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    Australia Immigration News Update

    Oct 05,2021

    Australia Immigration News Update

    Almost 1 year and 7 months before, on 20th March 2020, the Australian government was announced the international border closure for non-Australian citizens and residents. As a result, even Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family members have faced plenty of difficulties to enter in the country. Even though they have benefited from the exemption but they have paid the high airfares to enter in Australia, and also paid more than $3000 to be quarantined in the government-approved hotels for 14 days.

    The situation is now changing rapidly as many countries are opening their borders, then Australia has joined them with the new reform. As per the latest update, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says that “the government plans to reopen the international borders before the end of the year.” The states, which achieve the vaccination target, may get priority. The PM has also added that the country is moving toward the vaccination Phase C. He considered that the nation is planning to cover 80 per cent of its population double-vaccination by next month.

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    As far as the resuming of international flights is concerned, the Australian Government is still in wait and watch the situation. Some effective steps that need to be taken. Such as,

    • Currently, South Australia and New South Wales have launched their home quarantine pilot plans. On the basis of their successful outcome, the model will be launched to other states as well said by Mr Morrison.
    • As of now, seven days of quarantine will be applicable only to those Australian citizens and permanent residents who are fully vaccinated.
    • The vaccination must be authorised by the Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA), here is the list of the approved vaccines
      • Moderna Australia Pty Ltd
      • Janssen-Cilag Pty Ltd
      • AstraZeneca Pty Ltd or COVISHIELD
      • Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd
    • Fourteen days quarantine will be mandatory for those who are not fully vaccinated and/or their vaccines have not been approved by the TGA.
    • Internationally recognized proof of vaccination will be a must for those Australians who would like to travel overseas after the restrictions will remove.
    • International travellers allow the fully vaccinated Australians to travel only with compulsory pre-flight Covid tests.

    In these new amendments of lifting the ban, the Finance Minister of Australia Mr Simon Birmigham has also added some valuable points such as,

    • Until and unless the states hitting the target of 80 per cent of fully vaccinated adults, the borders may remain closed.
    • He suggested that the government would bring the stage where people can move freely and with confidence across the world.
    • NSW is expecting to be the first state where travellers will only require 7 days of home quarantine.
    • Western Australia is still keeping their borders shut, that means even Australians are also not allowed to travel to the state.
    • Qantas flights are expecting to increase before the Christmas season to help plenty of Australians to reach their home in the summer holidays.


    As per the recent announcement, the PM Scott Morrison government planning to ease the strict restrictions on overseas travel. Previously the travel ban was in place until 17 December, but it might be going to be lifted a month earlier. However, it will be only applicable when 80% of the population 16 years and older will be fully vaccinated.

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