Immigration is a key to reform Canada’s economy from COVID-19

There was a virtual meeting held on July 24th on the forum of Ministers Responsible for immigration in a discussion about how COVID 19 will impact Canadian Immigration. In the meeting, Canada’s Minister of Immigration has said that until and unless Canadian people feel safe the travel restrictions will remain to continue. However, to get recover economically from this pandemic Canada needs more skilled immigrants. The Minister of Immigration Marco Mendicino and Trevor Holder Minister of Provincial-Territorial have added some significant points for further immigration strategy.

  • Canada’s immigration policy will continue just like the same and will welcome the new migrants, foreign workers, families, and international students.
  • The minister has also added that not only immigration help to deliver the essential goods and services but also it is a key to long-term economic recovery options.
  • Mendicino has also raised a concern toward increasing to retire people’s population which considerably all-time high whereas, on the other hand, Canada’s birth rate is also not enough to meet up the workforce demand.
  • According to Provincial-Territorial Minister Trevor Holder, the joint hand coordination of the federal and provinces will remain to continue and remain strong.
  • Back on March 12th Minister Mendicino declared Canada’s immigration plan for 2020-2022 which is targeting over a million new permanent residents in 3 years period of time.

COVID-19 and travel to Canada

Overall, according to Canada’s Immigration Minister – The government of Canada prefers to avoid the effect of the virus as much as possible so the travel restriction will remain in place and barring entry for foreign nationals to maintain the safety of the Canadian people.

Corona Pandemic and its Effects on Canada Permanent Residency

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