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    Study in Canada: 100% Online Studies from Outside Canada Still Eligible for Post-Study Visa

    Nov 30,2021

    Online Studies from Outside Canada Still Eligible for Post-Study Visa

    The impact of the Wuhan Virus pandemic is reducing day by day. As a result, countries around the world are opening their borders for foreign nationals. From the last quarter or so, countries like Canada, the UK, the USA and some of the European countries have not only opened the borders for international students but also allow non-essential travellers as well. Recently Australia has also declared some significant reforms for international students and skilled workers.

    During this entire pandemic situation, the immigration process of all the countries was hampered. There was a lot of to and fro of the process by the immigration departments. As a result, the skilled workers and international students have suffered a lot. However, there is the only country that remains constant in the immigration process in Canada. And even till today, they are declaring the news those are in favour of foreign nationals.

    As per the recent announcement from the Canada Immigration department, those international students who took their studies 100% online from outside Canada are still eligible for the Post-Study Work Visa.

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    Highlights of the Announcement

    Here are some significant points of the Canada study visa announcement

    • In the general scenario and as per the Canada Immigration norms of PGWP candidates need to be eligible as well as they need to have a valid Canada study permit. But now, as per the Canada Immigration department’s announcement, international students do not need to hold a valid Canada study permit while applying for PGWP Visa from outside Canada.
    • Candidates have 180 days to apply for the Post-Graduate Work Permit after receiving at least two of the below-given documents.
      • Degree or Diploma Certificate
      • Transcript or
      • Course completion letter from the institute

    Eligibility Criteria to Apply for PGWP

    • Candidates who were enrolled for the program that was in progress in March 2020 OR
    • Commenced or will commence the program in between spring 2020 and fall 2021
      • The candidate have a valid Canada study permit or
      • They have been approved for a Canada study permit or
      • A candidate who have applied for a Canada study permit before starting their program
        • The Canada study permit must be approved at the last

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    Candidates Who have Completed Their Programs

    • Those must be completed from the Designated Learning Institutes
    • Programs must be at least eight months long and
    • Programs should be a Degree, Diploma or Certificate

    Other Important Criteria

    • Candidates must have a full-time Canada Students Visa status during each semester of the program
      • However, the final semester does not include in the criteria. OR
      • Candidates who have taken an approved leave from their studies
      • In case, any candidate has stopped her studies or changed the study format as part-time between March 2020 and fall semester 2020 due to COVID 19 even though she is eligible for the PGWP

    Candidates Must be Graduated from One of the Following

    • A public-funded post-secondary institutes like University, College, Trade or Technical Institute, or CEGEP (in Quebec).
    • Private Canadian institutes are authorized to award the degrees as per the provincial laws. However, the condition is that the candidates have enrolled on the program, which leads them to an authorized provincial degree.
      • Not all the programs are part of the conditions.
    • Private post-secondary institutes in Quebec are working as per the same rules that are formed for public institutes.
    • Quebec’s private or public institutes offer 900 hours or longer qualifying programs. The programs should lead to a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS), or an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS)
      • Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS) program may have a less number of hours than 900 hours of studies if it is in a combination of Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS)

    NOTE: Canada immigration will only count the time of PGWP visa length that students have spent outside of Canada for their studies after the department has received the study permit application.

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    Eligibility Criteria Exceptions

    There are certain exceptions under the eligibility criteria. Candidates will not be eligible for PGWP if

    • They have received the approval of the first stage but do not get a final decision on their application.
      • Candidates must have a port-of-entry letter and letter of introduction that shows candidates are approved for the study permit.
    • Candidates who have already received Canada PGWP previously,
    • Studied English language or French language as a second language
    • Taken the general interest or self-improvement courses
    • Candidates who have participated in the government of Canada’s award programs that is funded by the Global Affairs Canada
    • Completed the major part of programs through distance learning such as online courses, e-learning or correspondence programs)
    • The programs have been completed by the non-Canadian institutes in Canada.


    This is one of the remarkable steps that have been taken by Canada Immigration. Allowing PGWP permit to those international students, who were unable to travel to Canada due to COVID 19. However, still, Canada Immigration has not declared yet whether 100% of online studies points will be added to the CRS calculation or not. At some point-of-view, there are more chances just like PGWP eligibility approval; very soon we may also came to know about the CRS points’ news but until then we should keep an eye on the latest declarations.

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