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    8 Finest Universities to Study in Canada

    Jan 11,2021

    8 Finest Universities to Study in Canada

    Attempting to study in Canada?

    Of course acquiring a Canada Student Visa is your biggest concern.

    However, you must be facing one more trouble in addition and that trouble is picking the appropriate university to move ahead.

    This blog aims to introduce you to the list of top Canadian universities you can choose from to assure wonderful career opportunities and a secured future.

    Let us hit the brick

    1. University of Toronto

    • Canada Rank: 1
    • Global Rank: 18
    • City: Toronto

    The University of Toronto is the topmost name in the list of Canadian universities. The university was established in 1827 and slowly and gradually it has become a foremost name in the sphere of Canadian schooling.

    The University of Toronto is a top name in the group of research-concentrated universities present across the world. The university is well-known for providing an outstanding learning atmosphere to both local as well as international students.

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    2. University of British Columbia

    • Canada Rank: 2
    • Global Rank: 34
    • City: Vancouver

    The University of British Columbia is the second foremost name in the list of cutthroat universities present in Canada. The university was originated in 1908 and since then it is serving as the center of innovative learning for ambitious and career-oriented youths seeking a worthwhile future.

    The university constitutes two extraordinary campuses in the beautiful lands of Vancouver and Okanagan and offers courses in an extensive range of fields including nursing, agriculture, and engineering. The university also supports several cultural activities and events for the overall growth and development of the underlying students.

    3. McGill University


    Source: topuniversities.com

    • Canada Rank: 3
    • Global Rank: 40
    • City: Montreal

    McGill is another highest-ranked Canadian university offering high-class education to students from more than 150 countries. The university is a constituent of the Association of American Universities and proffers a striking range of academic courses in many study areas.

    The university also offers a high-class internship to the students to help them accomplish an enhanced awareness in their arena of interest.

    4. McMaster University


    Source: topuniversities.com

    • Canada Rank: 4
    • Global Rank: 69
    • City: Hamilton

    Established in 1887, McMaster is yet another research-oriented university offering excellent education to local as well as international students from 120 countries. Together with the primary campus in the Hamilton land, the university includes three other campuses in Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Burlington localities.

    The university offers a broad range of around 30 courses making it easy for the students to choose a course that matches their enthusiasm and area of interest.

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    5. University of Montreal


    Source: topuniversities.com

    • Canada Rank: 5
    • Global Rank: 73
    • City: Montreal

    The University of Montreal is one more big name offering superior quality education to more than 60,000 students per year. Out of this extensive number, around 10,000 are international students. Apart from providing worthy lessons, the university also provides a huge number of facilities to help students meet their interest in other fields including sports, religion etc.

    The university is a best fit for the students seeking bright career opportunities and has already served great education plans to a tremendous number of students from across the world.

    6. University of Alberta

    • Canada Rank: 6
    • Global Rank: 131
    • City: Edmonton

    The University of Alberta is another reputed university offering a huge number of academic and professional programs to both local as well as international students. The availability of an extensive range of available courses along with the awesome lesson plans makes the University of Alberta the first choice of the youths willing to Study in Canada.

    The professional development courses executed by the university are a great help for the students to refine their knowledge and skills in the desired field. The university constitutes a total of five different campuses located at prime regions.

    7. University of Ottawa


    Source: shiksha.com

    • Canada Rank: 7
    • Global Rank: 145
    • City: Ottawa

    The University of Ottawa is the biggest bilingual university present across the world. The university runs above 400 programs to aid the crew of both undergraduate and graduate students in finding the splendid work opportunities.

    The presence of a vast range of subjects pertaining to social science, arts, commerce, law etc. enables the students to choose a course without compromising their field of interest. The university offers education to around 5, 000 international students coming from 150 countries per year.

    8. University of Calgary

    • Canada Rank: 8
    • Global Rank: 200
    • City: Calgary

    Originated in 1966, the University of Calgary is one more excellent option for the youths preparing to Study in Canada. The university is educating around 30,000 students every year of which around 3,000 are coming from out of Canada. Apart from Calgary, the university also owns campuses in Doha and Qatar.

    The range of subjects offered by the university include business and economics, social science, engineering and technology, law, arts and humanities and so on.

    A Few More Recommendations

    • University of Waterloo
    • Western University
    • University of Windsor
    • Queen’s University
    • Dalhousie University

    Dear friends, Canada is a vast country that contains around 100 universities till date. The presence of this huge number may hinder your way to choose the appropriate one.

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    The above-mentioned list can serve as a great relief you can refer to take a wise decision and step ahead.

    For further assistance, you can connect With our Canada Immigration Experts Anytime. We also possess a well-versed team providing the best IELTS Coaching and CELPIP Coaching you may need to fly towards your dreamland. Do share your requirements with us asap. We are happy to assist you in the best possible way we can!

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