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    Further Education in the UK – Get Your Child Student Visa at The Age of 16

    Jun 15,2021

    UK Get Your Child Student Visa

    Dear Reader,

    Are you under 17 and aspiring to study in UK? You have the option to do so. You can apply for a child student visa.

    A child student visa helps those students to study in UK who are aged between 4 and 17 years. The visa enables you to pursue a full-time course from a UK institute that lasts for atleast six months.

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    Tier-4 UK Student Visa (Child) – Basic Requirements

    The applicants willing to Study in UK on a Tier-4 UK Student Visa (Child) must satisfy the specific set of requirements in order to get their visa successfully. These include

    • The applicant must hold a valid passport.
    • The applicant must be enrolled in an authorized study program at a recognized UK institute and must have proof of the same.
    • The applicant must have adequate funds to manage the tuition fees and other expenditures while pursuing Education in UK.
    • The applicant must have approval from his parents or legal guardian to apply for a UK Student Visa.
    • Health certificates showing the stable health of the applicant.

    Ideal Time to Apply for The Tier-4 UK Student Visa (Child)

    The appropriate time to apply for the tier-4 UK student visa (child) depends on your location at the time of raising the application i.e. whether you are applying from inside or outside the UK.

    Applying from Outside The Boundaries of UK

    If you are applying from outside the UK then you can raise the application at most six months before the commencement of your desired course. The decision can be expected within three weeks of application.

    Applying from Within The Boundaries of UK

    If you are applying from inside the UK then the visa can be applied at most three months prior to the initiation of your desired course. The decision can be expected within eight weeks of the application.

    Tier-4 UK Student Visa (Child) – Permitted Stay

    The permitted stay duration depends on several factors including your age, the date of application, and the duration of your selected course.  If you are under 16, the allowed stay duration equivalents to the duration of your course (up to 6 years) plus 4 months. On the other hand, if you are 16 or 17 years of age, the legitimate stay duration is equal to your course length ( up to three years) plus four months. You can enter the UK up to 1 month before the start date of your course.

    Extending the Stay Duration

    There are two ways to accomplish the task  – you can either extend your current visa or shift from another visa type to the tier-4 student visa (child).

    Tier-4 UK Student Visa (Child) – The Cost of Applying

    The estimated cost to apply for a tier-4 UK student visa child ranges around

    • £348 (if you apply from outside of UK boundaries).
    • £475 ( if you extend or shift to a child student visa from another visa type within the UK).

    Tier-4 UK Student Visa (Child) – Dos and Don’ts


    • The visa permits you to pursue education from an independent UK school.
    • The students who are above 16 can join part-time work of up to 10 hours per week during their terms. Full-time work is allowed during the vacations.


    • The visa holders cannot bring their family members (such as parents) to the land of UK. The parents who wish to accompany their children are required to apply for a separate ‘parent of a child student visa’. The document requirement for the same is given as under
    • Valid passport or other traveling documents.
    • Tuberculosis test results (if required).
    • Proof of their permanent home in their home country.
    • Proof of adequate funds to sustain themselves and their children in the UK.
    • Proof of their intent to exit the UK after the termination of their visa,
    • The visa holders cannot apply for citizenship.
    • The visa holders cannot work in any full-time private job or start their own business in the country.
    • The visa holders cannot study in the local-authority-funded schools or the institutes offering higher education.
    • The visa holders cannot work as sports coaches or entertainers.
    Free Counselling for UK Student Visa

    Aspire Square Helping Students to Get a Child Student Visa to Study in UK

    The immigration laws of UK are complicated and prone to changing constantly. Hence, opting support from reliable experts is imperative to obtain a UK student visa and realize your dream of Study in UK. Aspire Square, being a renowned student visa consultancy in Gujarat, takes the responsibility to bestow the clients with clear information and helping them in easy attainment of their UK student visa. With exhaustive understanding and high experience, our experts can guide you through the right Process of Securing a UK Child Student Visa. From checking the eligibility to organizing the documents and arranging sponsorships, our professional can help you in all possible ways.

    To seek swift assistance, connect with us on or Drop an Email at with your profile and details.

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