Manitoba Announced the First Draw of the Month Invited 308 Candidates

Feb 10,2023

Manitoba Announced the First Draw of the Month Invited 308 Candidates

Manitoba province announced the latest draw of the month. Issued a total of 308 Letters of Advice from the main three streams. Skilled Workers in Manitoba issued the highest 221 LAA with a 720 score. International Education Stream issued 55 nominations. Whereas, Skilled Worker Overseas issued 32 invitations with a 709 ranking score.

Highlights of the Latest MPNP Draw

  • One of the most frequent to invite migrants, Manitoba is among the leading provinces.
  • In a couple of weeks, the province declared yet another draw #168.
  • Overall this year it is the fourth draw whereas, out of them province has also invited Ukrainians as well.
  • Similar to the Express Entry MPNP also holds invitation rounds twice a month. For instance, yesterday February 9, 2023, the round has held. Now there are likely chances that the next round will probably declare after 15 days or so.
  • In this particular draw the Skilled Workers in Manitoba category invited the highest candidates than other categories.
  • The frequency of the draws is indicating the great potentiality of scope for the skilled migrants and international students in the province.

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Expression 0f Interest Draw #168 – February 09, 2023

Skilled Workers Overseas 221 720
International Education Stream 55 NA
Skilled Workers In Manitoba 32 709
Total 308

NOTES: out of these 308 LAA, 33 invitations are issued to those candidates who have a valid Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker Validation code.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) 2023

February 09, 2023 168 1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba 221 720
2) International Education Stream 55
3) Skilled Workers Overseas 32 709
Total 308
January 26, 2023 166 1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba 253 726
2) International Education Stream 60
3) Skilled Workers Overseas 23 713
Total 336
January 12, 2023 165 1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba 260 734
2) International Education Stream 42
3) Skilled Workers Overseas 20 713
Total 322


As far as the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program has concerned, the program selected the candidates under specific criteria only. For instance, as per the name, the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream nominates aspirants who are currently in Manitoba and especially working for a particular provincial or Canadian employer. Moreover, the province also gives an open forum to international students in each round of invitations with their International Education Stream. Apart from this, the Skilled Workers Overseas stream allows those aspirants who are currently outside of Canada and would like to Move to Canada permanently. However, in the present scenario, only those overseas applicants will come to Canada and specifically Manitoba who have applied under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

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