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    Step By Step Process for Australia Immigration

    Oct 19,2013

    Step By Step Process for Australia Immigration

    Australia Immigration Department last year introduce the SkillSelect System for General Skilled Migration Visa of Australia. Aspirants who have the right skill and can demonstrate the required English language ability with another certain requirement can eligible to get a Permanent Residency visa to Australia. Migrate to Australia with the rights of PR is possible from the SkillSelect process under the general skilled Migration (GSM) visa category.

    For understanding the Australian Immigration process you can hire an Immigration Expert for Australia or you can apply for a Free Assessment of your eligibility of Australia through the Migration consultant website. Maybe you will get an assessment report from many consultants. Now you need to choose the best Immigration advisor for Australia among them.

    As a trusted Immigration agent in Ahmedabad, we would like to share the step-by-step process of an Australia Immigration Visa.

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    Process for Australia Immigration Visa

    Step 1: Find out the suitable Occupation

    First thing you need to find out a suitable occupation related to your Qualification and work experience. Once you can confirm the best suitable occupation, you can go ahead with the point test. For the point test, you need to consider your age point, Qualification point, work experience point and English language point.

    You can also consider the point from your Australian study regional area study in Australia, Partner skills points, eligible relative points, and state and territory sponsorship point. There are many factors involved in the point test and finding out the best suitable occupation. So it is always advisable to find out an Immigration Consultant for Australia who can guide you for your initial eligibility assessment.

    Director of Aspire Square Mr Raval worked with MARA Agent in Ahmedabad and has a proven track record for the Australian Immigration process. As a leader in Immigration Australia in Ahmedabad, we can guide you in your Immigration process in Australia.

    Step 2: Assessment

    Once you meet the point test requirement, you can go ahead with the first step of your qualification and/or work experience assessment from the relevant assessment body designated by Immigration Australia. For the Assessment process, you need to provide detailed and accurate documentary evidence of your skill.

    To make your documentation process hassle-free you can take the advice of the Migration Agent of Australia for your Assessment process.

    Step 3: Expression of Interest (EOI)

    Once you have the positive assessment and you’re IELTS then you need to register your interest in migrating to Australia by filling up the EOI section online.

    You must be accurate in applying this EOI because you need to confirm all the factors or data at the time of invitation. If you are not sure about your process then you can consult the Best Immigration Expert for Australia for your EOI process.

    Step 4: Invitation and Final Application to DIBP (Immigration Department of Australia)

    Department of Immigration Australia is currently issuing invitations twice a month. The invitation round basically works on the Point score and the demand in Australia. If you have enough point score and the required demand in Australia then the department will issue the Invitation to apply for the final application. For the final application, you need to an online application with the required documentation.

    Aspire Square is a Specialist Immigration agent for Australia having Immigration Office in Ahmedabad, India. If you have any queries in relation to your Skilled Immigration Application of Australia then please contact us.

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      02 Can I get direct PR from India to Australia?

      Indian citizens can apply for the Australian Permanent Resident Visa as skilled workers or business professionals. Meeting at least 60 points and satisfying all eligibility criteria is necessary for qualification in the desired PR Visa category.

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      04 What is the age limit to move to Australia?

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      05 How much money do you need in your bank account to go to Australia?

      You should have AUD 5000 in savings – be prepared to present verification of the funds in your bank account.

      Written By

      Ankit Raval

      A dedicated professional with 9 years expertise in the field of Australian Immigration process as well as oversee company's day-to-day administrative processes and efforts. He is holding an excellent communication as well as organizational skills. He is a result-oriented person. He is specializing in assisting clients to prepare their documents to any immigration visa of Australia. Thorough knowledge of documents process, that considers as one of his best expertise. He identifies the process bottlenecks precisely with having more than 3000 applications proceeding experience.


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