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    5 Best Steps to Apply for Study visa for the May 2022 Intake in Canada

    Oct 07,2021


    When you are going to read the update, you might have thought, Oh! Is it about the May 2022 intake, but what is in a hurry when almost 8 months to go? Why should we even think of it? Before you stop reading further from here, let me allow you to bring back on the topic. It is an old saying that “Early Start is a Healthy Start” because the winners are only those who touch the finish line first. Especially, for a Canada study visa, it is necessary to start earliest to apply for the May 2022 intake because of some significant reasons.

    • A very few universities and colleges are offering the best courses.
    • There are likely chances to get the offer letter.
    • Due to the summer season, many students plan to reach than in winter
    • Because of not mandatory semesters, students get a chance to accommodate within the new environment.

    To prepare for the May 2022 intake in Canada, it is always better to make the task list before starting your preparation. To make you understand with the timeline, universities & colleges, their programs, deadlines etc. we have prepared 5 the best steps guideline to apply for a Canada study visa. 

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    Step 1: Start Researching About May 2022 Intake

    Before you jump into the ocean of Canada Study Visa and start exploring the depth or search the pearls as per your personality (courses as per your profile – in short) please refer to these points.

    • What are your area of expertise like, study background, subjects, work experience (if any)?
    • Secondly, make up your mindset as per the priority. For instance,
      • Give priority to the city or province where you can find the best support like your close relatives, friends or referrals who are already living and working in the city for a long time.

    How to Research About Canada Study Visa?

    • Search the popular courses in Canada as per your educational background. (e.g. Nursing courses in Canada after 12th science.)
    • Make the list of the Colleges/Universities where your targeted courses are going, include course names, campus names, and the city in the list.
    • Suppose you do not have any contacts in Canada then, it is better to search the cities or the provinces where your course and occupation is in good demand. For example, in Ontario and British Columbia, demand for I.T. Professionals is high.
    • List down the province where you can find the further settlement opportunities (e.g.- Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, etc.)
    • Short-list the colleges/universities as per your course and settlement scope.
    • Now check the legibility requirement for the particular course, university or college. You can directly ask the universities or colleges for the same, and suppose you want free counselling for the same, then you may visit, call or email Aspire Square Career Consultants.

    Time Frame to Research About the Canada May 2022 Intake 

    • September to October or November starting is considered as enough period to do the research.

    Special Notes:

    • Most colleges and universities of Canada have the first-come, first-serve basis enrolment criteria, so don’t make the research your ultimate goal of life. Take the necessary information and be ready for the next step.

    Step 2: Prepare Yourself For The Linguistic And Competitive Exams

    The challenge most of the students have faced in this stage, and you might also going to face the same. Because it is, time to come into action and get ready to appear for the exams. There are specific reasons why students face difficulties,

    • The festive season is the first and foremost reason. Especially in our country, there are back-to-back festivals during this season which may distract you in your test preparation.
    • For many students, truth is stranger than fiction. For instance, some students believe that they are from an English-speaking background, so cracking exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL is a piece of cake. But when they start their coaching, they are unable to perfume up to their mark. There is a vast difference between English knowing as a language and appearing as a test.
    • Preparation of the linguistic tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or competitive tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT requires more time and effort. Therefore, some students may face the challenge of cop-up the timings with their studies or job.

    Time Frame to Appear for the Test if You are Planning to Apply for Canada May 2022 Intake 

    • November to December is the ideal time to appear for the test.
    • It is also advisable to take at least 15 to 20 days buffer for the results.

    Special Notes:

    • The test preparation requires your precise attention because you are not only going to invest your time but your hard earn money as well.

    Step 3: Start Applying To The Institutes For May 2022 Intake

    The step brings you even closer to your dream of study in Canada. This is one of the most crucial steps because it is going to represent you in front of Canadian institutes. They have analysed your application and make the decision accordingly. Here are a few points that will help you to submit your application in a timely manner and elaborate your profile decently to the institutes.

    • Set the priority of the short-listed universities and colleges for the application.
    • Target the due date for the respective institutes and apply accordingly.
    • Universities may ask you for additional documents along with your application, for example, a Statement of Purpose.
    • Universities may check your purpose of study, verify your credentials, and your willingness to study in a particular place.
    • There is an application fee that, may pay to fill an admission form. 
    • However, may some colleges and universities offer fees waiver, so you should target them first.

    The Time Frame for the Enrolment Applications in the Institutes for Canada May 2022 Intake 

    • Usually, colleges and universities open their portals to do the enrolment application in the month of October to December.
    • There are a few institutes, which may open until February to March as well, but it depends on the number of enrolments the institutes have received until January.

    Special Notes:

    • Better to prepare the documents at least a month earlier before the application.

    Step 4: Receive An Offer Letter, Pay The Fees Or Deposit And Prepare For The Gic.

    Be ready to receive your first official Canadian letter or letters from the institutes. The phase may confuse you, suppose you have applied for multiple colleges and out of the two to three colleges reply to you positively. Now, you need to choose the right college for enrolment. Here are some tips that may help you to get out of the dilemma.

    • Respond to the colleges at the earliest and wait for their response maybe for further documents or an interview (if needed).
    • Choose the right university or college as your research that fits best to the criteria like your profile, relative or friends support, work experience, occupation criteria and further settlement scope.

    The Time Frame When You Will Receive an Offer Letter for the Canada May 2022 Intake 

    • January to February, there are likely chances that you may receive the acceptance letter from the college or university.
    • Prepare for the GIC and paying full fees before final application submission.
    • It is also an ideal time to apply for an education loan. 

    Special Notes:

    • Respond promptly to the college. Because May 2022 is a minor intake, and the admissions may get full within a short period.
    • Pay the non-refundable confirmation deposit once your enrolment has been confirmed.

    Step 5: Pay The Gic (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) & Apply For The Visa For The Canada May 2022 Intake

    This is probably the last stage of your process, which you need to do from your end if you do not get any additional requests from the department. Here you will find the further process for the final application.

    • First, need to do the process of opening a bank account in a Canadian bank.
    • CAD$10000 need to deposit in the Canadian bank account
    • Prepare for the final application and fill up the necessary forms.

    Time Frame to Submit the Final Application for the Canada May 2022 Intake 

    • Generally, it recommends the submission of the final application before three months.
    • Therefore, February is the preferable month to apply. 
    • However, some cases may get delayed due to specific reasons. For instance, not getting approval of education loans. 

    Special Notes:

    • Based on an unconditional offer letter, you may apply for the scholarship as well (if you are eligible)
    • There is a process like going for Biometrics and medicals may take time so you should plan your schedule accordingly.  
    • To avoid the last moment rush, you may start to do the shopping for the necessary belongings.
    • It is also advisable that 
      • You check for the flight tickets, 
      • Gather all the required documents, their photocopies and 
      • Make their softcopies.

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    Here is the list of the colleges that you may target to initiate your research. Because these colleges have declared their programs for the May 2022 intake. You should start the preparation as per the course requirement if you are looking to apply for a Canada study visa.

    Colleges List For May 2022 Intake in Canada

    • Bow Valley College
    • College of New Caledonia
    • Northern Lights College
    • Norquest College
    • Seneca College
    • Fanshawe College
    • Selkrik College
    • Lambton
    • Durham College

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