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Aspire Square is among the best immigration counselors in Anand. The company is also one of the top overseas education consultants in Anand. With over 10 years of hardcore experience and lots of success stories, we have successfully propagated ourselves in the list of the finest immigration and overseas education consultants functioning in the V.V. Nagar area.

As leading immigration Experts in Anand, we provide an extensive array of services to help you in reaching your goal of study abroad or migrate abroad. Our proficiency in providing the best guidance to choose the appropriate overseas education destination, understand the career prospects, and organize documents have helped several aspirants to accomplish their overseas objectives in easy manners.

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Immigration Immigration - Aspire Square

Want to migrate to Australia or Canada and settle there? At Aspire Square, we have worked in the fields extensively and are skilled enough to provide authentic information on the entire process of migrating to Australia and Canada.

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Student Visa Student Visa - Aspire Square

We are an honest and reliable study abroad consultant in Anand providing student visa services for the world’s best study abroad destinations – UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Our study abroad consultants in V.V. Nagar Anand ensure to supervise all the diligent students for the swift clearance of their study abroad visas.

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Coaching Coaching - Aspire Square

We are a leading provider of study abroad coachings in Anand. We offer highly advantageous coaching for IELTS, PTE, and CELPIP and groom students in their English language skills with our full endeavors. We also conduct online coachings for IELTS, PTE, and CELPIP and help you to prepare for your upcoming exam from the comfort of your home.

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Highly appreciable success rate

We believe in excellence and follow ethical work practices that make us remarkably successful immigration and overseas education consultants in Anand.



Our facilities include an extensive range you may need to finish your immigration and study visa process smoothly, conveniently, and perfectly.


All services under one roof

We provide a complete set of core services you expect to complete your immigration or study visa process faultlessly and in the given time frames.


Excellent customer service

We provide personal care to each client approaching us. We put our 100% effort to provide satisfactory customer service to remain a trustworthy team of immigration consultants in V.V. Nagar Anand.

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01 For how long you have been in the industry?

We are successfully working as reputed immigration and overseas education consultants for more than 10 years now.

02 I want to immigrate to Australia. Which immigration program is right for me?

The selection of an appropriate immigration program depends on your skills and background. To have an exact answer to this, you can talk to our Australia immigration advisers in Anand.

04 What are the prerequisites to study abroad?

The prerequisites rely on your aspired study abroad destination, university, and course. Generally, you must have sufficient funds, must be proficient in the English language, must have all the mandatory documents (such as your mark sheets, certificates, and others) to get qualified for studying abroad. To know the detailed requirements associated with your plans, connect with our overseas education consultants in Anand.

05 What is the best program to gain permanent residence in Canada?

Canada offers several great PR programs with a different set of requirements and eligibility criteria. To know the program that suits you the best, share your detailed profile with our Canada immigration consultants in Anand.

06 I am striving to obtain a work permit in Canada. Can you help me?

Yes, we can surely help you if you have the adequate skills to get a Canadian work permit. Discuss with our Canada immigration consultants in V.V. Nagar to know about your eligibility and possibilities.

07 What are the benefits of hiring a study abroad consultant?

Hiring a study abroad consultant can help you in many ways including

  • Understanding your eligibility to study abroad.
  • Knowing your possible study abroad destinations and picking the optimum one.
  • Choosing the right course offering significant career options.
  • Getting the required pre and post-departure support.
  • Having an idea on the required funds and your possible scholarship options.

Raising your study visa application flawlessly and in the given time frames and so on.

08 I am in need of IELTS coaching in V.V. Nagar. Can you help me?

Yes, we have a team of intellectual IELTS coaching experts offering both offline and online IELTS coaching in V.V. Nagar. You can book a free demo from our experts before making the decision to join our IELTS coaching.

09 What is PTE Academic? Do I need PTE coaching to secure a satisfactory score in PTE academic?

The Pearson test of English (PTE) is a computer-based English language proficiency test that enables non-native English speakers to demonstrate their language proficiency and fulfill their aspiration of study or immigrate overseas. You can strive to prepare for the PTE academic exam by yourself, however, joining PTE coaching is an intelligent move to assure optimum success in the exam. We provide top-quality PTE training in Anand, hence, are an appropriate choice if you are looking for reliable PTE training in V.V. Nagar Anand.

10 What are the benefits of choosing CELPIP over IELTS? Why should I choose you to undergo CELPIP coaching in V.V. Nagar?

CELPIP offers a number of advantages over IELTS. The CELPIP test is entirely computer-based hence has fewer possibilities of errors, CELPIP delivers the results within 8 working days hence is an excellent option where swift results are required and likewise. We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of CELPIP coaching experts capable of conducting offline and online CELPIP coaching in V.V. Nagar. We are also equipped with the modern learning technics you may need to prepare for CELPIP in a better way.

11 I am attempting to get a UK study visa. IELTS or PTE, what should I pick?

Different universities in the UK accept different language proficiency exams. Hence, your choice to acquire a UK study visa depends on the university you want to take admission to. We provide both IELTS coaching and PTE coaching in Anand. You can approach our UK study abroad consultants to know which option is suitable for you.

12 Is it easy to get a New Zealand study visa? What are the prevalent study fields to study in New Zealand?

Acquiring a study visa can never be so easy no matter in which country you want to study. You have to follow a systematic process and put some effort to get your New Zealand study visa. Hiring a reliable New Zealand study abroad consultant is a smart way to minimize the hassles pertaining to your New Zealand study visa process to a great level. New Zealand is an excellent choice to study Business and Management, Information Technology, Engineering and Technology, Construction, Architecture and Built Environment, Health, Operations and Logistics, and Hospitality and Tourism.

13 I want an Australia study visa. From where should I begin?

There is a long process involved in the acquisition of your Australia study visa. Gaining enrollment in an Australian school or university is the very first step to obtain an Australia study visa. To understand the Australia study visa process in detail, book a free counseling session with our Australia study abroad consultants.

14 What are the common requirements to get a Canada study visa?

You must meet a specific set of eligibility criteria to secure a Canada study visa which says-

  • You must be accepted in a designated learning institute in Canada.
  • You must have a valid passport.
  • You must have adequate funds to manage your Canada study visa fees, tuition fees, and other relevant expenses while studying in Canada.
  • You must free from health issues and so on.

Our Canada study abroad consultants can help you with a comprehensive list of eligibility requirements.

15 What is the role of the I-20 in the attainment of a USA study visa? Can I get my USA student visa without an I-20 form?

I-20 is a government form that confirms your eligibility to the US government to get a USA study visa. The form is given to you by the university/college you are enrolled in. You must have this form to apply for your USA study visa (F1 visa) successfully.

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