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    Canada Immigration Declared First Express Entry Draw of 2023

    Jan 12,2023

    Latest Update on Canada Immigration - First Express Entry Draw of 2023 Declared

    After waiting for almost one and a half months, Canada declares the first draw of the new year on January 11, 2023. The latest draw invited 5500 candidates from all program categories. However, many aspirants were expecting that CRS may go down but the actual CRS goes up by 16 points. This high CRS may disappoint many but hopes are still alive.

    Highlights of the Latest Express Entry Draw 2023

    • The latest EE draw #237 is held on January 11, 2023, and invited 5500 candidates with the CRS cut-off of 507 points.
    • On one side, the IRCC nominated 750 more candidates than in the previous draw.
    • On the other end, the cut-off points were raised by 16 points. The numbers of the latest draw may confuse several candidates.
    • According to the analysis the particular draw invited 750 more candidates than the previous draw, because of some specific reasons.
    • The first is a gap. The previous draw was held on November 23, 2022. The gap of almost one and a half months added some eligible applicants.
    • Secondly, though IRCC paused on the draw but the provincial nominations were working. As a result, 600 CRS points were added in plenty of aspirants.
    • Due to such reasons, the IRCC has got the targeted nomination and that is why they declared the draw with such high cut-off CRS points.

    Want to Apply for Canada Immigration

    Express Entry Draws – 2023

    Draw #

    DateImmigration programInvitations issued

    CRS Cut-off

    237January 11, 2023No Program Specified5,500507


    Express Entry Draws – 2022

    Draw #

    DateImmigration programInvitations issued

    CRS Cut-off

    236November 23, 2022No Program Specified4,750491
    235November 9, 2022No Program Specified4,750494
    234October 26, 2022No Program Specified4,750496
    233October 12, 2022No Program Specified4,250500
    232September 28, 2022No Program Specified3,750504
    231September 14, 2022No Program Specified3,250510
    230August 31, 2022No Program Specified2,750516
    229August 17, 2022No Program Specified2,250525
    228August 3, 2022No Program Specified2,000533
    227July 20, 2022No Program Specified1,750542
    226July 6, 2022No Program Specified1,500557
    225June 22, 2022Provincial Nominee Program636752
    224June 8, 2022Provincial Nominee Program932796
    223May 25, 2022Provincial Nominee Program590741
    222May 11, 2022Provincial Nominee Program545753
    221April 27, 2022Provincial Nominee Program829772
    220April 13, 2022Provincial Nominee Program787782
    219March 30, 2022Provincial Nominee Program919785
    218March 16, 2022Provincial Nominee Program924754
    217March 2, 2022Provincial Nominee Program1,047761
    216February 16, 2022Provincial Nominee Program1,082710
    215February 2, 2022Provincial Nominee Program1,070674
    214January 19, 2022Provincial Nominee Program1,036745
    213January 5, 2022Provincial Nominee Program392808

    CRS Score Distribution of Candidates in the Express Entry Pool as of January 11, 2023

    CRS Score RangeNumber of Candidates


    The increasing CRS scores may frustrate the candidates who looking to migrate to Canada permanently. However, patience seems the only option that may give a positive outcome in the future. Because Canada needs skilled migrants and that is a fact. Secondly, as per the government data, more than 1.5 million immigrants are already required by the year 2025 (according to the Immigration Levels Plan). On the other end, to enhance the possibility of Canada PR, candidates are advised to enhance their skills because eventually, only skilled people will be nominated. As a candidate, you can enhance your skills in language (English or French), additional education (Post-Graduation or Master’s), focus on Provincial Nominee Programs or even a Canada Study Visa. As the challenging time is going on for Canada immigration, still you may overcome with your efforts.

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