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    Migrate to Australia – Engineer from Ahmedabad

    May 24,2013

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    Migrate to Australia – Engineer from Ahmedabad – Aspire Square

    Australia is having huge resources but their government into scarcity of skilled people. Australian Government is having big engineering projects but due to lack of engineers it is delayed, thus Australian Government decides to have engineers from foreign country to fulfil their requirements.

    Engineers are much needed in the developments of infrastructure of transportation systems, buildings, bridges, flyovers and dams and many more. In Australia Engineers are getting their salary on the bases of their levels, as level increase their salary bar increases. In recent survey, Level 1 Engineers are getting average annual salary of approximately 75,000 Australian Dollars which increase to approximately 1,90,000 Australian Dollars for Level 5.

    In Australia state and territories, Western Australia is giving highest salary increase (approx. 6%) followed by The Northern Territory, The Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and lastly Tasmania (approx. 3%).

    We would like to share one more thing that One of the MARA Agent (Registered Migration Agent of Australia) working in A’bad continuously follow our accurate & prompt online research material & even used for his promotional activities. If you have doubt about this visit our office we can prove it. From this you can understand that how accurate & prompt Aspire Square is for Australia Immigration. If MARA Agent (Registered Migration Agent) in A’bad, Gujarat required to use our depth research for his promotion activities, this can prove itself the worth of Aspire Square as a Leading Immigration agent in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    Director of Aspire Square, Mr Raval is always ahead to give the best & right advice to their client & even we believe to share the entire current Australian Immigration trend to our client with exactness & instantly.

    There is huge chances for Engineers to Migrate and settle in Australia with great opportunities. So now your next step to get the assessment report for your eligibility and start your application for your dreams journey of immigrating to Australia with us. You can directly send your resume to mmraval@aspriesquare.com or you can contact us on +91-9726216161.

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      Ankit Raval

      A dedicated professional with 9 years expertise in the field of Australian Immigration process as well as oversee company's day-to-day administrative processes and efforts. He is holding an excellent communication as well as organizational skills. He is a result-oriented person. He is specializing in assisting clients to prepare their documents to any immigration visa of Australia. Thorough knowledge of documents process, that considers as one of his best expertise. He identifies the process bottlenecks precisely with having more than 3000 applications proceeding experience.


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