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    Perform seamless attainment of your student visa with our splendid student visa services.

    Acquiring a student visa is the most concerning aspect when it comes to study abroad. Aspire Square, being a renowned study abroad consultant and student visa consultant, has helped thousands of students to demystify their visa process and getting their student visas successfully. We believe in giving clear and transparent advice and help the students in

    • Selecting the right course.
    • Understanding their work visa and permanent residency options.
    • Faultless filling and submission of application forms.
    • Organizing documents as per the checklist of their desired study abroad destination.
    • Knowing the entrance exams required to be taken and much more.

    The Counselling Process

    1. Free Study Abroad Expert Counselling Service

    2. Ascertainment of suitable course, university, and country

    3. Word on the required test preparations

    4. Processing of the visa application

    5. Obtainment of visa and pre-departure guidance

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    Overseas Education Consultants



    Canada is a perfect study abroad destination for students seeking high-quality education in affordable manners. It has become the top pick for a large number of students wishing to study in an overseas country in recent years. The compelling team of Aspire Square has great experience in completing the Canada student visa process and helping students to reach the land of Canada to carry out their study abroad goals.

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    USA Student Visa Consultants


    USA is the first choice for many students desiring to study abroad. The matchless education system of USA is persuasive to pull a large number of students to the country for higher studies. Aspire Square holds great practical knowledge in finishing the USA student visa process without hindrance and driving students to the USA for studying purposes.

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    UK Student Visa Consultants


    UK is home to several world-class universities. The country is an ideal fit for students looking for a top-notch study abroad destination providing maximum study benefits. UK offers a huge list of study programs along with a remarkable study atmosphere. Aspire Square carries a talented team of UK student visa consultants capable of aiding students to clear up their UK student visa process and providing other necessary support to realize their dream of study in UK.

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    AUS Student Visa Consultants


    Australia, the land of kangaroos, is certainly outstanding, In addition to being the land of oceans, the country holds a splendid education system too. Australia is an esteemed and highly preferred study abroad destination present across the world. Aspire Square is a renowned provider of Australia student visas services. With our absolute dedication and generous attitude, we continue to help students to attain their Australia student visas and fly to Australia to secure a high-end degree.

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    New Zealand

    New Zealand has grown as a favourite study abroad country for many youths in the latest times. It is an excellent choice for the aspirants desiring to gain a world-recognized degree with limited funds. Aspire Square is a well-known New Zealand student visa service provider bestowing the students with smooth and timely attainment of their New Zealand student visas and helping them to accomplish their intent of study in New Zealand.

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    Why Choose Aspire Square?

    Free Counselling

    Free Counselling

    Know your chances to study in your dream destination by fixing a free counseling session with our team of experts.

    Passionate Team

    Passionate Team

    We have an enthusiastic team serving the clients with atmost dedication and care.

    Transparent Work Approach

    Transparent work approach

    We are transparent. We preffer clear and precise advice without keeping a single point hidden.



    Our extensive student visa service experience makes us a reliable choice to carry out your student visa needs.

    Personal Assistance

    Personal Assistance

    Our valuable personalized assistance assures to benefit every client reaching us.



    Our easy approachability ensures a fast and convenient connection whenever you require it.

    Free assessment

    How Can We Help?

    Prepare to study in your aspired overseas country with the perfect team of study abroad consultants. We assist in
    How can we Help - Aspire Square
    Selection of appropriate course, college, and university.

    Picking the right course, college and university is essential to polish your professional as well as personal life. Make knowledgeable choices to set yourself towards the right future paths. We provide all the information imperative to choose the right course, college, and university and drive you towards a happy and resolute tomorrow. 

    How can we Help - Aspire Square
    Preparation of essential tests.

    Studying abroad encompasses the preparation of many tests. The decision on which exams you should prepare for can be confusing and annoying. Our team can bestow you with complete guidance on the selection of the exams you should prepare as well as the best ways to prepare the same. 

    How can we Help - Aspire Square
    Picking the right career track.

    In a situation where you have so many choices to build a career, it is difficult to realize which one will be an optimum option. Our expert career coaches can ease this dilemma for you. With their extensive experience, they can help you to find a true and incredibly satisfying career path. 

    How can we Help - Aspire Square
    Pre-departure support.

    It’s difficult to give away your home’s comfort and adjust to a new environment. Our extra-ordinary pre-departure sessions are persuasive to help you settle in your new home and explore your personal as well as professional growth opportunities in a better way while you are abroad. 

    How can we Help - Aspire Square
    Completion of your student visa process.

    Securing a student visa is crucial to study abroad. Completing your student visa process is not a joke. A single mistake committed by you can lead your visa application to rejection. With end-to-end guidance and support, our proficient student visa consultants assure successful completion and approval of your student visa application. 

    • Sales - Aspire Square Selection of appropriate course, college, and university.
    • Sales - Aspire Square Preparation of essential tests.
    • Sales - Aspire Square Picking the right career track.
    • Sales - Aspire Square Pre-departure support.
    • Sales - Aspire Square Completion of your student visa process.

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