The UK Government Taken Strong Steps Against the Omicron Variant

Dec 02,2021

The UK Government Taken Strong Steps Against the Omicron Variant to Prevent The Spread

As the news of the new COVID–19 variant OMICRON has started publishing in the world forum, most of the countries swung into action. Almost every day, we come across the update that the countries are again closing their borders for the foreign nationals who are coming from the African continent.

There are some of the significant steps have taken by the UK government to prevent the spread of the new COVID 19 variant. As per the latest update from 30 November 2021 (4 am), a new measure has been imposed.

  • The government has made face-covering compulsory in shops and on public transports
  • All international travellers must take a PCR Test within two days and
  • Be self-isolated until they receive the negative test report
  • All the suspects of Omicron variant cases must be self-isolated.
  • Neither age nor vaccination status will be applicable in the suspected case. They have to be quarantined.
  • There are ten African countries added to the UK’s travel red list.

Guideline of for The Omicron Variant Prevention

According to the UK Government, the guidelines has been imposed as a precaution. Because the strategy is to buy a time against the new variant.

  • There are some more information need to be gathered about the Omicron Variant
  • In addition, scientists need to analyse the variant’s transmissibility and its impact on the vaccines.
  • Apart from this, the UK government has encouraged the people to come forward who are remained to take the first or second dose of the vaccine. Because in the recent time the vaccination is only the best line of the defence.
  • The JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) has recommended that the booster program be extended for all 18 to 39 years of age people.
  • Moreover, the gap between the second dose and booster dose timings was reduced by three months.
  • People between 12 to 15 years of age are advised to take the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, not earlier than 12 weeks after the first dose.

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UK Visa Process and Travelling to the UK for Foreign Nationals

As per the latest update in the UK Visa process and travelling to the UK, the authority has imposed the given below restrictions on the foreign nationals who have connections with the most risk countries.

  • All the foreign nationals who are into their UK Visa Process or arriving in the UK must take a PCR Test by the end of the second day and remain self-isolated until they receive a negative test result.
  • The PCR tests are also available online from the private organizations
  • All the cases who are suspicious of the Omicron Variant must need to go for self-isolation, irrespective of their age and vaccination status. Later on, for the further NHS Test and trace, the authority will contact them.
  • According to the UK Government, these measures are precautionary and temporary and they will be revaluated in three weeks.
  • From 30 November 2021, UK Government has put these listed below countries in the UK Visa and UK Travel Red List.
    • South Africa,
    • Botswana,
    • Lesotho,
    • Eswatini,
    • Zimbabwe,
    • Namibia,
    • Malawi,
    • Mozambique,
    • Zambia, and
    • Angola

About Omicron Variant and UK Government Steps

  • As per the UK Health Security agency and further studies, the new variant contains a large number of spike protein mutations, mutations in the viral genome of the Omicron variant.
  • There are also more chances that this variant has a more transmissible rate than the previous variants.
  • The scientists have also kept an eye on the variant, that how it may change its behaviour and how it will react to the vaccine, treatment and transmissibility.
  • The government has swung into the actions as the WHO has put an alert again the new Omicron variant.
    • The government has increased the PCR Testing and enhanced the tracing if any cases have been detected.
    • The UK Health Security Agency is giving the priority to the locations where positive cases are about to spread.
    • Advisory has been also declared for the confirmed cases and people who came to contact with the cases. The government has instructed them to get isolated and get tested at the earliest.
    • The UK government carryout the vaccination program along with the test, trace and isolate the system.
    • As per the authorities, the system and the program are effective steps that can help to reduce transmission. Apart from this, good hygiene practice, keeping social distancing and wearing mast can help to prevent the Omicron variant spread.


As per the update, here a million-dollar question arises that how this new threat will going to affect the UK Visa Process. The answer has covered in the recent statement of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He said, “The UK government has taken a proportionate and responsible measure to buy some time to face the challenge of the new variant. He assures that the vaccination and booster doses are the best lines of defence against the new Omicron variant. He also insists the community come forward and complete the remaining vaccinations. These steps will not only help to slow down the variant’s spread but also provide protection as well.

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