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    New Year Starts With 322 LAA from the Manitoba Province

    Jan 13,2023

    Latest Update on Manitoba PNP – New Year Starts With 322 LAA From the Province

    Manitoba is among the provinces that constantly invite immigrants through various programs. However, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is an ideal as well as the fastest way to apply for Canada permanent residency. Here are programs that help candidates to apply for the Manitoba provincial nomination.

    Want to apply for Canada PR?

    Federal Immigration Programs

    • Skilled Worker Program
    • Canadian Experience Class
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Express Entry
    • Family Sponsorship Program

    Skilled Worker Stream

    • Skilled Worker in Manitoba (SWM)
    • Skilled Worker Overseas (SWO)

    International Education Stream

    • Career Employment Pathway
    • Graduate Internship Pathway
    • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

    Business Investor Stream

    • Entrepreneur Pathway
    • Farm Investor Pathway

    Highlights of the Latest MPNP Draw

    • This is the first draw of the new year 2023 which is nominated by the candidates from the regular three streams.
    • The latest draw #165, invited 322 candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residency.
    • A Skilled Worker in Manitoba invited 260 aspirants,
    • 42 nominations were received by International Education Stream holders and 20 Skilled Worker Overseas applicants are invited.

    The Latest Manitoba Provincial Nomination Draw (MPNP) Draw

    StreamsLetters Of Advice To Apply (LAA) IssuedLowest-Ranked Candidate Invited
    Skilled Workers Overseas20713
    International Education Stream42NA
    Skilled Workers In Manitoba260734

    NOTES: out of these 322 LAA, and 27 invitations are issued to those candidates who have a valid Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker Validation code.

    Last Year’s Invitation Rounds Record of MPNP

    Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program 2022

    DateStreamLAACut-Off Score
    December 30, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba202750
    2) International Education Stream38
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas40711
    December 16, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba155771
    2) International Education Stream46
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas48703
    December 16, 2022Skilled Workers Overseas1,030600
    December 01, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba206775
    2) International Education Stream56
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas43673
    November 22, 2022Special Immigration Measure – Ukraine1160
    November 18, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba177797
    2) International Education Stream198
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas143686
    September 20, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba388613
    2) International Education Stream41
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas7726
    September 14, 2022Special Immigration Measure – Ukraine960
    September 08, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba217616
    2) International Education Stream41
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas20703
    August 11, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba257623
    2) International Education Stream55
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas33718
    July 29, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba299633
    2) International Education Stream41
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas15726
    July 18, 2022Special Immigration Measure – Ukraine1160
    July 14, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba293699
    2) International Education Stream40
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas33715
    June 30, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba186773
    2) International Education Stream79
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas83711
    June 20, 2022Special Immigration Measure – Ukraine1460
    June 03, 20221) International Education Stream54
    2) Skilled Workers Overseas92714
    May 20, 2022Special Immigration Measure – Ukraine1360
    May 05, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba249651
    2) International Education Stream32
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas34691
    April 21, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba201707
    2) International Education Stream41
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas61708
    April 11, 2022Special Immigration Measure – Ukraine2060
    April 07, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba156739
    2) International Education Stream34
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas33683
    March 24, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba102769
    2) International Education Stream25
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas64712
    March 18, 2022Special Immigration Measure – Ukraine1660
    March 10, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba50781
    2) International Education Stream36
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas34718
    March 09, 2022Special Immigration Measure – Ukraine7160
    February 24, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba206612
    2) International Education Stream33
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas39685
    February 10, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba202615
    2) International Education Stream40
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas31705
    January 27, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba212609
    2) International Education Stream40
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas63703
    January 13, 20221) Skilled Workers in Manitoba357459
    2) International Education Stream33
    3) Skilled Workers Overseas53711


    As per the recent scenario, the province nominates the candidates based on their work experience in Manitoba or their provincial educational background. Being a student and if you would like to Study in Canada then Manitoba should be on your priority list. Especially, if you belong from an educational background such as agriculture, advanced manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, heavy-duty vehicles & equipment, mining, etc. then you may have a great chance to Settle in Canada through MPNP programs.

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