IELTS Score Requirements for USA Universities

Mar 10,2023

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The USA is home to many recognized universities, which makes it a desirable place among study-abroad aspirants to pursue higher education. Every year, thousands of students from different parts of the world come to study in USA, but not all are native English Speakers. Thus, the demand for English Language courses is significantly high. As a result, most USA universities have made it mandatory for non-native international students to undertake the IELTS examination and get a specific IELTS band score for admission.

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However, most students willing to Study in USA may find it an obstacle, as getting a low band score can limit their choices for post-secondary and graduate programs in their preferred university. Different universities have different band score requirements for students undertaking graduate and post-graduation programs. But don’t worry, as we are here to help you guide you with the band requirements for USA universities.

Understanding IELTS Band Score for USA Universities

IELTS is an English Language proficiency test for international students willing to Study Abroad. IELTS band score range from 0 to 9. International students aspiring to study in USA must show their Language proficiency through recognized tests like IELTS and TOEFL. Students willing to pursue degree and diploma programs in the leading universities of the USA should attempt IELTS Academic and get atleast the minimum band score required by their dream university. 

With most universities in the USA accepting band scores of 6.5 and higher, candidates must prepare well to get atleast a cut-off. However, securing more than the required band score will assure your seat in a high-ranking USA University. Thus, we advise you to be well-prepared before the IELTS test to crack it in one shot.

IELTS Band Requirements for Top Universities in USA

Here is a list of IELTS band score cut off for Top USA universities in 2022:

Top USA universityIELTS minimum score(Undergrad)IELTS minimum score(Post-Grad) 
University of Florida66.5
New york University7.57.5
Yale University77
Stanford University77
University of chicago77
Dartmouth College77
Duke University77
Univeristy of Pennysylvania77
The Ohio state Univeristy6.57
Texas a & M Univeristy66
University of Wisconsin -Madison 6.57
John Hopkins University77
University of Michigan77
University of Minnesota6.56.5
University of Pittsburg6.56.5
University of Virginia77
Purdue University6.56.5
Columbia University77
California Institute Of technology77
Brown University87
University of California(San Diego)77
Washington University in St. Louis 77
Georgia Institute of Technology77
University of Washington77
Emory University6.56.5
Peenyslylvania State Univeristy6.56.5
University of colorado Boulder6.56.5
University of California, Los Angeles77
Harward University77
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 77
Boston University77
North Western University7.57.5
University of rochester77
University of SouthernCalifornia6.56.5
Mishigan state University6.56.5
Cornell University77.5
Rice University77
Princeton  University77

Besides the list of top-rated universities in the USA, other universities offer admission to students with low band scores. These universities assess band scores to determine students’ eligibility per the program requirements, thus allowing students to apply even at a band score of less than 6. 

List of USA Universities Accepting IELTS Band Score 5.5

Here is a list of USA universities accepting 5.5 band in IELTS.

  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Southern Arkansas university
  • University of Missisipi
  • University of Missouri
  • Central Michigan University
  • The University of Alabama in Huntsville

All these universities are acknowledged nationwide to provide a quality education through different degree and diploma programs. Most universities offer programs in different sectors, including Engineering, business and management, health and science, computer and information technology, arts, literature, and accounting. Although most USA universities keep a minimum of 6.5 to 7 bands for enrollments, the 5.5 band universities are equally good for students unable to score desired IELTS scores after several attempts.


The USA is undoubtedly the best country to study, live and work in. With many recognized universities aiming to target international students, here is a great opportunity for you to study at the top-ranking universities in the USA. However, most non-native English speakers get nervous when attempting the IELTS test, which stops them from living their dreams. But, Don’t stress out anymore! With Aspire Square’s proven knowledge and experience in IELTS coaching, you can easily achieve your desired band score in no time.

For a better IELTS score, reach out to our IELTS Coaching experts, who are determined to provide you with the best suggestions to improve your band score.

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