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    Get Canada PR After Graduation, Post Graduation or Diploma

    Dec 27,2022

    Get Canada PR After Graduation, Post Graduation or Diploma

    Many Canadian immigration programs are available for international students planning to settle in Canada after graduation. If you are also finding an immigration program that helps you Get Canada PR after studying, this article is for you.

    International students can choose among the various immigration programs like province nominee programs, Canadian experience classes, and Federal skilled worker programs to settle permanently in Canada. 

    Most students apply for a post-graduate work permit and gain the required experience in their field of study before they Apply for Canada PR. A Canadian experience and education will likely get you a permanent residency.

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    How to Get Canada PR After Diploma, Graduation, or Post-Graduation: 

    Each immigration program has different criteria for an international student to apply after graduation.

    1. Canadian Experience Class:

    CEC or Canadian Experience class is the most preferred option by many international students and one of the fastest ways to get a Canadian Permanent residency after graduation. However, students willing to choose this immigration program must meet several eligibility requirements such as intermediate to solid proficiency in English or French language test, 12 months of full-time Canadian Skilled Work experience, or equivalent part-time experience in the last three years. 

    However, one year of experience is considered from the time a student completes his studies. Any knowledge gained during the study visa will not be coun in the work experience. Thus, students must apply for a post-study work permit after graduation to achieve the required work experience to qualify for the CEC program.

    2. Federal Skilled Worker Program:

    It is one of the three main Federal programs under the Express entry. Any international student with foreign experience can opt for this program to Settle in Canada permanently. Candidates must meet the minimum eligibility requirements of professional work experience, education, and language proficiency to apply for the Federal skilled Worker program.

    Your age, work experience, education, job offer, and language proficiency test results determine your eligibility under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Based on these factors, you will be awarded points out of a 100-point grid, and you must get at least 67 points to qualify for this program.

    You must have CLB 7 in all four modules of the approved language tests. You must show a professional work experience in 0, A, or B NOC(National Occupation Classification) groups. You must have performed all the essential duties mentioned in the NOC occupational description. Work experience during your study visa may also help you get additional points if it meets the program’s requirements.

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    3. Province Nominee Program:

    Canada has many provinces that look for a skilled workforce to contribute to the country’s economy. These provinces have different immigration programs for graduates and post-graduates to work permanently and Live in Canada. If you have a low CRS score to apply for the Express Entry program, then the Provincial Nominee Program is the best option.

    It is also important to mention that while some provinces only allow students who graduated from the same state, other provinces offer an opportunity to students from other regions. To apply for residency in a province, you must show interest in living and work in that region. Following Canadian states have province nominee programs that allow international students to apply for Canadian PR visas:

    • Alberta
    • British Columbia
    • Ontario
    • Manitoba
    • Nova Scotia
    • Saskatchewan
    • Yukon
    • Prince Edward Island
    • New Brunswick

    Every province has unique requirements to meet the needs of the specific territory, such as labor shortage for a particular occupation.

    4. Quebec Immigration Program:

    Quebec province has an immigration program different from the Federal government programs and Province Nominee Programs. International graduates from Quebec colleges can get benefit from the following Quebec immigration programs:

    1. Quebec experience program:

    To qualify for PEQ, candidates must have completed their study program at a recognized institution in Quebec. You should also have French oral knowledge equivalent to Level 7. To be eligible to apply for the Quebec experience program must have resided in Quebec for at least half of your study program duration. It is also required that you have obtained an eligible diploma and have gained work experience following your study program.

    2. Quebec Skilled Worker:

    Graduates from different universities in Quebec can also apply under the Quebec Skilled Worker program to live and Work in Canada. Quebec skilled worker program uses the Expression of interest (EOI) system that helps candidates to get more points for their study and work experience in Quebec. 

    3. Post-graduate work permit:

    Unlike other residence programs, a Post-study work permit does not allow one to settle in Canada permanently. However, a post-study work visa allows a graduate or post-graduate student from a Canadian university to stay in Canada for a specific period after completing their study and working with any employer in Canada. This experience makes them eligible to apply for residence programs such as the Canadian Experience Class or Province Nominee Program.

    4. Family class:

    If you’ve fallen in love with a Canadian or are married to a Canadian while studying, your spouse or common-law partner can help you get a Canada PR. Family class sponsorship allows a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident to sponsor a permanent residence application for their loved ones. 

    The best thing is that you can complete your Studies and Work in Canada while immigration processes your residence application. Also, the immigration processing time for the spousal visa has been reduced to 12 months. To apply for Canada PR under a Family sponsorship visa, your spouse must be 

    • Older than 18 years 
    • Must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent residence
    • You must commit to fulfilling your basic financial needs, such as food and house.

    Canada has welcomed thousands of international students in the last few years and offered them an opportunity to set up a new life in this beautiful country. If you have finished your diploma or graduated from a Canadian university, the programs mentioned above can significantly help you Get a Canada PR After Study. Keep reading our articles to get more information on Canadian migration programs!

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