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    Partner Visa

    Migrating to a picturesque country, which has warm weather, stable democracy and good economic situation is an offer that nobody will refuse. You can even find a loved one there. Does it get more perfect than that?  Migration to Australia  is a step that many people take in their lives. The country offers various visa options, but one option we don’t have to neglect is the Partner visa for Australia.

    The Best Time to Be in a Relationship with an Aussie

    If you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen in 2018 the options to obtain a visa with their help are broad. For example the partner/spouse visa for Australia is used with  820, 801, 309 and 100 visa  subclasses which have the following specifications:

    Subclass 820 is a temporary option that allows you to live and work in Australia. The 801 subclass is a permanent visa that comes after living for at least 2 years with your partner and is sort of an extension to the 820 visa. In these cases the candidate must be in the country when applying.

    The same formula is applied to the 309 visa subclass, which is temporary. After 2 years of your relationship, you can apply for the permanent visa under the 100 subclass. The difference is that with subclass 309 you must be outside of the country when you apply.

    What Are the Partner Visa Requirements?

    The law allows application for a fiancée visa in Australia as well. Of course, the fiancée needs to be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident. You may find this option as a Prospective Marriage Visa in Australia as well. We need to mention that this temporary-permanent 2 stage applying process can be made with one application for both visas at the same time.
    One can apply for these types of Australian Immigration Partner visa if:

    • The applicant if sponsored by the partner, who is an Australian or New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident.
    • Certain proof of legal marriage (if applicable) or evidence of shared life need to be provided.
    • Some health and personality requirements, entitled by the DIBP need to be met.
    • If you have children or other dependent relatives, your applications may be combined, but again certain requirements need to be met.

    At  Aspire Square  we support the power of love and will work towards your relationship in Australia. Our team will help you with the  initial assessment , the point calculator stage and will guide you and your partner until you see yourself living in the country of your dreams, with the person of your dreams!