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    Manitoba is Canada’s central province and gateway to Western Canada. The province invites many immigrants through different immigration programs every year and makes a perfect place to work, live and raise a family. The Manitoba PNP is designed to fulfill the labour market needs of the province. The program offers several pathways to immigrate to Manitoba. 

    Different Categories of Manitoba PNP

    Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program welcomes immigrants to become permanent residents of Canada through the following immigration streams.


    1. Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream

    The Stream is for skilled workers who have a strong connection with the province, such as temporarily working in a particular position or international students who have recently graduated from a recognized Manitoba university or college. 

    Manitoba Stream – Eligibility Criteria

    • Must have a valid work permit after post-graduation.
    • Must hold a permanent, full-time employment offer from a current employer in Manitoba.
    • Must be working continuously for at least six months for the same employer.
    • Must have relevant qualifications and language proficiency to fulfill their job requirements.
    • Must have interest and ability to live, work and settle in Manitoba as a permanent resident and demonstrate a settlement plan for the future.
    • They must have a strong connection with Manitoba through employment than ties they share with any other province.
    • Must have the qualification required for the job position, including license, certification, training, or education.

    Documents Required:

    Easy Admission Visa Procedure

    Valid Post-Graduation Work Permit

    Letter of Acceptance from the Underlying School with All the Required Details Mentioned

    Confirmation of a minimum of six months of full-time continuous work from your current employer

    Letter of Permission from the Parent or Guardian

    Job offer, salary/wages, and details of your designations on company letterhead signed by the employer

    High end Education System

    Personal and educational documents

    2. Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

    Skilled worker Overseas program invites candidates with a strong connection to Manitoba when:

    • They have support from family members or friends.
    • They have previous education and experience in Manitoba.
    • They have the invitation to apply from MPNP as a part of the Strategic Recruitment initiative

    Eligibility Requirements

    • Candidates must score at least 60 points based on the five factors listed in the point grid system.
    • Candidates must have a strong connection to Manitoba. If you do not have a link, you may not be eligible for this program unless you have high points.
    • Must be at least 18 years old. 
    • To demonstrate your connection with the province, you should either have a close relative or friend living in Manitoba, have previous work experience or education in the province, or must be invited to apply by the MPNP.
    • All applicants must meet provincial settlement fund requirements.

    Point Grid

    The point grid below gives you a clear picture of your eligibility for the Manitoba Skilled Worker Stream for overseas applicants.

    Point Grid

    • Factor 1:
    • Factor 2:
    • Factor 3:
    • Factor 4:
    • Factor 5:

    Language Proficiency

    First Language:

    Band Score Points 
    CLb 8 or Higher 20
    CLB 7 18
    CLB 6 16
    CLB 5 14
    CLB 4 12
    CLB 3 or lower 0
    Second Language:
    CLB 5 or higher – 5
    Maximum points  25% of Total-25


    Age Points
    18 4
    19 6
    20 8
    21 to 45 10
    46 8
    47 6
    48 4
    49 2
    50 or older 0
    Maximum points 10% of the Total- 10

    Work Experience

    Years of experience Points 
    Less than one year 0
    One Year 8
    Two years 10
    Three years 12
    Four years or more 15
    Maximum points  15% of Total -15


    Level of Education  Points
    Master’s or Doctorate 25
    Two poast-secondary programs, two years for each program 23
    One post-secondary program -two years long  20
    One post-secondary program , one year 14
    Trade certificate 14
    No formal post-secondary education 0
    Maximum points 25% of Total-25


    Manitoba Connection Points
    A close family member in Manitoba 20
    ITA from MPNP 20
    Six months of work experience in Manitoba 12
    Completed two-year post-secondary Program in Manitoba 12
    Completed one academic year in a post-secondary program in Manitoba 10
    Friend or distant relative in Manitoba 10
    Regional immigration 5
    Maximum points 25% of total

    How it works?

    • Interested applicants must submit their Expression of Interest(EOI) through the MPNP Online portal.
    • Upon submitting your profile, the candidate will be given a score and ranked against other applicants using the MPNP Ranking system.
    •  Highest scoring candidates will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) in MPNP draw results. Once they get their LAA, candidates have 60 days to complete the application. Most of the time, LAAs are issued to candidates having work experience in Manitoba’s list of in-demand occupations.
    • If your application is approved, you will be issued a provincial nomination to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Candidates have 180 days to prepare and submit their applications after getting a nomination from the province.
    • You must prepare a paper-based application and send it to the authorized application center (IRCC) along with your MPNP approval letter.
    • The average processing time for paper-based applications through the PNP program is 18 months.

    3. International Educational Stream

    The international Educational stream targets recent graduates from designated Universities and colleges in Manitoba to work and settle in the province through faster permanent residency pathways. This stream is further divided into the following ways:

    1. Career Employment Pathway

    This pathway is for international graduates in Manitoba who hold long-term employment in an in-demand occupation in Manitoba. This pathway allows students to apply for MPNP immediately after completing their graduation if they meet the eligibility criteria.

    2. Graduate Internship Pathway

    The graduate internship pathway accepts applications from masters and Doctoral graduates who finish Accelerate or Elevate internships with Mitacs in Manitoba.

    4. International Student Entrepreneur Pathway

    Only the students who graduated from Manitoba will be eligible to apply under this stream. However, international students who graduated from other provinces can apply for Permanent residency through Manitoba Skilled Worker Stream.

    Different pathways under the international Educational Stream have different eligibility requirements for candidates willing to apply for permanent residency of Canada under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

    Manitoba Business Investor Stream

    Business Investor Stream (BIS) is designed to welcome qualified business investors and entrepreneurs with the right potential and ability to start and handle new businesses in Manitoba. This stream is further divided into two pathways for entrepreneurs:

    1. Entrepreneur Pathway

    The entrepreneur pathway is specifically designed for experienced entrepreneurs or senior managers with intentions to establish and actively operate a business in Manitoba.

    2. Farm Investor Pathway

    This pathway is for people with farm business experience willing to handle farm operations in Manitoba.  

    Applicants with the right skills and work experience can get permanent residency in Canada through various streams of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

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