Pre-Arrival Services Before Immigrating to Canada

Sep 15,2022

Pre-Arrival Services Before Immigrating to Canada

So, you have got approval from IRCC and are planning to Immigrate to Canada soon. Great! 

It is indeed exciting to immigrate to Canada and begin your life in a completely different way. When you obtain Canada PR, it’s a matter of pride for you.  However, as you think about leaving, you immediately start to have concerns and questions about settling into your new home. This shift can be made easier by utilizing pre-arrival services in Canada. Let’s look at what pre-arrival services Canada are and how they can benefit people preparing to immigrate to Canada. 

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What are Pre-Arrival Services?

Pre-arrival services are free online or in-person programs designed to assist newcomers and their families in dealing with life in Canada. Pre-arrival services assist you in a variety of ways, such as readying you to immigrate to Canada and locating the right job in the country. The Canadian government provides pre-arrival services free of cost but the services are only for eligible candidates.

Prerequisites for Utilising Pre-Arrival Services Canada

Pre-arrival services are not offered to all who wish to immigrate to Canada. Only those who meet the specific criteria are qualified to use these services. Pre-arrival services are typically provided to people who live outside of Canada and have received a Canada PR invitation from IRCC. However, based on the program selected, there may be extra requirements. Documents such as a Canada PR confirmation letter from IRCC may also be needed. Pre-arrival services aren’t provided to people visiting Canada for a shorter period of time. For example, if a person is entering Canada on a temporary resident visa to study or work, he is not eligible for pre-arrival services in Canada.

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Benefits of choosing pre-arrival services before immigrating to Canada

1. Accurate and Up-to-Date Information

Google is probably everyone’s first choice for collecting information on something; however, when it comes to immigrate to Canada, the abundance of information may baffle you, causing you to struggle to discover the one that is precise and useful. Pre-arrival services are the most effective way to solve this problem. There are organizations dedicated to providing necessary information to Immigrate to Canada. Active Engagement and Integration Project, Next Stop Canada, and Planning for Canada are a few examples.

2. Better Reach to the Suitable Employment Options

Finding a decent job (if you don’t already have one) as soon as possible after entering Canada will most likely be your top priority. Trying without proper knowledge of the Canadian job market may take a considerable amount of your time. Adopting pre-arrival services in Canada, on the other hand, will help you know about and understand the Canadian labour market ahead of time, allowing you to land a job in relatively less time.

Active Engagement and Integration Project (AEIP), Canada InfoNet, and Settlement Online Pre-Arrival are some of the organizations that provide pre-arrival services to help people find work in Canada.  Aside from these, there are organizations that offer assistance and information to people looking for work in a specific industries.

3. Familiarity with Your New Home

You’ve never been to Canada, know nothing about its culture or job market, and have to relocate there soon. How will you feel? stressed, right. You can alleviate your anxiety by contacting pre-arrival services. These services are mostly provided by people who were themselves recent immigrants to Canada and are well aware of the difficulties you are likely to encounter. In addition to sharing their experience with you, they also recommend the best strategies to fix those hurdles. 

4. Connection with the Required Services After Reaching Canada

You will need help and support both before and after you land in Canada. Pre-arrival services, besides helping you to immigrate to Canada before you take a flight, also hook up you with the organizations you may need to approach in order to adjust in the country nicely after you get there.

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Popular organizations offering pre-arrival services 

There are numerous organizations that provide pre-arrival services in Canada; however, not all of them offer exactly the same set of services. Some prepare you to live in Canada, while others may assist you in finding work in specific regions of Canada or throughout Canada. Some of the organizations that provide pre-arrival services in Canada, as well as their service details, are listed below.

1. Active Engagement and Integration Project

These services can be obtained in person in China and online worldwide. The services are provided in English, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin and assist you with the details you need to settle in Canada, contacts to community services, and orientation programmes on health care, housing, education and transportation in Canada.

2. Planning for Canada

These services can be accessed in person in India and the Philippines, as well as online globally. In addition to English and French, the services are available in a variety of other languages. The services aim to provide info about living in Canada, as well as orientation programmes on health care, education, housing, and transportation in Canada. In addition, the services provide referrals to other community services.

3. Canada InfoNet

The services, available in English and French, help you learn more about Canadian work culture and get you ready to work in Canada.

4. Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA)

The online services are available worldwide and assist you to prepare for employment in Canada by offering online courses such as “Job Search Strategies” and “Working in Canada,” as well as webinars.


The BCCA IN, which stands for British Columbia Construction Association Integrating Newcomers, offer support to construction workers. The services are provided in English and include skill assessments, job leads, and referrals to settlement services.

6. BuildON

These online services are offered worldwide and are designed to assist those who have plans to live in Ontario and work in engineering, construction and skilled trades sectors. English and French are the languages in which the services are provided. The YMCA provides these services.

7. ACCES Employment: Canadian Employment Connections and Entrepreneurship Connections Pre-Arrival (CEC-ECP)

The services help those who want to work in the fields like supply chain management, human resources, engineering, finance, leadership, sales and marketing, and entrepreneurship. The global online services assist you in learning about Canadian corporate culture, searching for a suitable job in Canada, and working seamlessly in the country.

8. Global Onboarding of Talent Initiative (GO Talent)

The online services, which are available across the world, are meant to help those who have an IT background. The ultimate focus of the services is to lend a hand in finding the right job in Canada in your field. The services allow you to participate career events, have your credentials recognised, and receive other kinds of help. The services are offered in English and French languages.

9. Pre-Arrival Supports and Services Program (PASS)

The services are planned particularly for nurses who want to work in Canada’s healthcare system. The services provide candidates with an outline of Canada’s healthcare system, as well as guidance with the nursing registration process and other important matters. All services are available in English.

10. Next Stop Canada

These are the online services available all over the world. Particulars on settling in Canada, orientation programmes on health care, housing, education and transportation in Canada, and contacts to community services are among the offerings rendered. The services are accessible in a variety of languages, including English, French, Arabic, Bengali, and Hindi.

11. Integrating Newcomers

These services prepare immigrants for employment in the construction industry throughout Canada. Architects, technicians, tradespeople, engineers, and a wide assortment of professionals can use the services.

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People from all over the world are drawn to Canada for a variety of reasons, including plentiful employment opportunities and the certainty of security. Of course, it is wonderful to realise your dream of getting Canada PR and relocating to Canada; however, the idea of living in an unknown country and surroundings can be hectic, making pre-arrival services essential before embarking on the journey to Canada.

For more information and support to get Canada PR and immigrate to Canada, feel free to reach us. 

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