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    Canada PR: First Things to Do After Landing in Canada

    Jan 20,2023

    First Things to Do After Landing in Canada

    Congratulations on getting your Canada PR! After years of struggle and sleepless nights, you’ve got your Canada PR, which was a big dream one day. Now that you’ve shared the good news with your family and friends, it’s time to think about your next move. Make a to-do list of things to do after landing in Canada.

    In this article, we will share with you some essential things for a smooth settlement journey. The tips will help you during your first few weeks in Canada.

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    Important Things to Do After Landing in Canada:

    1. Confirm your Canadian Residency at the airport:

    Your Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR) letter comes with an expiry date, before which you must enter the country. 

    When you land at the Canadian airport, an immigration officer will verify your details and ask you general questions. If the immigration officer is satisfied with your answers, he will put a stamp on your CoPR letter, confirming your landing into the country as a Canadian resident.

    2. Search for Suitable Accommodation:

    After you land in Canada, you must find suitable accommodation. You can stay at your friend’s place, in a low-rate hotel, or on an Airbnb for the first few days, but you can’t live there for an extended period. It would be best if you found permanent accommodation. 

    A few Canadian websites Kijiji, rent board, and rent canada, can help you in finding suitable accommodation for you and your family. Various options like condos, apartments and townhouses are available for rent in semi-furnished or fully-furnished conditions. While you browse through different websites, consider other factors like transportation facilities, schools for children, budget, etc.

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    3. Get Your SIN Card:

    The next important step is applying for a SIN (Social Insurance Number). A Social Insurance Number is a unique number allotted to individuals to get benefits from Government services and programs.

     Before you start your first job, you need to give your Social Insurance Number to your employer. There is no application fee for a SIN card, and you can apply for it at Service Canada Offices located in different areas of the city.

    Applying for a SIN card is pretty simple. You have to provide your passport and supporting documents; the officers will verify your details and give your SIN number on a paper that has additional information. Be sure to apply for a SIN number within the first few weeks of landing in Canada.  

    Your SIN card is a confidential document. Hence, refrain from sharing your Social Insurance Number with anyone.

    4. Open a Bank Account:

    Everyone needs a bank account to manage their finances. Your next step is to open a bank account at a reputed bank in Canada. Scotia Bank, TD, RBC, CIBC, and HSBC are some of the major banks in Canada that keep your funds safe. These banks offer programs for newcomers that help them save money in the initial days. To open a bank account in a Canadian Bank, you will require your residency documents, address proof, and other supporting documents.

    Canadian banks provide Savings and Cheque accounts. Most employers deposit your salary directly into your Cheque account. In addition, your bank account is necessary for getting Government benefits like paying for low-income and child benefits.

    We also advise you to apply for a bank credit card as soon as possible. You must pay installments before the deadline to build a strong credit record. A good credit record will help you in getting loans for your first home or business in Canada.

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    5. Get Your Health Card:

    You will need a Health Card to receive accessible medical facilities from your province services. While most medical facilities are covered under health care, there are some services for which you have to pay a hefty amount of money, like dental services, ambulance services, and laboratory tests. Thus, it is a smart decision to apply for a health card in the first few weeks of your entry to Canada. 

    Provinces with large populations like British Columbia and Ontario have a three-month waiting period to avail you of a public health care system. That’s why you must apply for a health card as soon as possible.

    6. Find a Good Job:

    After spending a few days in Canada, you can start preparing a resume for your first job. Immigration Settlement services can assist you in your job preparation in Canada.

    They Will Help You In 

    • Creating a Canadian-style job resume 
    • Prepare a cover letter
    • Give essential tips to crack job interviews.

    One can also browse through job portals like Indeed, job bank Canada, which have a list of jobs matching your skill-set.

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    7. Get Support from Canadian Settlement services:

    Moving to a new place and starting a new life can be challenging for many newcomers. Accepting new people, new lifestyles, and learning different laws can be challenging for most people.

    Settlement agencies can assist you and your family in the first few days after you immigrate to Canada. These agencies provide valuable information and services to make your life easier.

    The Canadian Government provides funds to run all these settlement agencies. The agencies offer assistance even before you land in the country.

    The Services Provided by the Settlement Agencies Included:

    • Information on low-budget housing
    • It helps you to learn English and French
    • Advice on Tax Filing
    • Sign up for your children’s school and university 
    • Services for women, refugees, and senior citizens
    • Assistance in finding a job, preparing a resume and cover letter
    • Applying for child benefits
    • Information about health and community services

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    8. Apply for Child Care Benefits :

    One of the reasons you Migrate to Canada is to provide better future opportunities for your children. Of course, you’ve made the right decision in that regard.

    As a guardian of your child, you’ll receive childcare benefits every month if you have children under the age of 18. In most cases, the mother of a child gets monthly benefits as she is the one who takes responsibility for your child’s upbringing. Hence, your spouse can apply for childcare benefits.

    We have shared some essential things that you should be doing right after you land in Canada on Canada PR. However, many little things will come up in your way as you start your new life in your dream country. 

    With the right mindset, you can tackle all the difficulties and enjoy a hassle-free journey in Canada. We hope that the above information will be helpful for you. Best of luck!

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