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13 Fantastic Reasons of Choosing Canada to Study Abroad


Canada is the foremost choice to acquire esteemed education and obtain an exciting job offer. The country offers substantial advantages to the aspirants picking Canada to resume studies. Let’s put some light on the prominent ones

Know the Wonderful Reasons to Apply for Canada Student Visa

1. Highly Admired Universities

Canada holds a significant number of globally valued universities offering superior quality education to students from all over the world. The most eminent names in the list are

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster University
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Calgary
  • Queen’s University at Kingston and so on

All these universities doing very well at the international level and enhancing the quality of Canadian Education with each passing year.

2. Freedom of Employment

Studying abroad is pricey. The Canadian government allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week during their studies. The income you generate this way is a great supporter to manage your abode and bread and butter in the country. Hence, the freedom of employment is another important advantage that makes Canada a perfect place to study abroad.

3. Higher Chances of Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Aspirants amazed with a Canadian lifestyle and culture do not wish to leave Canada to post their studies in many cases. Such people can easily convert their temporary Canada stay into permanent by attaining a Canada PR. The task can be accomplished in two ways. One is the Express Entry Program and the other is the post-graduation work permit. Both the options allow the students with adequate skills to acquire a Canada PR and reside and work in the country for a prolonged period.

4. Inexpensive Education

Canada offers more affordable education to international students as compared to the other options such as the USA and Australia. Undoubtedly an international student has to pay more than a domestic student, however, the average tuition fee for an international student is much lesser than the alternatives like the USA and UK are charging.

Estimated Education Cost in Canada for International Students

For an undergraduate course, the tuition fees can cost somewhere around CAD $ 25,180 (approx).

For a post graduate course, CAD $ 16,252 (approx).

For MBA, CAD $ 29,293 (approx).

For MBA (executive), CAD $ 51,891 (approx).

Discover the Student Visa Programs in Canada

5. Secure Living Environment

Safety is the topmost concern when you leave your home behind and live in an unfamiliar country. Canada is a leading name in the list of the most peaceful countries in the world with a significantly lowered crime rate. This makes the country a secure and tranquil option for international students seeking a risk-free study atmosphere overseas.

6. Great Employment Opportunities

Canada is one of the biggest economies across the globe presenting great employment opportunities to international students in a variety of domains. If you do not prefer to stay in Canada after completing your studies then also the high-class degree earned from Canada opens the doors for a broad range of job opportunities for you in any country you choose.

7. High-quality Life

The top Canadian cities Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal hold a remarkable position in the list of top 50 cities around the world. The cities offer an admirable quality of life to international students with a relatively lower cost of living.

8. Diverse Culture

Canada welcomes a huge number of international students from different parts of the world. The amazing multicultural environment gives you the chance to socialize with people of distinct cultures and improve your global awareness.

Applying for a Study Permit of Canada

9. Enhanced Language Skills

Canada is a country of diverse languages of which English and French are the prominent ones. As English is a globally accepted language, improved English language skills are definitely a plus to enter and survive in the international job market.

10. Economical Living Cost

Canada offers a relatively cheaper livelihood and dwelling cost as compared to the other leading destinations. The living cost may vary depending on the city or locality you choose to proceed with. The most affordable cities to live in Canada include the city of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Quebec charging an average living cost ranging between INR 50,000 to INR 60,000 monthly.

11. Remarkable Tech-innovation

Canada is considered one of the most advanced countries when it comes to information technology. This advancement in technology is an exceptional aid to deliver high-quality education and strengthen the knowledge of the students in the right direction.

12. Surrounded Natural Beauty

Canada is a huge country with an extremely beautiful landscape. Though harsh winters may be a piece of discomfort for a few people, the weather is ideal to enjoy summers to the fullest.

Also, the impressive natural beauty is convincing to bound people to choose Canada as their desired destination to study abroad.

13. Instant Job Opportunity After Graduation

Canadian companies constantly seek for talented professionals to join their organization and contribute to the high economy of the country. Hence, the possibilities of acquiring an instant job offer are much higher after completing your studies. This will not only help you to start your career from a reputed Canadian organization but your PR will also be sponsored by your employer if you are interested to stay in the country for a long period. This way you can save the valuable cash you are likely to spend in your immigration process.

Let Me Know the Process of Canada Student Visa


Drafting your tomorrow can be overwhelming. The decision can be terrifying too as a single wrong choice can destroy your entire future. The presence of numerous immigration options may bother you and lead you to a stage of confusion. I hope the above information will ease your confusion to some extent and help you to understand why choose Canada to study abroad.

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