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    Pre-Arrival Tips for Australia PR Visa

    Dec 06,2022

    Pre-Arrival Tips for Australia-PR Visa

    We heard the news that you got your Australia PR Visa. Congratulations! We are as excited as you are, so we have come up with pre-arrival tips to ensure a smooth journey to the land of Kangaroos.

    Moving to an unfamiliar world can be challenging if you haven’t prepared well. If you start preparing well in advance, you will have plenty of time to spend with your family back home. This blog will give you some helpful tips to make your move easier.

    First Things first:

    From booking tickets to packing bags, relocating to a new country is always overwhelming and exciting. However, most immigrants do not pay attention to minor details such as photocopying essential documents, exchanging money for local currency, and getting in trouble after landing in Australia. Thus, we have listed handy pre-arrival tips to relieve you from the last-minute stress before you Fly to Australia on your PR visa

    1. Book your flights:

    Air ticket prices may fluctuate depending on the time of year you choose to land in Australia. E.g., if you plan to travel during the festive season (in December-Christmas time), expect the airfares to be at their peak. Thus, you should start tracking air tickets at least 2-3 months before your arrival date and book your tickets when the prices seem economical.

     Travel websites such as Fare Compare, Skyscanner, CheapFlights, and many more allow flight ticket price comparison.

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    2. Document checklist:

    Don’t miss out on any essential documents you will need in Australia. Make sure to have copies of all your necessary documents, including:

    • Passport
    • Visa copies/ a letter of confirmation of Permanent residency visa
    • Vaccination certificate
    • Birth certificate
    • Driver license/ International driver’s permit
    • Educational and professional documents
    • Medical records(Prescription/ dental /child immunization records)
    • Marriage certificate(if applicable)
    • Financial documents (if required)
    • Get extra passport-size photos 

    Get photos and scanned copies of essential documents on clouds for easy access. We advise you to keep all your important documents with you during the flight. Never pack your essential documents in your luggage.

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    3. Research accommodation:

    Find suitable accommodation for your family before you land at the Australian airport. Several house search websites can help you find temporary or permanent housing for the initial period after landing. Australian property websites incorporate suburb profiles with a detailed listing of an individual property.

    With so many different suburbs in different cities, doing your homework for affordable housing in Australia is worth every effort. Also, do a little research on the public transport facilities available in the city you are planning to move to.

    4. Organise your finance:

    Consider opening a bank account in an Australian bank to save your time after landing in Australia. Also, monitor currency rates for the best exchange rates when you send money. 

    Having enough funds for the initial months in Australia is also essential. Having sufficient money with you can help pay rent, utility bills, transportation, grocery, etc.

    5. Research the job market:

    As you plan to Move to Australia, it is always a good idea to research the job market in the city you are planning to move to. Job search websites like Seek. Workforce Australia, Indeed Australia, and CareerOne can help you find desirable jobs in the preferred relocation city.

    Prepare your CV well in advance so you do not have to waste time after landing in Australia on a PR visa. Make an Australian-style resume and update your information on Linked In and other platforms to increase the chance of getting selected by a recognized Australian employer.

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    6. Find a school for your children:

    Primary education in government schools is free for Australian Permanent Residents, citizens, and temporary visa holders in some provinces. In Australia, your children are most likely to be enrolled in the school closest to your place of residence.

    7. Get Australian currency:

    Although many currency exchange centers are available at the airports and cities, we advise getting some Australian dollars beforehand. (Just in case you get fines from Airport authorities or want to book a means of transport from the airport). The maximum amount of money you can bring to Australia is limited to $10,000.

    8. Get medical insurance:

    Organising travel and health insurance is advisable for a safe trip. Travel insurance includes medical emergencies, flight cancellations, trip delays, loss of checked-in baggage, etc. Organizing a comprehensive private health cover for you and your family in advance is a wise decision. 

    9. References can help:

    Let your friends and relatives in Australia know about your Australia PR visa. References can help you arrange accommodation and jobs in Australia. If not, at least they can help you learn about the country and relieve you from the homesickness in the initial days.

    10. Pack your bags:

    Australia is one of those countries which have strict border controls. Thus, you need to be aware of what you can and can not bring to this country. Know that you have to declare biosecurity goods in the declaration form at the Australian border. 

    Some packing tips:

    • Include a power adapter for electronic gadgets
    • Weigh luggage after packing to check if you meet the airline’s allowance
    • Pack your valuables in carry-on luggage, e.g., original documents, bank statements, travel documents, etc.
    • Besides comfortable shoes, one must pack warm and lightweight jackets and sweatshirts, as you may find the weather colder than in your home country.

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    We hope that now you are more prepared to go to Australia and are excited to explore the beautiful country with your Australian PR visa.

    Don’t forget to read our blog on Post-arrival Tips on PR Visas (add a link for Post-arrival Tips on PR Visas) for a memorable experience after landing in Australia. 

    If you need help with the Australia PR process, our experienced immigration consultants can provide the best advice for successful immigration. Good luck!

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