Canberra Matrix – Invitation Round

To identify the eligible candidates for the Australia Capital Territory (ACT) state, Canberra uses the unique kind of score-based system called Canberra Matrix Points System.

Canberra Skilled Migration Program (Act Nomination)

The ACT offers nomination of a Skilled Nominated (permanent) subclass 190 visa and a Skilled Regional (provisional) subclass 491 visa.

The ACT nomination is based on the completing a score-based ‘Canberra Matrix’ and the demonstration of economic contribution, English proficiency, educational qualification, duration of stay in ACT, visa type, close family tie-ups.
ACT State Nomination
Here the details of the latest Canberra matrix – invitation round

15 January 2021 – Invitation Round

Invitations for 457/482 Visa Holders

Subclass Invitations
190 27
491 Nill

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Matrix Nominating Critical Skill Occupations

Subclass Invitations
190 128
491 123
Total 251

ACT have invited the candidates from Matrix Nominating Critical Occupations. All Invitations are issued to Canberra Residents only according to the Critical Skill List, which would be favouring to recover the COVID-19 Impacts. Here is the subclass-wise invited occupations list.

Code Nominated Occupation Minimum rank: 190 Minimum Rank: 491
1324 Policy and Planning Managers
1335 Production Manager (Manufacturing)
1351 ICT Manager
1399 Other Specialist Manager
1399 Customer Service Manager
2124 Journalists and other writers 80
2211 Accountants 115 (Submitted in 10/20) 115
2244 Policy Analyst
2249 Information and Organisation Prof
2321 Architect and Landscape Architects 75 90
2324 Graphic and Web Designers 90 90
2332 Civil Engineering professionals 85 70
2339 Other Engineering professionals 65 65
2411 Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher 75
2513 Occupational Health and Safety Adviser
2523 Dental Practitioners
2524 Occupational Therapist 60
2525 Physiotherapist
2527 Audiologists and Speech Pathologists
2531 Generalist medical practitioners 65 70
2544 Registered Nurses 80 70
2611 ICT Business and Systems Analyst 85 80
2613 Software and Applications Programmers 90 80
2621 Database and Systems Administrator 75 70
2631 Computer Network Professionals 85 85
2632 ICT Support and Test Engineers 80
2721 Counsellors 60 65
2723 Psychologist 90
2724 Social Professionals 70 110
2725 Social Worker 70 70
2726 Welfare, Recreation and Community Arts Workers 80 60
3312 Carpenter and Joiner
3421 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics
3513 Chef 95 95
3622 Gardener
3911 Hairdressers 90 75
4117 Welfare Support Worker
4523 Sports Development Officer
5111 Contract, Program and Project Administrators

The score ranking does not give any sort of guarantee for the nomination because the ranking may base on the matrix submission date and timings.
The reasons Invitations may not issue

  • If the monthly cap is meting the criteria for the occupation
  • if the candidate’s application status is active in the system or he/she has received a nomination previously from the ACT.

Those occupations are not getting an invitation in this round then they need to wait for the next round. The occupation list may be reset in the month of February 2021.

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