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    PTE Academic Listening Test – Accelerate your Score in Listening.

    Sep 09,2019

    Accelerate Your Score In PTE

    The listening module in PTE, incorporates writing skills as well, hence you have to keep up with your writing skills as well. It is highly regarded that you have to master listening skills during your practice sessions.

    Being Best PTE Coaching Institute in Ahmedabad, we believe that there is no denying that you have to come across various accents and listening podcasts. The more accents you can relate to, higher the chances to score well in Listening module. Remember, the PTE Listening is all about variations; in every question type you note things for specific purpose and strategy. However, in this article we will stay focused on the important tasks of listening as well as we will understand how to master listening skills.

    Firstly, dwell all your free time energy into listening something in English, but things are so widespread on internet, it gets difficult to choose the best. According to me what works out is to listen to the live speech by native speakers over podcasts or animated movies, even movies as a whole. Here, “TEDx” is the best bet, come across as many native speakers as you can, and this will help you accept your brain different voice tone.

    There are 4 Most Important Question Types in PTE:

    1) Summarize Spoken Text:

    As mentioned above coming across various accents will only help you get maximum key points required for this task. During your practice phase, cultivate the habit of doing math. Let’s say in the first 5 audios if you note 5 key points, target 7-8 in coming 5 audios and gradually level up till you reach 15 key points.

    There is one more aspect here, you have to maintain your concentration level throughout, so that you don’t miss out on any key points and you can understand the lecture swiftly. When you spot yourself watching any interesting movie (definitely English) pay all your attention to the words spoken, this is the quickest way to maximize your listening scores.

    Please note here we are not elaborating on strategies to get scores, just to update how to improve your listening skills. We at Aspire Square a PTE coaching center based in Gujarat, provides extra skill enhancement sessions for the same.

    2) Listening Highlight Incorrect words.

    After improvising your understanding to grasp different accents you have to work hard to get their pronunciation right. After all PTE wants you to master the same. As and when you migrate abroad you will come across various people of all sorts and culture.

    For Example: The word “Sharks”. It is pronounced differently by the native American speaker and Chinese Speaker. That’s what you have to get it right during your real PTE test.

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    3) Fill in the Blanks:

    This question type is as similar as Highlight Incorrect Words when it comes to listening perspective. However the pattern of the answer varies. Looking closely, this question type helps the test taker improvise concentration levels. Ensure to come across UK English as well as American and Australian English.

    4) Write From Dictation:

    What if, I say you everything co-relates? But it can only co-relate when your approach towards your own practice is well guided and streamlined. All the efforts that you have put in to improvise mastering different accents and getting right pronunciation will help you perform your best in write from dictation.

    In case if you are looking for a short-cut (which is no wrong at times), all I mean to convey is that every PTE aspirant who is willing to reach at target scores in some stipulated days, hence you have raise your levels of concentration every time you listen and pay attention to details. If you are looking for Best Online PTE Coaching, you no longer have to think twice. Find us on below details: M – 88 66 88 07 07 | inquiry@aspiresquare.com

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