Last Updated Feb 16,2023

Canada Immigration May Fast-Track the Process for Turkish & Syrian Applicants




The early morning of February 6, 2023, was one of the most disastrous mornings for Turkey and Syria. The people of both countries awaken with intense fear whereas; some unfortunate did not even wake up and went to a long sleep. At around 4:17 am on February 6th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit both nations. The devastating moment took thousands of lives in friction of seconds. However, it was just one part of the calamity, in 9 hours countries were hit again with a 7.5 Richter scale second earthquake.

When country people were shaking like a leaf due to such an uncommon phenomenon, the entire world come ahead to provide esteem and extreme support. India is one of the nations that come first to help both countries with the operation named DOST (a Friend).

Such other countries have also started sending all the necessary aid to Turkey and Syria. In this devastating situation, Canadian Immigration Minister Mr Sean Fraser and the ministry also come up and assure to give all the necessary support.

As per the latest update, the Canadian Immigration Minister says, the IRCC takes note and may consider the fast-track application for the people who suffered due to Turkey and Syria earthquakes.

Major Points of the Announcement

  • As per the announcement, the IRCC will look into the matter. In addition, they will check how fast they can take action on the applications from Turkey and Syria.
  • Moreover, the department will also try to figure out that how the current situation of both countries will affect those applicants who have already applied for Canadian permanent residency.
  • As per the immigration minister’s conversation with the reporters – “We’re trying to understand what the impact is on the clients who are in the system.”
  • To determine what additional help is needed for Turkey and Syria, the Canadian government deployed a disaster assessment team on Wednesday, to regions.


At the 2022 year-end, Canada immigration announced that application submission to its process would become 100% online until the New Year. as per the latest statistics, in the past two months, the backlog was almost 2.5 million, which is significantly goes down and reached to 2.2 million. According to the IRCC spokesman Remi Lariviere – “Faster processing of applications before the IRCC was then being credited for the drop in the department’s inventory.” The IRCC may plan to apply a similar approach to Turkey & Syria.

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