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    A Review of Canadian Immigration Express Entry Draws In 2021

    Dec 31,2021

    A Review of Canadian Immigration Express Entry Draws In 2021

    The year 2020 has known for the plenty of adverse effects due to the Wuhan virus. The world has faced the longest lockdown of history. All the countries have closed their borders for foreign nationals because somewhere down the line bond of trust has been broken. On the other end, the year 2021 has changed the scenario with several positive news. One of the biggest announcements that have come in the early days of the new year is the launching of vaccination against the COVID 19. Then after as the campaigns of vaccination pick up the pace most of the countries has started giving help and support to each other. As a result, western countries like Canada, the UK, the USA and some of the European countries as well Asian and Middle Eastern countries have started opening their borders.

    As far as Canada has concerned, this is one of the countries, which stand in support of foreign nationals, especially supports international students. Canada Immigration has declared various options to migrate to the country from outside. Even they have suggested to students to start online learning. Canada Immigration has made changes in their immigration policy and considered those students for the second or final semesters, who have completed their first semester from outside Canada, allowed the international candidates to come to Canada and finishes their studies.

    Apart from this, Canada immigration has also done some significant changes in the Canada PR process throughout the year. In this article, we are going to review the Express Entry draws of the year and analyse the trend.

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    Analysis Of Canada Express Entry Draws for The Year 2021

    This year Canada immigration has declared draws from the two categories only Provincial Nominee Program and Canadian Experience Class. The listed below tables are giving you an overview of the draws that have been held throughout the year.


    Express Entry Draw Number DateInvitations IssuedCRS Score of Lowest-Ranked Candidate Invited
    212December 22, 2021746720
    211December 10, 20211032698
    210November 24, 2021613737
    209November 10, 2021775685
    208October 27, 2021888744
    207October 13, 2021681720
    206September 29, 2021761742
    205September 15, 2021521732
    203September 1, 2021635764
    201August 18, 2021463751
    199August 4, 2021512760
    197July 21, 2021462734
    195July 7, 2021627760
    193June 23, 20211,002742
    191June 9, 2021940711
    189May 26, 2021500713
    186May 12, 2021557752
    184April 28, 2021381717
    182April 14, 2021266753
    180March 31, 2021284778
    178March 17, 2021183682
    177March 08, 2021671739
    175February 10, 2021654720
    173January 20, 2021374741
    171January 6, 2021250813


    Analysis Of Provincial Nominee Program Draws for The Year 2021

    • The above-mentioned table shows the entire year’s provincial nominee program draws information.
    • Any express entry candidate can only be nominated under this draw if she has been nominated by any of the provinces. As per the rule of the IRCC, all the provincial nominated candidates will get 600 additional points in their express entry profile. Every month Canada Immigration declared the draws under the FSW, PNP and CEC programs and eligible candidates can get the final Invitation to Apply (ITA) out of them.
    • In the year 2021, the IRCC has declared a total of 42 draws from both the categories and out of the 25 draws has been declared under the PNP category.
    • Out of these draws, more than fourteen thousand candidates have received the final ITAs.
    • In the year, two incidents happened when the total invited candidates have numbers have crossed the 1000 mark.
    • Under this program, the highest number of candidates have been invited on December 10, 2021, and that was 1032 candidates. Whereas, 1002 candidates were invited on June 23, 2021.
    • The lowest CRS score of the year has been declared under the category was 682 points on March 17, 2021.
    • From the last September month to date the IRCC has declared the draws under the Provincial Nominee Programs only.

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    Express Entry Draw NumberDateInvitations IssuedCRS Score of Lowest-Ranked Candidate Invited
    204September 14, 20212,000462
    202August 19, 20213,000403
    200August 5, 20213,000404
    198July 22, 20214,500357
    196July 8, 20214,500369
    194June 24, 20216,000357
    192June 10, 20216,000368
    190May 31, 20215,956380
    188May 20, 20211,842397
    187May 13, 20214,147401
    185April 29, 20216,000400
    183April 16, 20216,000417
    181April 1, 20215,000432
    179March 18, 20215,000449
    176February 13, 202127,33275
    174January 21, 20214,626454
    172January 7, 20214,750461


    Analysis Of Canadian Experience Class Draws for The Year 2021

    • The above-mentioned table shows the entire year’s Canadian Experience Class program draws information.
    • As per the Canada Immigration criteria those candidates who have at least one year of work experience in Canada under the NOC 0, A or B. They can only be eligible to get invitations to apply (ITA) from the IRCC. However, the candidates need to match the declared cut-off then only they are eligible to get the ITAs.
    • In the entire Canada Immigration history, the year 2021 has been known and will be known as the year of the highest invitation issued from the single draw. On this day, more than 27000 Canada Experience Class candidates got an invitation from the IRCC.
    • February 13, 2021, is the date that has made history and breaks all the records of invited candidates. On this day Canada Immigration has declared the draw with the lowest ever CRS score, which was just 75 points only.
    • In comparison with the PNP Program, there are 17 draws have been declared throughout the year under the category but almost 100,000 candidates have been invited from the program.


    According to some experts, as a part of the Canada Immigration plan, from 2021 to 2023 almost 400,000 candidates were invited in this year. Out of them, more than 100,000 candidates got their nominations from the above-mentioned categories. As a result, there are likely chances for the remaining categories candidates especially from the FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER category to get their final ITAs. This year the IRCC has not declared a single draw under the FSWP Category, which is also one of the best reasons that from the new-year 2022 this category candidate will get the advantage.

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