Last Updated Sep 28,2021

Recent Changes in PTE Academic Test



PTE exam (Pearson Test of English) is one of the highly preferred language proficiency exams for aspirants looking to immigrate or study overseas.

Are you the one on the list planning to appear in the PTE exam soon?

Then, the information is of great value for you. Pearson is bringing some exciting changes in the PTE Academic exam pattern to make the test more convenient and comfortable for the test-takers. Let’s understand the upcoming changes a little more specifically

Changes in the PTE Academic

1. Test Timing

The new PTE exam will have a shorter, more relaxed time frame. Though, the two-hour test will have all the imperative features and will be as accurate, reliable, secure, and recognized as the regular PTE Academic is.

2. No. of Questions

In the new PTE, you will see a relatively fewer number of questions than the regular PTE. The total number of questions presented to the test taker will come from 70-82 to 52-64.

3. Elimination of optional break

Currently, the PTE Exam grants an optional 10 mins break to the test-takers so that they can rest for a while and refresh themselves. This 10 minutes break will not be granted in the new PTE. The main aim behind the removal of this 10 mins break is to make the test faster than before.

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What will Remain the Same

The types of questions are unaffected by the changes introduced in the PTE academic exam. All question types will remain the same, however, as the number of questions is going to reduce, the frequency of the questions will definitely have an impact.

As the types of questions are going to be the same, the students are not required to make changes in their preparation pattern as well as the material and resources they are using to do the preparation.

PTE Scorecard

The PTE score reports are also redesigned to make the given information more clear and understandable. Please note, no changes are introduced to the way PTE Academic is evaluated and the difficulty level of the test.


PTE Academic is recognized and accepted by a large number of universities, institutes, and other organizations in the world. The test is a great pick to demonstrate your language proficiency and realize your dream of studying or migrating overseas. The good news here is, the new two hours PTE test will provide the same authenticity, quality, and accuracy as the older three-hour version. So, demonstrate your language proficiency by adopting the compact, more handy PTE version and explore the world of overseas study and work opportunities!

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