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    Tasmania Skilled Migration Program Expected to Open in Late January

    Dec 24,2020

    Tasmania Skilled Migration Program Expected To Open In Late January

    The foundation of the Tasmania skilled migration program is ready for the upcoming year. The department has declared a new year gift for the general applications. As per their recent announcement, the Skilled Migration Program is expecting to re-open in late January 2021. In addition to this, the state government has also received the full nomination quota for the program year 2020-2021.


    • 1400 places are given to Subclass 491.
    • 1000 places are allocated to Subclass 190
    • Whereas, 45 places have given to Business migration.

    Nearly 25% of places of skilled visa nomination have been used.

    As the general applications are about to open in late January, migration Tasmania makes themself ready with the selection requirements and policies which is set-out by The Department of Home Affairs. Until the preparation takes place of the Skilled Migration Program, the interim program will remain to continue. However, those candidates who do not meet the interim program requirements but if they believe that their profiles are matching with interim criteria, should contact Migration Tasmania at skilled@migration.tas.gov.au before submitting their applications.

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    Consideration of Critical Roles

    The DHA has provided specific guidelines for the critical roles as per the guidelines those candidates’ profiles might take into consideration who is following in given below criteria.

    • Candidates who are directly assisting Tasmania’s COVID-19 response and directly involve with the Tasmanian Government.
    • Those who are potentially associated with COVID-19 respond and providing the critical and/or specialist medical services, delivering the medical supplies. All the nursing-related staff and people who are holding medical positions under the Tasmanian Health Services will be included.
    • Those aspirants who are playing highly skilled and specialised roles in the industries such as
    • Medical technologies
    • Critical infrastructure
    • Engineering mining
    • Maritime industry
    • Supply chain
    • Logistics
    • Agricultural technology
    • Food production
    • Telecommunications
    • Related roles in infrastructure engineering and maintenance (like dams, large-/high-complexity bridges, irrigation schemes)
    • Transportation, logistics planning and maintenance
    • Agriculture (like, artificial insemination technicians, wool classers, livestock pregnancy scanners
    • There are such occupations that will not be considered such as, retail workers, harvest labours, delivery drivers, or warehouse staff.
    • Those candidates who are delivering the services especially in the critical sectors which support the economic recovery such as
    • Engineering & mining
    • Financial technology
    • Large scale manufacturing
    • Film and television production emerging technology
    • These sectors contribution adds significant values in the export income, employment and economic benefits. It also adds highly valued national/international exposure.

    *This process usually not including a small scale and locally based operations.

    The Tasmanian government will start accepting applications for these below-given occupations

    • Skilled health and allied health occupations (includes private and non-profit sectors)
    • At least Diploma qualified Sr. support workers,
      • Enrolled nurses
      • Registered nurses especially for aged, disability, and community care.

    Now chefs & cooks are also included in the interim program

    • It requires a genuine and ongoing skilled employment position.
    • It is not including lower-skilled employment such as limited services in restaurants, e.g. pizza makers.
    • This area’s scope may change according to Tasmania’s economic growth.

    Genuine, Ongoing, and Meaningful Contribution for the Tasmania’s economy

    • Each of the nominations must need to prove its potential how the occupation is contributing to Tasmania’s economy. It is the applicant’s responsibility to demonstrate how he/she is meeting up the department’s criteria.
    • Your nomination claim includes
      • Employment should be in highly skilled occupations and fulfilled the job roles.
      • Your proclaimed high-value skills or experience not easily found in the local community of the state.
      • Your long-term and high-value contribution to the economy lead to further employment opportunities for other locals.
      • As an applicant, your presence in Tasmania should prove your significant involvement in Tasmanian business or enterprise.
      • A clear, plausible potential to live in Tasmania and contribute to the development of skills that are needed in Tasmania.
      • Your claim should prove your reasonable potential to live in Tasmania and the skill which you have is contributing to the development of Tasmania’s economy.

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    Tasmania Skilled migration program is going to open in early January 2021, with some changes in selection criteria, in this meanwhile, they will be selecting applicants with the same old interim criteria.

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