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    Canada PR Opportunities for International Students: Benefits, Streams, Scope

    Jun 04,2021

    Canada PR Opportunities For International Students: Benefits, Streams, Scope Till 2023 And Quarantine Guidelines

    Are You a Skilled Worker or an International Student Seeking to Obtain Canada PR?

    Here is great news for you.

    The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) has begun accepting Canada PR applications under a few new streams. The effort is a part of the fact that Canada is planning to welcome around 4 lakh immigrants to Canada in the year 2021. This initiative of Canada can benefit many international students, graduates, and skilled professionals endeavouring to gain a Canada PR and migrate to Canada. The streams will be kept open either until 5 Nov 2021, or the achievement of their specified limit of accepting applications.

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    Benefits for International Students

    The international students who are undergoing study in Canada are not required to wait till the completion of their course or degree to leverage the new streams and Apply for Canada PR. The students who have gained some sort of work experience during their studies can apply for Canada PR under the essential worker streams. The work experience of at least 1,560 hours obtained in the last three years is mandatory to apply for Canada PR under this stream.

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    Choosing a Stream to Study in Canada

    The two streams – stream A and stream B are meant for different purposes. Stream A intends to offer Canada PR to healthcare professionals and stream B is for other significant occupations. It may not be possible for the healthcare workers to apply under stream B but the stream B candidates can take advantage of the work experience they hold pertaining to stream A in order to raise applications under stream B.

    Canada PR Streams Application Guide

    The new Canada Immigration schemes present specific sets of eligibility criteria and document requirements that the applicants must satisfy to secure Canada PR successfully.

    First of all, completion of a language proficiency test like IELTS or CELPIP is mandatory to apply under any of the two streams. The streams enable you to migrate to any part of Canada except Quebec.

    Second, the applicants must have a minimum of one year of Canadian work experience either in the health care occupation or other necessary occupations. The international graduates Seeking Canada Immigration via the given streams must have pursued a post-secondary program from a Canadian Institute or University during the span of the previous 4 years.

    The applications can be raised via the IRCC’s online portal. The specific eligibility criteria and the list of mandatory documents can also be found over there.

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    Maximum Limit of The Number of Applications Under the 2 Streams

    • 20,000 applications for healthcare professionals.
    • 30,000 applications for workers occupied in other essential occupations.
    • 40,000 applications for international students undergone education from a recognized Canadian institute or university.

    Important Facts

    • The applicants must be working in Canada at the time of Applying for the Canada PR under the two streams.
    • The international students must have finished a study program from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada. The degree must not be completed before January 2017.
    • Only the applicants have the right to access and upload the required documents in the intake portal. Agents should not access or operate the portals for their clients. This is due to the fact that the applications require the electronic signature of the applicants.
    • If the applications hold incomplete or partial information, they will be processed on the basis of the provided information. In case the application gets rejected due to the inadequacy of the information, the application fees will not be refunded.

    Could Canada Reopen Fully to International Students by 2023?

    Due to the disastrous impacts of COVID-19 and Strict Traveling Guidelines in place, the dream to study in Canada has become even more difficult to attain.

    A number of students and individuals willing to migrate to Canada must be wondering about the reopening of Canada. Well, there is no exact answer to this question, however, as per a survey done by 205 overseas agents and 97 Canadian language programs, the chances for international students to fly and study in Canada by 2023 are higher.

    Canada aims to vaccinate its population against COVID-19 by the end of this September. The current COVID conditions are expected to improve in Canada after the vaccination and slowly and gradually Canada will look forward to welcome international students from all over the world without restrictions the same way it was doing before.

    Could New Quarantine Measures Deter International Students Returning to Canada?

    The Canadian government is following many protective measures to control the expanse of COVID-19 in the country. The government commenced new COVID-19 testing and quarantine actions to prevent non-essential air and land travelers to spread COVID-19 on their land. As a result, the international students dreaming to study in Canada may require to postpone their Plans of Studying in Canada or they have to pick an alternative study abroad destination.

    As per the government regulations, each non-essential traveler entering Canada either by land or air have to follow the new quarantine guidelines.

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    The Stringent Quarantine Guidelines

    Every visitor arriving in Canada is required to present the traveling, contact, and quarantine details through ArriveCAN within 3 days before their entry into Canada boundaries. The details must have the information about your traveling specifics, COVID-19 test result information, quarantine plan details, quarantine location, contact information, traveling history, etc. If the provided information is proved to be wrong or faulty, the candidates can be punished under the Quarantine Act in Canada.

    Upon reaching, the travelers must complete their 14 days of self-isolation at their specified location before starting with their daily routine. The candidate must perform the COVID-19 self-assessment on a regular basis and the information must be conveyed through ArriveCAN. You can expect phone calls or even visits from Canadian officials so that they can make sure you are strictly following their specified quarantine measures and are not violating any of their regulations. Once your quarantine period is over, you can begin your life in Canada without disruptions.

    Dear friends, I hope the information will help you to realize your dream of acquiring a Canada PR and migrate to Canada forever. For More Assistance, you Can Get in Touch with our Team Anytime!

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