Corona Pandemic and its Effects on Canada Permanent Residency

Aug 05,2020

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The pandemic COVID – 19 has an adverse effect worldwide, due to that immigration policy and process changes with new measures and precautions. As the no.1 Canada PR Consultant, we are closely monitoring the situation and updates, to get the accurate and latest news on the current scenario to follow our news-listing page.

Impact of COVID 19 on Canada PR

Impact on Canada Immigration – there was a meeting between immigration ministers on 24th July and they had a discussion on COVID – 19 impact over the Canadian Immigration System. The key discussion points were immigration levels planning, and regional economic immigration, and the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Strategic Plan for Immigration for the year 2020 to 2023. Moreover, here is the list of some important steps which the ministry is planning to take at the earliest.

  • The department believes that International Students are one of the key drivers for the economic and demographic growth which needs to promote and essential for the country’s economic recovery and long-term development.
  • The government has to find the way on the current travel restrictions which makes tough to new immigrants to enter in the country, due to the fact, Canada has still faced a huge labor market shortage in multiple sectors whereas on the other hand facing the challenge of high old age population along with the low birth rate. Altogether, only the new migrants can bring a positive environment for the country.
  • Ministry also raised a concern toward the underdevelopment of small communities and cities were a very less number of migrants want to move so they have agreed to design more Municipal Nominee Program to attract more newcomers.
  • To targets, the more needs specific programs like Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot especially for the provinces which need more support to come into the picture.

As per the recent update, the Canada Government’s immigration minister Marco Mendicino and health minister Patty Hajdu come into coordination with Canada’s provincial and territorial governments to find the better ways of safely welcoming more and more international students and migrants in upcoming time (Read more..)

As one of the top Canada PR Consultants of Gujarat, Aspire Square will keep update you for the upcoming changes. Aspire Square provides one point of solution for PR, study visa, and coaching.

Canada Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP)

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