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    Australia PR – A Move Towards a Wonderful Life

    Jan 06,2021

    Australia PR

    Australia, The Land of Dreams for Many of US. Isn’t It?

    Migrating and working in Australian land is an aspiration of all talented individuals who want to secure a high-income and a lavish life.

    One of the most effective ways to achieve the dream is to acquire an Australia Permanent Visa.

    The easily accessible rules, favorable immigration policies, and effortless application process make Australian PR the first choice of every individual willing to immigrate to Australia.

    This blog aims to uncover the essential steps associated with the Australian PR Visa process but before that let us understand the basic details about Australian PR.

    What Is Australia PR?

    Australian PR is a type of visa that allows an individual to migrate and Settle in Australia permanently.

    The visa permits a candidate to reside in Australia for a duration of 5 years, however, a candidate can apply for Australian citizenship once he has successfully completed his 4 years on Australian land.

    Below are given a few important benefits offered by the Australian PR.

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    Australian PR Perks

    • The visa allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia
    • The visa allows you to leverage all the health and work benefits offered to Australian permanent residents
    • The visa allows you to take your family members along with you to Australia
    • The visa allows you to undergo any study course you wish to pursue in Australia
    • You can travel to and from your country anytime you want
    • You can easily apply for an Australia visa and tour there whenever you want
    • You can avail free education for your children restricted up to a definite age
    • You can sponsor your Australian PR for your relatives

    Basic Requirements to Apply for Australia PR

    • You must carry a valid passport
    • You must have an IELTS Scorecard to showcase your English language proficiency
    • You must have the medical documents showing your good health status
    • You must have a character certificate showing your clean criminal record
    • Your age must be under 45 years
    • You must acquire a minimum of 65 points in the points grid
    • You must carry all the education and work experience documents for your skill assessment
    • You mush have the documents showing your financial ability (such as bank passbook, bonds, shares, etc.)
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    Different Subclasses Associated with an Australia PR

    There are 30+ different categories associated with Australian PR designed to serve different purposes. The aspirant is required to choose a particular category based on his own set of requirements and eligibility criteria.

    Australian PR Process – Step-by-Step Detail

    Step 1: Choose a Suitable Visa Category

    As I have already mentioned above, several different categories are available to Apply for an Australian PR. Hence, the very first thing you are required to do is choosing the appropriate category that fulfills your purpose. You can either apply for a family-based permanent residency or work-based permanent residency depending on your need.

    Step 2: Verify Your Eligibility to Apply for The Visa

    After selecting a befitting visa category, you are required to cross-check the requirements for that category.

    Accomplishing an Australian PR process is a time-consuming chore. Choosing the wrong category may end wasting a huge amount of your time. Hence, make sure to apply only for that category for which you are perfectly eligible.

    Step 3: Apply for The Visa

    Once you have chosen the correct visa subclass and confirmed your eligibility criteria for the same, it’s time to apply for the visa. You can apply online with the help of the DHA website.

    Make sure you are ready with all the required documents in the digital form as well as the application fee required to apply for the visa.

    Fill the application carefully and cross-check it before submitting it. You must fill every necessary detail asked in the application.

    Step 4: Wait Till Your Application Gets Approved/Rejected

    Australian PR process is a time-consuming effort that may take several weeks or even months to get accomplished. This time can fluctuate depending on the category of the visa you have applied for. Hence, it is time to sit patiently and wait for the decision.

    Step 5: Obtain Your Visa

    Although the application can either be approved or rejected, we assume that your application gets approved. You can simply acquire your visa and travel to Australia.

    You are free to stay and work anywhere in Australia. Although the maximum validity of the visa is 5 years, you can easily apply for Australian citizenship once you complete 4 years in your dreamland.

    Note: For further assistance, contact our team of Australian PR experts. Our team is happy to assist you from the very first step of choosing the suitable category right towards your travel to Australia!

    Check your Eligibility for Australia PR Now

    Overall Cost of Acquiring an Australia PR

    The overall cost of applying for an Australian PR can vary based on the number of individuals traveling to Australia. This cost can be broken down into various sections as shown below

    1. Visa processing Fee (for Primary, Secondary, and Child Applicant)

    • 190,617/ AUD 3757.23 for the leading applicant
    • 95,181/ AUD 1876.10 for subsequent applicant (spouse)
    • 47,717/ AUD 940.54 for the minor applicant (1 number)

    2. Skill Assessment Fee

    • 15,141/AUD 298.44 to 47,948/AUD 945.10

    Note: The cost fluctuates based on your authority and occupational fee.

    3. English Language Evaluation Fee

    • 12,650/ AUD 249.34

    4. State Sponsorship (If Relevant)

    • 15,141/ AUD 298.44

    5. Medical Examination Fee

    • 1500/ AUD 29.57- 5000/ AUD 98.55

    6. Visa label fee

    • 3,535/ AUD 69.68

    So, friends, this is all I wanted to convey. I hope the information will help you to complete your Australian PR process swiftly and smoothly.

    Need more information, connect with our professional team of Australia Immigration Consultants.

    Good Luck!

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