8 Factors for a Canada Citizenship Application Rejection

Jan 19,2023

8 Factors for a Canada Citizenship Application Rejection

Are you currently living in Canada on a PR status and want to apply for Canadian citizenship? Here you need to be cautious as there are a few conditions that can lead to the refusal of your Canadian citizenship application. Follow the blog to find out what they are.

The goal of foreign nationals who obtain Canada PR is to eventually become Canadian citizens because citizens have many more rights than Canada PRs, such as the power to vote in Canada and the ability to apply for a Canadian passport. But not everyone is successful in achieving the objective. Your eligibility for Canadian citizenship is determined by a number of essentials and if you don’t fulfill any of them, your application for Canadian citizenship can be denied.

Want to Apply for Canadian Citizenship?

Listed Below are a Few Reasons that May Hinder You from Gaining Canadian Citizenship.

1. Not Having Canada PR Status

The most crucial requirement for foreign citizens to successfully get Canadian citizenship is having a Canada PR status. Your chances of becoming a citizen of Canada are extremely slim if you do not have one.

2. Not Spending the Required Time in Canada

It is a requirement for applicants seeking Canadian citizenship to have Live in Canada for at least three years in the immediate five years prior to submitting their application. Your application for Canadian citizenship is likely to be rejected if you don’t comply with this criteria. So, to avoid rejection, it is suggested that you carefully calculate the number of days you spend in Canada before you apply. 

3. Failing to Meet the Language Proficiency Requirements

Anyone who wants to Immigrate to Canada must have a solid knowledge and understanding of either English or French language. At the time of application, proof of the same is needed. It is necessary for applicants looking for Canadian citizenship to demonstrate CLB 4. Your citizenship application is most likely to be rejected if you are unable to provide proof of the required linguistic ability.

4. Involvement in Criminal Activity

Any kind of criminal record can cause your application for Canadian citizenship to be rejected. You might have to give up your goal of becoming a Canadian citizen if you are incarcerated in Canada or are serving a sentence outside, are under investigation for a crime, guilty of a war crime or a crime against humanity, are held liable for terrorism, spying, or a similar offense.

5. Failing to Pass the Citizenship Test

The applicants must be familiar with Canadian history and culture in order to become citizens of the country. They must pass a citizenship exam to demonstrate the same. The likelihood of applicants becoming Canadian citizens decreases if they fail to pass this test. The test for Canadian citizenship is tough and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It needs proper planning and preparation to pass the test hence giving yourself enough time for preparation is advised before you appear for it. 

The good news is that if you fail in the test the first time, you can be given another chance to pass it provided you fulfill the other requirements.

6. Failing to Present Tax Records

You must have paid taxes in Canada for a minimum of three years in the five years preceding your application if it was required. When filing an application for Canadian citizenship, you have to provide documentation indicating that you have been paying the applicable taxes. The authorities will not be pleased with your application for Canadian citizenship and may decline it if you are not ready with your tax records.

7. If You are Under a Removal Order

Canadian officials may order you to leave the country in certain circumstances, such as if you’ve violated immigration laws there. A Canadian citizenship application would be useless if you had received such an order, and if you’ve already submitted one, it would certainly be denied.

8. If Your Canada Citizenship Application Has Previously Been Rejected

Some people run the risk of having their application for Canadian citizenship rejected by presenting inaccurate or fraudulent information. Your application for Canadian citizenship is likely to be denied once more if this happened to you within the last five years. Furthermore, your application for Canadian citizenship is likely to be declined this time if you previously obtained citizenship in Canada but lost the status after being found guilty of fraud within the previous ten years.


It’s not simple for everyone to become a Canadian citizen, and applications are frequently denied. It is terrifying to consider having your application for Canadian citizenship rejected, but with a little caution and attention, this rejection is avoidable. The best part here is when your Canadian citizenship application gets rejected, you get a letter highlighting the reason behind your application denial. This letter can prove pretty helpful to rectify your mistakes at the time of applying for Canadian citizenship again. 

However, it is always wise to check all qualifying requirements twice, be well-prepared, and then submit an application for Canadian citizenship. For better assistance, feel free to reach our Canada Immigration Consultants.

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