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    1st Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Invitation Round of 2023

    Jan 18,2023

    Latest Update on Australia Immigration - First ACT Invitation Round of 2023

    As per the latest update, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) declared the first Canberra Matrix – Invitation Round of the new year on 13 January 2023. The latest round invited the highest number of overseas applicants under subclass 190 and subclass 491. In addition, the draw also included small business owners, subclass 457/482 visa holders, and critical skill occupations holders as Well.

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    Highlights of the Latest ACT Invitation Round

    • As a part of the process, the state fixed the number of places available (pro-rata against the annual allocation)
    • The cut-off for the selection depends on certain factors, remaining monthly allocation, date & time of Matrix Submission and occupation cap & demand.
    • As per the latest data, pro rata for Subclass 190 is 293 per month. Whereas, for Subclass 491, it is 208 per month.
    • The invitations have been issued based on the highest demand for the occupations and the highest-ranked Matrix.
    • The remaining monthly allocation, the date and time of Matrix submission, cap of occupation and demand, and these factors are responsible for the cut-off of the selection.
    • If any candidate has achieved the minimum ranking score criteria, it is just an indication, it does not guarantee to get the invitation.
    • In two scenarios candidates may not receive the nomination, if the applicant has an active application and secondly if candidates received the ACT invitation previously.

    Ranking Information Requests

    • These invitations are not giving such a guarantee that you will get the outcome.
    • Even the department will not share any information regarding the information of ranking or invitation receiving.
    • Moreover, personal circumstances (for instance, including nearer birthdays affect the eligibility criteria) are also not considered to get an invitation or get a priority to invitations.

    Canberra Residents

    Matrix–nominating Small Business Owners

    • 190 nominations: 11 invitations
    • 190 minimum matrix score: 85
    • 491 nominations: 3 invitations
    • 491 minimum matrix score: 70

    Matrix–nominating 457 / 482 Visa Holders

    • 190 nominations:  2 invitations
    • 491 nominations:  – invitation

    Matrix–nominating Critical Skill Occupations

    • 190 nominations: 162 invitations
    • 491 nominations: 112 invitations

    Overseas Applicants

    Matrix–nominating Critical Skill Occupations:

    • 190 nominations: 87 invitations
    • 491 nominations: 357 invitations

    2022-2023 Allocation of ACT Nomination Places:

    The ACT received an interim allocation for the 2022-2023 program year.

    • Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa: 2025 places
    • Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visa: 2025 places

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    Application Count on 13 January 2023

    Total approvals: 1303 approvals

    • 190 Nominations: 418 approvals
    • 491 Nominations: 885 approvals

    Total refusals: 174 applications

    • 190 Nominations: 69 refusals (14%)
    • 491 Nominations: 225 refusals (20%)

    Remaining Allocation 2022-2023

    Total allocation remaining: 2002 nomination places (236 per month)

    • 190 Nominations: 1607 (pro rata 293 per month)
    • 491 Nominations: 1140 (pro rata 208 per month)

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