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    Latest Update on Australia Immigration – ACT Canberra Matrix Invitation Round

    Dec 26,2022

    Latest Update on Australia Immigration - ACT Canberra Matrix Invitation Round

    On 22 December 2022 the Canberra Matrix Invitation Round is declared. The data has been published on 24 December 2022. As per the invitation round’s pattern, the highest ranked Matrix in each occupation apply for ACT nomination. On the other side, the cut-off depends on the remaining monthly allocation, occupation cap, demand, and the date & time of Matrix submission.

    Canberra Residents

    Matrix Nominating Small Business Owners

    • 190 nominations: 7 invitations
    • 190 minimum matrix score: 85
    • 491 nominations: 0 invitations
    • 491 minimum matrix score: –

    Matrix Nominating 457 / 482 Visa Holders

    • 190 nominations:  8 invitations
    • 491 nominations:  1 invitation

    Matrix-Nominating Critical Skill Occupations

    • 190 nominations: 171 invitations
    • 491 nominations: 64 invitations

    Overseas Applicants

    Matrix Nominating Critical Skill Occupations:

    • 190 nominations: 81 invitations
    • 491 nominations: 231 invitations

    2022-2023 Allocation of ACT Nomination Places:

    The ACT received an interim allocation for the 2022-2023 program year.

    Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) Visa: 2,025 places

    Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visa: 2,025 places

    Application Count @ 22 December 2022

    Total Approvals: 1266 Approvals

    • 190 Nominations: 411 approvals
    • 491 Nominations: 855 approvals

    Total Refusals: 246 Applications

    • 190 Nominations: 68 refusals (14%)
    • 491 Nominations: 217 refusals (20%)

    Remaining Allocation 2022-2023

    Total Allocation Remaining: 2784 Nomination places (464 per month)

    • 190 Nominations: 1614 (pro rata 269 per month)
    • 491 Nominations: 1170 (pro rata 195 per month)

    Minimum Matrix Score

    As per the latest Canberra Matrix Invitation Round 22 December 2022, here is the list of the minimum Matrix score ranked

    ANZSCO Unit GroupUnit Group TitleCanberra Resident 491Canberra Resident 190Overseas Applicant 491Overseas Applicant 190
    1311Advertising, public relations and sales managers7070
    1321Corporate Services Manager9575
    1322Finance managers105110 (17/11/2022)9080
    1323Human resource managers7560 (25/6/2022)70
    1324Policy and planning managers60
    1331Construction managers706570
    1335Production managers60 (25/6/2022)70
    1336Supply and Distribution Manager6080
    1341Child Care Centre manager50
    1342Health and Welfare Services Managers60
    1344Other Education Managers10570
    1351ICT managers80 (30/11/2022)85 (21/10/2022)7570
    1399Other specialist managers8560 (25/6/2022)70
    1411Café and restaurant managers75 (23/11/2022)1007580
    1413Hotel and Motel Managers6075
    1421Retail Managers60
    1492Call or contact centre and customer service managers95956580
    1493Conference and Event Organisers8060
    1499Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers7070
    2124Journalists and other writers8060
    2211Accountants110 (24/10/2022)130 (30/11/2022)9085
    2212Auditors, company secretaries and corporate treasurers100 (10/10/2022)105 (5/10/2022)7575 (29/6/2022)
    2223Financial Investment Advisers and Managers859565
    2231Human Resource Professionals808080
    2244Intelligence and policy analysts50
    2247Management and organisation analysts7585
    2249Other information and organisation professionals6570
    2251Advertising and marketing professionals75 (21/11/2022)8075 (26/9/2022)80
    2253Public relations professionals7560
    2322Surveyors and Spatial Scientists7560
    2324Graphic and web designers, and illustrators658560 (12/7/2022)80
    2332Civil engineering professionals9095 (1/9/2022)8080
    2333Electrical Engineers75 (6/12/2022)85 (14/11/2022)7080 (20/8/2022)
    2334Electronics Engineers809060 (24/6/2022)80
    2335Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers8595 (12/9/2022)75 (13/7/2022)80 (12/7/2022)
    2339Other engineering professionals851007080
    2343Environmental Scientists
    2349Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals6085
    2411Early childhood7555
    2412Primary School Teachers5065
    2414Secondary School Teachers655065
    2415Special Education Teachers
    2421University Lecturers and Tutors70 (23/7/2022)75
    2422Vocational Education Teachers \ Polytechnic Teachers60
    2512Medical Imaging Professionals
    2513Occupational and environmental health professionals55
    2523Dental practitioners5570
    2524Occupational therapists705570
    2527Audiologists and speech pathologists / therapists509550
    2531General practitioners and resident medical officers7575
    2543Nurse Managers
    2544Registered nurses6585 (2/7/2022)
    2611ICT business and systems analysts90 (22/11/2022 6:05PM)105 (14/10/2022)70 (25/11/2022)80 (10/9/2022)
    2612Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers10010060 (2/7/2022)
    2613Software and applications programmers90110 (1/8/2022)80 (17/11/2022)85
    2621Database and systems administrators, and ICT security specialists85 (28/11/2022)90 (6/9/2022)65 (10/11/2022)80
    2631Computer network professionals85 (18/10/2022)95 (26/10/2022)85
    2632ICT support and test engineers85 (7/12/2022)10065 (19/11/2022)75 (9/8/2022)
    2724Social Professionals7060
    2725Social workers11075
    2726Welfare, recreation and community arts workers75
    3112Medical Technicians8060 (5/8/2022)75
    3121Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians907560 (17/8/2022)70
    3131ICT support technicians756580
    3212Motor mechanics6060
    3241Panel beaters
    3311Bricklayers and Stonemasons50
    3312Carpenters and joiners5575
    3322Painting Trades Workers857055 (18/7/2022)70
    3511Bakers and Pastry cooks7055
    3514Cook8595 (28/11/2022)6070
    3611Animal Attendants and Trainers9050
    4114Enrolled Nurse7085 (1/12/2022)60
    4116Massage Therapists
    4117Welfare support workers75
    4523Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials9055
    5111Contract, program and project administrators10010070 (14/7/2022)80

    Source: www.act.gov.au

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