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    Skilled Migration Program Update For Offshore Applicants

    Sep 28,2021

    Skilled Migration Program Update For Offshore Applicants

    After such a long time, the Department of Home Affairs has declared a satisfying update for the offshore applicants. As per the latest news, South Australia is opening additional 70 occupations for offshore applicants from Tuesday 28 September 2021. The state nomination allows the state governments to nominate skilled candidates as per the state skills needs.

    State Nomination Requirements For Offshore Applicants

    1. Residency Requirements

    • The occupations must be in South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List
    • Candidates who are eligible to apply must need to submit a Registration of Interest (ROI) Application.

    2. Age

    • Your age must be under 45 years at the time of nomination.

    3. Occupation

    • Occupations of candidates must be in updated South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List and they need to meet the eligibility requirement.

    4. Skills Assessment

    • Candidates must have a valid and positive General Skilled Migration (GSM) skills assessment from the authorized skill assessment body.
    • A skill assessment must need to be valid at the time of nomination.

    5. Work Experience

    • The work experience of candidates must need to meet the occupational requirement.
    • In this particular update, the specific requirement that is – candidates requires at least 8 years of work experience in the occupation or closely related occupation.

    6. English Language Requirement

    • English language requirements need to match as per the occupation. However, as per the recent amendments, a proficient plus English level is necessary for the candidates.

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    7. Points Requirements

    • The Candidate should match the minimum point requirement as the occupation requirement.

    Updated List Of South Australian State Nomination Occupations

    ANZSCO Occupation
    131112 Sales and Marketing Manager
    131113 Advertising Manager
    131114 Public Relations Manager
    132111 Corporate Services Manager
    132311 Human Resource Manager
    132411 Policy and Planning Manager
    132511 Research and Development Manager
    149212 Customer Service Manager
    223111 Human Resource Adviser
    223112 Recruitment Consultant
    224711 Management Consultant
    224712 Organization and Methods Analyst
    224912 Liaison Officer
    224999 Information and Organization Professionals NEC
    225111 Advertising Specialist
    225112 Market Research Analyst
    225113 Marketing Specialist
    225311 Public Relations Professional
    225499 Technical Sales Representatives NEC
    121214 Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower
    121216 Mixed Crop Farmer
    121221 Vegetable Grower
    121299 Crop Farmers NEC
    121311 Apiarist
    121312 Beef Cattle Farmer
    121313 Dairy Cattle Farmer
    121317 Mixed Livestock Farmer
    121318 Pig Farmer
    121321 Poultry Farmer
    121322 Sheep Farmer
    121399 Livestock Farmers NEC
    121411 Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer
    133111 Construction Project Manager
    133112 Project Builder
    133512 Production Manager (Manufacturing)
    133611 Supply and Distribution Manager
    133612 Procurement Manager
    134111 Child Care Centre Manager
    139912 Environmental Manager
    139913 Laboratory Manager*
    139914 Quality Assurance Manager
    224113 Statistician
    232212 Surveyor
    232214 Other Spatial Scientist
    234111 Agricultural Consultant
    234112 Agricultural Scientist
    234212 Food Technologist
    234311 Conservation Officer
    234312 Environmental Consultant
    234313 Environmental Research Scientist
    234399 Environmental Scientists NEC
    234411 Geologist
    234412 Geophysicist
    234413 Hydrogeologist
    234511 Life Scientist (General)
    234513 Biochemist
    234514 Biotechnologist
    234515 Botanist
    234516 Marine Biologist
    234517 Microbiologist
    234518 Zoologist
    234599 Life Scientists NEC
    234611 Medical Laboratory Scientist
    234711 Veterinarian
    234911 Conservator
    234912 Metallurgist
    234913 Meteorologist
    234914 Physicist (non-medical)
    234915 Exercise Physiologist
    234999 Natural and Physical Science Professionals NEC


    As per the update, the specific requirements defined by the Department of Home Affairs, state-based occupations and skills of the occupation for the South Australia State Nomination. All the applicants must need to follow the given criteria to obtain the nomination. Suppose any offshore applicant meets the criteria, then he can lodge a Registration of Interest (ROI) from 10 am, ACST Tuesday 28th September 2021. However, there is no guarantee that the applicant will get a nomination after submitting an ROI because the final decision for the nomination is depending on the South Australia Department.

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