performance During The Visa Interview

Though you do not require to face any interview to get your study permit, the visa officers may call you up for a meet before issuing the entry visa to you. If you fail to delight the interviewer or behave badly during the interview, the likelihood of your student visa rejection rises up.

What to Do if Your Student Visa Gets Rejected

1. Understand The Reason Behind Your Application Rejection

As stated, there is a huge list of reasons behind your application rejection. Try to figure out why your student visa was rejected. If you are able to find out the reasons behind your application rejection, you should make attempts to rectify the same.

2. Sought Out The Issue

If you are able to establish the cause of your application rejection, make efforts to find out the solution for the same. Let’s say,

  • your application was refused because of financial reasons, ensure that your financial issues are corrected before the next attempt to apply for the visa.
  • if your poor English language proficiency made your visa application to rejection, join some English language proficiency coachings such as IELTS or PTE before taking the proficiency test next time.
  • if the reason for your application rejection was the lack or faulty submission of mandatory documentation, make sure to well-organize your documents when you apply for a Canada student visa in the future.

3. Reapply for Your Visa

After correcting your mistakes, you can reapply for the visa. You have two options to do so – you can either apply for the same country or if you have faced repetitious rejections from a country, better you pick a different Study Abroad destination to apply.

Reapplying in The Same Country

You are free to apply for your Canada student visa again if it got rejected on the first trial. Generally, a lot of students get their visas approved in the second attempt if they cautiously figure out and correct the issue associated with the rejection before raising the application a second time.

Applying in a Different Country

There can be instances where you experience repetitive rejections of your visa application from a country. If you face such a situation, better you leave your previously chosen study destination and explore other options. The other countries like UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand can also bestow you with high-end education promising expanded career prospects and a secured future. Our expert student visa consultants can provide you thorough guidance on this.

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Undoubtedly, a study in Canada is an intelligent decision to ascertain a healthy tomorrow but the bitter truth of application rejection can break the dreams of many youths seeking to study in Canada. Hence, Taking Assistance from Reliable Canada Student visa consultants is always a smart move to diminish the chances of your Canada student visa rejection.

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