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    Canada Express Entry

    Canada Express Entry is a popular pathway for those desiring permanent residency in Canada. Every year, the program helps a large number of skilled workers to acquire Canada PR and start their lives in Canada.

    Introduced in 2015, Express Entry is a point-based system in which eligible candidates submit their profiles to the IRCC website. Following that, the candidates are assigned a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score based on their skills, age, qualification, employment experience, employment history, language skills, and provincial nomination. Candidates with high CRS scores are likely to be invited to apply for Canada PR by IRCC.

    The Canadian government chooses the candidates with a top CRS score from the Express Entry pool every two weeks and sends them an ITA.

    Express Entry Canada is a system that allows skilled employees to immigrate to Canada and is the quickest pathway to get there.

    What are the types of Canada Immigration Express Entry Programs?

    There are three main programs that run under Express Entry and those are

    1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

    The program is specifically for candidates with work experience, hence, the candidates with no prior work experience are not eligible for the program. The work experience can be within or outside Canada. Candidates who wish to apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program must meet the minimum requirements for education, work experience, and language proficiency. Though having a job offer is not mandatory to qualify for the program, having one can help you improve your CRS score. Read More…

    2. Federal Skilled Trades Program

    The program is designed for skilled workers who are trained in a specific trade. Candidates with experience as a plumber, electrician, carpenter, or in any other field requiring physical labour can apply for the program. The required minimum work experience in the underlying field and language skills are needed to take advantage of the program. Read More…

    3. Canadian Experience Class

    The program is meant for talents working in Canada on a temporary visa.  To be eligible for the program, the candidate must hold at least a year of full-time Canadian work experience and meet other criteria. After their Canadian PR status is confirmed, candidates can apply for Canadian citizenship after waiting for a while. Read More…

    What are the Canada PR eligibility for Canada Express Entry?

    Canada Express Entry eligibility is determined by the program through which the application is made. Candidates with high qualifications and some work experience are typically suitable to participate in the program. The general requirements for the programs run under Canada Express Entry are as follows

    • The candidate must be in good physical and mental health.
    • The candidate must have at least one year of work experience.
    • The candidate must be proficient in either English or French.

    What are the Requirements for Express Entry?

    • Passport.
    • Health certificates.
    • Language proficiency test scorecard.
    • Evidence of funds.
    • Provincial nomination certificate (if any).
    • Police clearance certificate.
    • Offer of employment (if any).
    • Educational Credential Assessment.
    • Reference letters.

    Express Entry Visa Canada - How to Apply

    Canada Express Entry involves two steps. The first step is to complete and submit your Express Entry profile. The list of documents you need to conclude the first step isn’t long and includes a language proficiency test scorecard, Educational Credential Assessment report, employment offer (if any) and a passport.

    The next step is to submit a Canada PR application (for those who received an ITA to apply for PR in Canada). Here you are required to organize some more documents as per the list given above.

    Steps to Apply

    • Check your eligibility for the program of interest
    • Organize the necessary documents
    • Create an Express Entry profile and submit it
    • Wait for the ITA. Your CRS score determines whether or not you will get the ITA. You have 60 days to complete and submit your Canada PR application if you receive one

    How long is the Processing time for Canada Express Entry?

    Though the processing time for Canada Express Entry varies by application, most Express Entry applications are processed within 6 months after the submission of the Canada PR application.

    Canada Express Entry - Cost

    Several factors contribute to the cost of Canada Express Entry. The government of Canada does not charge for the creation of your Express Entry profile; however, other involved factors such as undergoing a language proficiency test and medical exams demand you to spend money.

    If you are invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence, you must pay the Canada PR processing fee and if it is through PNP, you have to pay additional costs. Taking into account the costs of the language proficiency test, medical exams, police clearance certificate, biometrics, Canada PR processing charges, and Educational Credential Assessment, the total expense of migrating to Canada via Express Entry is estimated to be around CA$2,300 for a single applicant. As the number of members included in your Canada PR application increases, the above-mentioned cost will go up.

    Proof of Funds

    Though it has nothing to do with the cost of Canada Express Entry, candidates who are not submitting their application under the Canadian Experience Class program or have a job offer from a Canadian employer at the time of application must provide proof of funds. Before issuing an ITA, the government of Canada wants to ensure that you can manage your own and your dependents’ expenses. The required sum varies according to family size and is shown in the table below.

    No. of Members in the Family Minimum Amount Required (in CAD)
    1 13,310
    2 16,570
    3 20,371
    4 24,733
    5 28,052
    6 31,638
    7 35,224
    7+ (for each additional member) 3,586

    For How Long Express Entry Profile Remains Valid

    Your Express Entry profile remains valid for 12 months. If you do not receive an ITA in the 12 months duration, your profile gets expired automatically, however, you can create a new Express Entry profile anytime to stay in the Express Entry pool.