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    2000 Skilled Migrants Gifted from Western Australia on Valentine’s Day

    Feb 14,2023

    2000 Skilled Migrants Gifted from Western Australia on Valentine’s Day

    As per the latest update, Western Australia held the latest draw on 10 February and Invited 2000 Skilled Migrants. Interestingly, all the invitations went out from subclass 190. Whereas, not a single candidate got the nomination from the 491 Subclass.

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    Current Invitation Round Details

    ​Intending Visa SubclassSNMP General Stream –WASMOL Schedule 1​SNMP General Stream –WASMOL Schedule 2SNMP Graduate Stream – Higher Education Graduates​SNMP Graduate Stream – Vocational Education and Training Graduates
    Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190)261150018554
    Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491)0000

    Source: migration.wa.gov.au/

    Highlights of the Draw

    • This is the first draw of the new year held by the Western Australia State.
    • It is also the first-ever draw in the new immigration year where not a single invitation has been sent through the skilled regional (provisional)visa subclass 491.
    • Not giving nominations in the 491 subclass is not an unusual situation. But it is one of the good signs.
    • If we may take it simply only the 190 Subclass gives a chance to apply for Australian permanent residency. Whereas, the 491 subclass offers temporary residency in Australia. After a couple of years or so candidates who are nominated under the visa subclass 491 can apply for the Australia PR.
    • In the latest draw, the state has not nominated any candidates from TR category because all the occupations cut-off has been closed at so low point that everyone got eligible for the direct PR category of Subclass 190.
    • Along with the draw, the total invitation is been reached 18000+ for the new immigration year.

    Invitations Issued During the 2022-23 Program Year

    ​Visa SubclassJulyAugSeptOctNovDecJanFebMar​Apr​MayJune​Total​
    SNMP General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 1
    SNMP General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 2​
    SNMP Graduate Stream – Higher Education Graduates ​ ​
    SNMP Graduate Stream – Vocational Education and Training Graduates​

    Source: migration.wa.gov.au/

    The Invited EOIS By Occupations – February Invitation Round

    General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 1
    OccupationState of ResidenceEOI Points ScoreEOI Submission Date
    Industrial Pharmacist (251512)Western Australia8019-12-2022
    Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
    Western Australia8010-12-2022
    Occupational Therapist (252411)Western Australia6525-01-2023
    Podiatrist (252611)Western Australia7525-01-2023
    Psychologists NEC (272399)Western Australia651-02-2023
    Registered Nurse (Child and Family
    Health) (254413)
    Western Australia7526-12-2022
    Registered Nurse (Community
    Health) (254414)
    Western Australia7019-12-2022
    Registered Nurse (Disability and
    Rehabilitation) (254417)
    Western Australia8016-12-2022
    Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)
    Western Australia8013-12-2022
    Sonographer (251214)Western Australia8024-01-2023
    Specialist Physician (General
    Medicine) (253311)
    Western Australia856-01-2023
    Dental Technician (411213)Another Australian State or Territory8013-01-2023
    Enrolled Nurse (411411)Another Australian State or Territory7523-12-2022
    General Practitioner (253111)Another Australian State or Territory802-01-2023
    Hospital Pharmacist (251511)Another Australian State or Territory7513-11-2022
    Medical Laboratory Scientist
    Another Australian State or Territory8513-12-2022
    Medical Laboratory Technician
    Another Australian State or Territory7513-12-2022
    Medical Practitioners NEC (253999)Another Australian State or Territory8027-01-2023
    Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
    Another Australian State or Territory901-01-2023
    Optometrist (251411)Another Australian State or Territory7516-12-2022
    Pharmacy Technician (311215)Another Australian State or Territory7512-12-2022
    Physicist (234914)Another Australian State or Territory752-08-2021
    Physiotherapist (252511)Another Australian State or Territory8018-01-2023
    Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
    Another Australian State or Territory7516-12-2022
    Registered Nurse (Critical Care and
    Emergency) (254415)
    Another Australian State or Territory1054-02-2023
    Registered Nurse (Medical)
    Another Australian State or Territory7522-12-2022
    Registered Nurse (Perioperative)
    Another Australian State or Territory8022-01-2023
    Registered Nurse (Surgical) (254424)Another Australian State or Territory755-12-2022
    Registered Nurses NEC (254499)Another Australian State or Territory7521-12-2022
    Resident Medical Officer (253112)Another Australian State or Territory906-02-2023
    Retail Pharmacist (251513)Another Australian State or Territory7516-12-2022
    Social Worker (272511)Another Australian State or Territory8014-12-2022


    General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 2
    OccupationState of ResidenceEOI
    Points Score
    Submission Date
    Aeronautical Engineer (233911)Western Australia754-11-2022
    Agricultural Consultant (234111)Western Australia8022-10-2022
    Analyst Programmer (261311)Western Australia752-10-2022
    Architect (232111)Western Australia8018-01-2023
    Architectural Draftsperson (312111)Western Australia7518-10-2022
    Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians NEC (312199)Western Australia8028-01-2023
    Baker (351111)Western Australia7512-12-2022
    Bricklayer (331111)Western Australia7523-12-2022
    Cafe or Restaurant Manager (141111)Western Australia7528-12-2022
    Carpenter (331212)Western Australia7520-12-2022
    Chef (351311)Western Australia755-01-2023
    Chemical Engineer (233111)Western Australia753-01-2023
    Chemist (234211)Western Australia9520-01-2023
    Child Care Centre Manager (134111)Western Australia7525-08-2022
    Civil Engineer (233211)Western Australia755-01-2023
    Civil Engineering Draftsperson (312211)Western Australia7522-12-2022
    Community Worker (411711)Western Australia7511-11-2022
    Computer Network and Systems Engineer (263111)Western Australia7530-12-2022
    Conference and Event Organiser (149311)Western Australia8526-12-2022
    Construction Project Manager (133111)Western Australia7512-12-2022
    Cook (351411)Western Australia754-01-2023
    Database Administrator (262111)Western Australia7516-12-2022
    Developer Programmer (261312)Western Australia757-12-2022
    Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher (241111)Western Australia7511-07-2022
    Electrical Engineer (233311)Western Australia7530-12-2022
    Electrical Engineering Draftsperson (312311)Western Australia7526-10-2022
    Electrical Engineering Technician (312312)Western Australia7520-08-2022
    Electrician (General) (341111)Western Australia759-12-2022
    Electronic Equipment Trades Worker (342313)Western Australia7521-10-2022
    Electronics Engineer (233411)Western Australia755-01-2023
    Environmental Engineer (233915)Western Australia7515-09-2022
    Environmental Manager (139912)Western Australia8030-08-2022
    Geologist (234411)Western Australia7522-12-2022
    Geophysicist (234412)Western Australia802-11-2022
    Geotechnical Engineer (233212)Western Australia8517-12-2022
    Hairdresser (391111)Western Australia8014-09-2022
    Hotel or Motel Manager (141311)Western Australia7527-12-2022
    ICT Business Analyst (261111)Western Australia7530-12-2022
    ICT Managers NEC (135199)Western Australia858-12-2022
    ICT Project Manager (135112)Western Australia753-01-2023
    ICT Security Specialist (262112)Western Australia752-01-2023
    ICT Support Engineer (263212)Western Australia7519-12-2022
    Industrial Engineer (233511)Western Australia7522-12-2022
    Life Science Technician (311413)Western Australia7519-12-2022
    Management Accountant (221112)Western Australia7522-11-2022
    Materials Engineer (233112)Western Australia7527-10-2022
    Mechanical Engineer (233512)Western Australia755-01-2023
    Mechanical Engineering Technician (312512)Western Australia753-06-2022
    Metal Fabricator (322311)Western Australia757-12-2022
    Metal Machinist (First Class) (323214)Western Australia753-10-2022
    Metallurgical or Materials Technician (312912)Western Australia8012-09-2022
    Metallurgist (234912)Western Australia8026-01-2023
    Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) (233611)Western Australia759-10-2022
    Motor Mechanic (General) (321211)Western Australia7523-12-2022
    Network Administrator (263112)Western Australia7523-12-2022
    Network Analyst (263113)Western Australia806-12-2022
    Occupational Health and Safety Adviser (251312)Western Australia754-07-2022
    Organisation and Methods Analyst (224712)Western Australia7523-11-2022
    Other Spatial Scientist (232214)Western Australia7516-12-2022
    Painting Trades Worker (332211)Western Australia7513-05-2022
    Pastry cook (351112)Western Australia755-11-2021
    Petroleum Engineer (233612)Western Australia803-07-2022
    Primary School Teacher (241213)Western Australia853-12-2022
    Production or Plant Engineer (233513)Western Australia7527-12-2022
    Quantity Surveyor (233213)Western Australia759-12-2022
    Sales and Marketing Manager (131112)Western Australia8028-10-2022
    Secondary School Teacher (241411)Western Australia8511-01-2023
    Social Worker (272511)Western Australia8028-12-2022
    Software and Applications Programmers NEC
    Western Australia751-12-2022
    Software Engineer (261313)Western Australia755-01-2023
    Software Tester (261314)Western Australia7526-10-2022
    Structural Engineer (233214)Western Australia8024-10-2022
    Supply and Distribution Manager (133611)Western Australia7513-12-2022
    Systems Administrator (262113)Western Australia7515-12-2022
    Systems Analyst (261112)Western Australia7523-12-2022
    Taxation Accountant (221113)Western Australia7521-12-2022
    Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (249311)Western Australia8518-01-2023
    Telecommunications Engineer (263311)Western Australia7520-12-2022
    Telecommunications Network Engineer (263312)Western Australia7512-12-2022
    Transport Company Manager (149413)Western Australia7513-10-2022
    Veterinarian (234711)Western Australia8512-01-2023
    Veterinary Nurse (361311)Western Australia7516-12-2022
    Wall and Floor Tiler (333411)Western Australia8014-12-2022
    Web Developer (261212)Western Australia7514-09-2022
    Welder (First Class) (322313)Western Australia7518-10-2022
    Welfare Worker (272613)Western Australia7528-10-2022


    Graduate Stream – Higher Education
    OccupationState of ResidenceSub StreamEOI Points ScoreEOI Submission Date
    Agricultural Consultant (234111)Western AustraliaPHD & Masters8022-10-2022
    Agricultural Scientist (234112)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8011-01-2023
    Analyst Programmer (261311)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters852-02-2023
    Architect (232111)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8022-12-2022
    Cafe or Restaurant Manager
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters807-12-2022
    Chemical Engineer (233111)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters805-02-2023
    Civil Engineer (233211)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7519-12-2022
    Community Worker (411711)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8521-12-2022
    Computer Network and Systems
    Engineer (263111)
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7515-12-2022
    Construction Project Manager
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters858-01-2023
    Developer Programmer (261312)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8011-01-2023
    Early Childhood (Pre-primary
    School) Teacher (241111)
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8015-12-2022
    Electrical Engineer (233311)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8031-01-2023
    Electrical Engineering
    Draftsperson (312311)
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters9017-01-2023
    Electronics Engineer (233411)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters803-02-2023
    Engineering Professionals NEC
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7513-12-2022
    Engineering Technologist
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8019-12-2022
    External Auditor (221213)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8523-12-2022
    Finance Manager (132211)Western AustraliaPhD7530-08-2022
    Geologist (234411)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8031-01-2023
    Geotechnical Engineer (233212)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8517-12-2022
    ICT Business Analyst (261111)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters754-11-2022
    ICT Project Manager (135112)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7516-12-2022
    ICT Security Specialist (262112)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7513-12-2022
    Landscape Architect (232112)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7529-11-2022
    Management Accountant
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters801-12-2022
    Marine Biologist (234516)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters903-02-2023
    Mechanical Engineer (233512)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7517-12-2022
    Metallurgist (234912)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8026-01-2023
    Mining Engineer (excluding
    Petroleum) (233611)
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters9013-12-2022
    Network Administrator (263112)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters10013-12-2022
    Occupational Therapist (252411)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7513-12-2022
    Petroleum Engineer (233612)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters803-07-2022
    Production or Plant Engineer
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7514-12-2022
    Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8021-12-2022
    Registered Nurses NEC (254499)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8024-01-2023
    Resident Medical Officer
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters805-02-2023
    Social Worker (272511)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8028-12-2022
    Software and Applications
    Programmers NEC (261399)
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters751-12-2022
    Software Engineer (261313)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8017-01-2023
    Systems Administrator (262113)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters9020-01-2023
    Systems Analyst (261112)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters809-01-2023
    Taxation Accountant (221113)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters7515-12-2022
    Telecommunications Engineer
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8028-10-2022
    Transport Company Manager
    Western AustraliaPhD & Masters9013-01-2023
    University Lecturer (242111)Western AustraliaPhD & Masters8020-01-2023


    Graduate Stream – Vocational Education and Training
    OccupationState of ResidenceSub StreamEOI
    Points Score
    Submission Date
    Bricklayer (331111)OverseasVET8010-01-2023
    Carpenter (331212)OverseasVET806-01-2023
    Chef (351311)Western AustraliaVET756-01-2023
    Chemical Engineer (233111)Western AustraliaVET8520-01-2023
    Civil Engineer (233211)Western AustraliaVET8022-12-2022
    Civil Engineering Draftsperson
    Western AustraliaVET852-02-2023
    Community Worker (411711)Western AustraliaVET8030-12-2022
    Computer Network and Systems Engineer (263111)Western AustraliaVET7528-08-2022
    Cook (351411)Western AustraliaVET7513-09-2022
    Electrical Engineer (233311)OverseasVET904-07-2022
    Electrical Engineering Draftsperson (312311)Western AustraliaVET8017-01-2023
    Engineering Technologist (233914)Western AustraliaVET851-10-2021
    Enrolled Nurse (411411)Western AustraliaVET7513-11-2021
    Food Technologist (234212)Western AustraliaVET8010-01-2023
    Mechanical Engineer (233512)Western AustraliaVET8017-12-2022
    Motor Mechanic (General) (321211)Western AustraliaVET8029-12-2022
    Pharmacy Technician (311215)Western AustraliaVET809-12-2022
    Production or Plant Engineer
    Solicitor (271311)Western AustraliaVET7522-12-2022
    Veterinary Nurse (361311)Western AustraliaVET8023-01-2023
    Wall and Floor Tiler (333411)Western AustraliaVET8030-03-2022

    Source: migration.wa.gov.au/

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