Bsmq – Standard 190 and 491 Pathways Will Not Open Until Next Week

There are some important updates came from Business and Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ) unit for BSMQ nominates skilled migrant visas.

As per the recent update Business and Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ) standard pathway of the visa subclass 190 and 491 will not open till the next week.

However, there is some streams which are currently open. Such as,

Bsmq - Standard 190 and 491 Pathways

Business Program

  • The program these listed below streams are given the priority
    • 188 Innovation Stream
    • 132 Significant Business History Stream
    • 188 Significant Investor Stream
    • 188 Entrepreneur Stream
  • On the other hand, businesses which help to create the jobs, or support the COVID-19 recovery industries or situated in the regional areas.

Skilled Program

  • From the 18th December 2020, 491 Small Business Owners Pathway is also open.

Guidelines of Skilled Program

  • The subclass 491 SBO will only be eligible than other skilled program until the further notice. It is advisable that not to submit the EOIs of another subclass as they will not going to be accepted.
  • Just like the other Australian states, Queensland is also prioritizing the selected occupations to the COVID 19 responses and recovery. However, priority will not be given to those applicants who are close to their visa expiring.

Important Notes: Applicants related to the subclass 491-SBO need to submit the 491-SBO Assessment Form before submitting their EOIs


The standard subclass 491 and 190 pathway may re-open from 02.02.2021 so new applicants better to hold their EOIs until the further notice. As if now only small business-oriented applicant can apply for the EOIs.

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