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    Tasmania’s Migration Update – Nomination Quota for the 2021-22 Program

    Mar 31,2022

    Tasmania's Migration Update – Nomination Quota for the 2021-22 Program

    As per the latest update on 28th March from Tasmania, there is no further Tasmania’s nomination quota allocation for the year 2021-22 for Subclass 491 and Subclass 190

    Tasmania’s Migration Update

    As per the above update, here is the migration quota status for the year 2021-2022 program.

    Subclass Total Places Used Places
    491 2200 1415
    190 1100 871


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    The Key Elements of The Latest Update

    • As per Tasmania’s migration update, they have received around 1000 applications since December.
    • Less than 1300 placed are remaining, whereas almost 1300 applications still need to be finalized.
    • As per the above table, more than 1480 applications are yet to remain, to decide on the nomination.
    • That includes more than 610 applications for the Visa Subclass 190.
    • And 860 applications remain for the Visa Subclass 491
    • One of the important elements of the update is that the Tasmania migration may hold to take a new application temporarily because they are looking to accommodate the expected demand of the nominations against the left places.
    • The migration Tasmania is accepting the new application even at this stage it does not mean that all the new applications will be going to be considered or the new applications may get also consideration to match the current volume and limited remaining places. The final decisions are depending on Migration Tasmania.
    • In this process, the immigration department will consider the applications from oldest to newest. However, the department will give the priority to those candidates who have employment and working on the designations that are concerning their skills assessments.
    • Additionally, those applications that will not proceed until 30th June 2022 will hold for the 2022 – 2023 year program. However, Tasmania migration will consider the remaining applications based on their requirements, assessment standards and the time when the application was lodged.
    • Suppose, any of the applications will approve for this year’s program but cannot be nominated because the quota gets over, then all those applications will be forwarded for the 2022 – 2023 program year.
    • Those applications will be refused for this program year that is not meeting the requirements or assessment standards.
    • There are 230 places are remaining for Subclass 190.
    • Those candidates, who are successful for subclass 190 but not working in their skills assessment areas, may not be nominated until the next program year begins.

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    Tasmania is looking to nominate those candidates, who are falling within the skill assessment criteria of the state. If you are a candidate and looking to Migrate to Australia then Tasmania is the state that you should consider, because the state is providing a quality lifestyle, the best career opportunities, cost-effective housing and many more. Due to the adverse effect of the Wuhan virus, Australia Immigration is seeking a good number of skilled and business migrants, who can lift their economy.

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