Top 7 Places to Live, Work & Settle in Australia

Nov 25,2022

Top 7 Places to Live, Work & Settle in Australia

Australia has been the first choice among immigrants for many reasons. Sunny weather, excellent working culture, exotic beaches, and high living standards make it an ideal destination for expats planning to work and live in Australia.

While the big Australian cities offer exceptional work opportunities and vibrant nightlife, its coastal towns offer unlimited watersports activities for fun-lovers. In this blog, we will look at Australia’s major cities and discuss several factors that make the cities the most livable in the world.

Those looking forward to settling in a warm and relaxed place can choose to live in Australia. If you want to migrate to Australia but are unsure which city can best meet your expectations, this blog is for you.

1) Sydney


Known for the Bondi beach and the Opera House, Sydney is one of the happening cities in Australia and the capital city of New South Wales. Located on Australia’s South -East coast, Sydney is one of the prime South Pacific ports and is well-known for its fascinating beaches and cultural diversity. 

Job opportunities:

  • The city offers numerous jobs in every sector, including banking, technology, mining, manufacturing, education, tourism, and many more. 
  • With an unemployment rate of only 3.9%, Sydney is among the most desirable cities worldwide for employment prospects.
  • Thus, a qualified expat is more likely to get a well-paid job in Sydney than in many other global cities.


Sydney is home to several world-class universities and educational institutions, including the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. 

The universities in Sydney have a range of graduate and post-graduate programs to give you world-class education facilities. Macquarie University and the University of Technology Sydney are also famous among international students who wish to pursue higher education in Australia.


Although the city’s transportation system covers a significant part of the metropolitan area, most residents choose to work in private vehicles. Increased traffic and extended travel times are the main reasons for choosing a private transportation system. 

One can travel around the city by bus, train, ferry, and light rail.


Sydney’s property market is booming with sky-high prices. Sydney is the second least affordable housing market in the world. The cost of living in Sydney can surpass your expectation of an affordable city, with an average rent of $490 per unit and one-two bedroom houses. 

With an increase in house price of up to 15.6, an average two-bedroom house can cost you somewhere near $9,50,000 to $11,00,000.

While newcomers find it expensive to live in Inner Sydney, most migrants choose to live in the suburbs spread across the north, south, and west. Thus, compared to the other metropolitan cities of the world, the average cost of living in Sydney is expected to be higher.

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2) Melbourne


Melbourne ranks number 10 in the world’s most livable cities according to Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Livability Index 2022. The city offers an easy lifestyle with plenty of job opportunities, multiple transportation facilities, numerous world-class universities, etc.

Job opportunities:

If you are interested in setting up your open business, Melbourne is the right place for you. With small business grants, you could start your business with creative ideas. Moreover, the city has multiple jobs for registered nurses, data scientists, teachers, and recruiters.


The city is home to some first-grade universities and educational institutions, including the University of Melbourne and Monash University, which rank among the top 100 universities in the world. RMIT, La Trobe University, and Victoria University are known for their quality education to local and international students.


Melbourne has Australia’s best public transportation services, with trains, buses, and trams operating all around the city. The best way to commute around the city is to catch a tram with multiple routes covering different city areas.


Besides Sydney, this Australian city also sits in the 5th position for the least affordable housing market. While several accommodation types are available to rent and buy, it is pretty tricky for newcomers to purchase their dream homes within a year of arrival.

However, Melbourne is the incredible cultural capital of Australia and is a great place to share your creative work. Also, the city is home to different communities with diverse cultures and traditions. 

A nature lover can surely enjoy the stunning landscapes spread across the city. Melbourne has many picnic spots for family entertainment, from parks to beaches.

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3) Brisbane


The third largest city in Australia, Brisbane, is the capital of Queensland. According to a recent survey, Brisbane is ranked 39th best city in the world to settle and raise a family, leaving the large cities Sydney and Melbourne behind it. The city offers a nice blend of shiny skyscrapers and panoramic views. The prevalent tourist attraction region Gold Coast in the south of Brisbane, is famous for surfing beaches and high-rise buildings.

 Job opportunities:

The number of skilled workers in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, tourism, and hospitality contributes to the city’s rising economy. 


Brisbane has two famous universities, the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology. However, it also has campuses from other universities, such as Griffith University. 


The efficient public transportation system provides the best way to commute around the city. The residents widely use trains, buses, ferries, and cabs to travel across the city.


The average rent in Brisbane is $415, which is relatively cheaper than other metro cities like Sydney and Melbourne. While the house price in Brisbane has increased significantly by 33.3%, it is still manageable to buy a house in Brisbane. The median price of a house located in Brisbane is expected to be somewhere around $7,80,000.

Brisbane is an excellent option to enjoy a quality life in Australia.

4) Perth


Perth is geographically located on the West Coast of Australia and makes it a beautiful city to live in for people of any age.

First, its close distance to Asian countries encourages a strong technology sector in the city. Secondly, its “not so cold” climate makes it an ideal destination for those who enjoy the sunshine. 

Apart from these, several other factors are worth mentioning here. 

Job Opportunities:

The city has thousands of job openings in accounting, early childhood education, Aged healthcare, engineering, mining, and technology sectors. It has a low unemployment rate as compared to many other global cities.


Perth has many internationally recognized institutions that are forefront in innovation and technology. The capital of Western Australia has many public schools, vocational training institutions, and colleges that ensure excellent education.


The city has developed an easy-to-use, reliable, safe transportation system for its residents.


Perth is an ideal city for first-time home buyers with affordable house prices. However, the city’s rental property market has climbed drastically in the last few months; it is still the favourite among investors and newcomers. 

Perth is surrounded by lovely beaches and has gorgeous city parks to enjoy a playful time with your dear ones. Easy access to beaches and nature reserves are some of the perks of living in this West coast city of Australia.

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5) Adelaide


Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and the fifth largest capital city in Australia. Adelaide is famous for its gentle and laid-back lifestyle. Excellent weather conditions, work-life balance, reasonable house prices, and countryside feeling make Adelaide an ideal choice among Australian residents. Following are a few more factors that you must consider before moving to Adelaide:

Job Opportunities:

Finding a well-paying job in Adelaide can be demanding, especially for unskilled workers. The rising population in the city makes it difficult to secure an entry-level position in Adelaide. Thus, be prepared to struggle hard on your initial days of moving to Adelaide.


Adelaide offers the best education from primary to post-graduate levels. Public education is free for all living in the city, and most private schools are government-funded to improve their education standards. Thus, enrolling your children in primary and secondary education is a great choice.


Getting around the city is more convenient using the safe and affordable public transportation network of trains, trams, and buses. 


Regarding house prices and rents, Adelaide is relatively cheaper than other mainland cities in Australia. However, as a newcomer, you will have to put more effort into finding an affordable house in some of the city’s prime areas. The median weekly rent in Adelaide is approximately $470, which is expensive compared to other cities in the world. 

Adelaide is an excellent option for families who enjoy exploring the countryside locations of the city. However, the city has a high unemployment rate in the nation.

6) Canberra


Hobart is the capital city of Australia’s island Tasmania and is home to breathtaking beaches and lush green forests. The town offers an unrealistic life with many perks, such as the most affordable housing and family-friendly locations. The small island city will exceed your expectations of an ideal destination. Let’s also reveal some of the factors of Hobart:

Job opportunities:

Finding a job in Tasmania is difficult for newcomers. The unemployment rate in Tasmania is at its peak during the pandemic. Thus, if you are planning to migrate to Hobart, do your research on the job opportunities.


With the increasing number of international students moving to Tasmania for higher education, the level of education in this little corner of the world is improving daily.


Buses and ferries are used as significant transportation services in Hobart. Alternatively, you can also catch cabs and Uber services for efficient transportation.


Hobart offers more affordable housing than other major cities in Australia. However, houses for sale in Hobart are hard to find. Thus, securing a home in Hobart as early as possible would be best.

Hobart is the best place for those who want to live away from bustling city life. The city offers a tranquil location with endless beaches, forests, and a historical museum to entertain you. All these make Hobart a great town to raise a family.

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7) Hobart


The capital city of Australia is best known for its opportunities in the government sector. With a population of merely 4,00,000 residents, the city gives a small-town vibe with beautiful trees across the streets. The most surprising factor that makes the city livable is the affordable housing that sits below the nation’s average housing prices.

Job Opportunities:

Canberra has good opportunities for international students and newcomers. With little effort and preparation, you can get well-paying jobs in Canberra.


Canberra offers free public education to every child from the age of 6 years. The University of Canberra and The Australian National University are among the top universities in the country. 


Canberra has one of the best bus systems in Australia. Residents can conveniently reach their workplaces with frequent buses to most locations in the city.

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Choose what is best for you:

Living a peaceful life in Australia is a dream for many immigrants. Australia has a mixed blend of lifestyles to meet everyone’s expectations. Whether you’re in your 20s looking for exciting career opportunities or a retired individual willing to spend quality time with your grandchildren, the country has the most livable cities for every age group. 

Be it the vibrant lifestyle of Melbourne or Sydney or the easy-going lifestyle of the residents in Perth and Adelaide. You can pick your favorite city to spend the most precious moments of your life.

We hope you enjoyed our blog on the best cities to live in Australia. Check out our other articles to know more about this country and the immigration process.

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