Tips to Achieve CLB 9 In IELTS

What is CLB?

IELTS General Training score is authentic enough to be accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). In fact, IELTS is the first test to get recognition from CIC. The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) standard is a descriptive scale of language ability in English as a Second Language (ESL) written as 12 benchmarks or reference points.

The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the nationalized standards to measure, describe and recognize English language Proficiency, as a Second Language (ESL). CLB comprise a 12-point scale of task-based descriptors used to guide teaching and assessment of ESL learners in Canada. CLB covers four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and it also has French version of it.

Increase Your CLB Score
Tips to Achieve CLB 9 in IELTS

Why is CLB 9 important?

Canadian Language Benchmark system has 0 to 12 stages and each stage carrying a certain level of IELTS bands score. So your selection or de-selection will depend upon the CLB score you would achieve. In immigration, three stages play a vital role in your selection criteria such as

CLB – 4

The least scoring level that a spouse has to achieve to claim the additional 5 points under the eligibility criteria. As per the level, the IELTS (G) score need to get is Listening 4.5 bands, Reading 3.0 bands, Writing & Speaking 4.0

CLB – 7

This is the minimum level that the candidates have to get to qualify for Canadian FSWP or PNP Programs and to make their profile into Express Entry System (Note – Other factors are also important to make express entry profile, but this is the minimum criteria sets by CIC along with other eligibility factors). 6 bands in each module of IELTS (G) considered as a CLB – 7.

CLB – 9

The level has its own significance in Canadian immigration. The level considers the IELTS (G) score of Listening 8.0 and 7.0 in the rest of the modules. Many candidates not only increase their CRS scores but also Achieve the Canadian Permanent Residency Dream once they reach to the level.

For instance: A 30 years of Single applicant with Master’s degree and more than 3 years of work experience got Listening 8.0 Reading 7.0 Writing 6.5 & Speaking 7.0 bands then his/her CRS would be 406 points. Now suppose he/she could achieve the CLB 9 then it will be added additional 58 points and then CRS would be 464 points

  1. The score majorly influences the “SKILL TRANSFERABILITY FACTOR” in the CRS calculator. Skill Transferability Factor is a combination of “Official Language Proficiency and Education & Official Language Proficiency and Foreign Work Experience” the candidate scores 25+25=50 points in both the factors if he/she could achieve less than CLB 9
  2. But when he/she achieves CLB 9 then both the factors add 50+50 = 100 points in total CRS.

IELTS to CLB Conversion

Canadian Language
Benchmarks (CLB)
CLB 11111
CLB 221.522
CLB 33.52.533
CLB 44.53.544
CLB 55455
CLB 65.555.55.5
CLB 76666
CLB 98777
CLB 108.587.57.5

How to Achieve Score CLB 9 in IELTS?

Congratulations! If you are reading this blog, then it is proved that you have hopes to Achieve the Magical score in IELTS – General Training which is 8, 7, 7, 7 (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). Yes! It is not a pipedream. I will show you how to achieve CLB 9 by smart work and not hard work.

As we all know, Listening and Speaking go hand in hand; whereas, Reading and Writing go parallel. That means, if you are good at Listening or Speaking, then you will win half of the battle as you would automatically improve on the other module. And same goes for Reading and Writing modules without saying.

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Target 8,7,7,7 Bands to Achieve CLB in IELTS:

Here are the easy ways to achieve this magical band score:

Listening 8:

Learning any language is a long process. You cannot learn any language overnight. Active practice is required, and above all, you should be enjoying it. If you want to learn English, then you will have to listen to it every day.

When we listen, there are two choices that we make:

  1. We listen only to comprehend.
  2. We listen only to fetch the answers from Audio.

In order to achieve a band 8 in IELTS Listening, you will have to redress the balance between both the choice. As the test progresses, the difficulty level increases.  There are four possible answers in the entire IELTS Listening test from parts of speech: Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb. There are different strategies for different question types. Follow Aspire Square Expert’s Listening Tips to improve your listening skills.

It is very important to not take the practice test for the sake of completing it. Get the assessment done by verifying the answers from the answer key. You must work smartly. Please ensure that whatever time you invest in practicing doesn’t turn out to be wasted.  You must to take the authentic test conducted by the test bodies that conduct the IELTS exam.

Reading 7:

  • You should be able to skim and scan the reading passages quite efficiently and speedily. You must be capable to comprehend the question and match the keywords of the question with that of the passage. There is no need to understand the entire passage as we do not have to study it.
  • Develop your skill to find the correct answers to each question type. Candidates face difficulty in True, False, and Not given question type. Follow the Our Reading Module’s Blog to learn about all the question types of Reading module.
Quick Tips: Improve CLB Score to 7 in IELTS
  • Make Reading a part of your routine. Develop the habit of reading at least 500 words away. This would help you increase your speed and you will be able to finish your IELTS Reading test in 60 minutes. This way, you would learn new words as well. You can follow the link below and learn one new word every day from our Youtube Channel.

Writing 7:

  • To get 6 bands in writing is relatively easy, but it is very difficult to achieve 7 band scores in the writing module as a lot of polishing is required when it comes to English.
  • Use complex sentence structures only while writing an essay or formal letter along with a variety of conjunctions that would produce complex and compound sentences.
  • Both the writing tasks must be finished in the given word limit because if you write more then you would be more prone to making errors which may hurt your score.
  • To get all the tips and strategies of writing task 1 and writing task 2.

Speaking 7:

  • Speaking modules revolves around playing with the words.
  • One can be an impressive story maker or a natural bluff master. 
  • Avoid repetition.
  • Learn paraphrasing
  • Use linking words if you are stuck or run out of words. This would not hamper your fluency. Learn The Tips & Strategies of Speaking Test
  • Use a lot of formal idiom and relevant phrases.
  • Practice, practice and practice. AS in mathematics, it is not possible to read the sums and learn from it and go confident in your exam without practicing it. Likewise, any language needs a lot of practice. If you want to learn speaking, the speak. If you want to learn reading, writing and speaking, then practice it.
  • Above all, smile and feel confident in exam.
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