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    MS in Computer Science in Canada – Top Universities, Cost, Eligibility Criteria, Scholarships

    Jan 18,2023

    MS in Computer Science in-Canada

    There are a variety of reasons for which a huge number of international students choose to Study in Canada. The country has held its position as being one of the top locations for overseas students to pursue higher education because of its unwavering academic brilliance, high-class education system, opportunities to work while studying, and affordability.

    Students from across the world prefer to Study Masters in Canada. The Masters in Computer Science programs are among the most popular master’s programs that overseas students pick to study in Canada. The 1.5 to 2 year postgraduate program is available in multiple disciplines and is offered by more than 40 universities in Canada. If you’re interested in pursuing MS in Computer Science in Canada, the blog is a comprehensive guide offering all the information you would need. Let’s start by understanding the types of MS in Computer Science in Canada.

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    Types of MS in Computer Science in Canada

    Canada provides many sorts of MS in Computer Science programs, allowing students to select a course based on their interests. The types include

    1. MCAS (Master of Applied Computer Science): MCAS is a research-based course of 16 months duration. 
    2. M.Eng (Master of Computer Science and Engineering): M.Eng is a professional graduate course of duration 16 months. 
    3. M.Sc (Master of Computer Science): M.Sc is a 2-year-long course requiring some sort of research work for completion.  

    Perks of Studying MS in Computer Science in Canada

    The reasons why students choose to study Masters in Computer Science in Canada are numerous. A few of them are listed below.

    1. MS in Computer Science academic curricula in Canada are innovative and are offered using cutting-edge technology and skilled faculty.
    2. It’s pretty affordable to Study in Canada. Canada is inexpensive both in terms of tuition and living costs when compared to its counterparts such as the United Kingdom and the United States.
    3. There are several scholarships available to students interested in pursuing an MS in Computer Science in Canada. This is a huge relief for overseas students who are on a low budget yet have the skills to study in Canada.
    4. International students are permitted to work while they study in Canada. They will find it easier to manage their living expenses this way.
    5. MS in Computer Science graduates in Canada are hired by some of the world’s most renowned and sought-after firms.
    6. When you choose to study MS in Computer Science in Canada, you have a variety of specialization options. Furthermore, work prospects abound on a global scale.

    Top Universities in Canada for MS in Computer Science

    UniversityWorld Rank Approximate Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)
    University of Toronto2641,48,360 INR
    University of British Columbia2720,04,294 INR
    University of Waterloo4618,64,279 INR
    McGill University12613,06,400 INR
    McMaster University14013,80,463 INR
    University of Alberta14916,93,530 INR
    University of Ottawa23012,00,905 INR
    Simon Fraser University29814,36,196 INR

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    MS in Computer Science in Canada – Eligibility Criteria

    The students interested to study MS in Computer Science in Canada are required to fulfill certain criteria to get in into a Canadian university. Though the requirements may slightly vary based on the university you target, the general requirements to study MS in Computer Science in Canada are mentioned below

    1. The candidate must have sound English language skills and must have proof of the same.
    2. The candidate must have completed a relevant bachelor’s degree.
    3. Statement of Purpose.
    4. Work experience certificates.
    5. Letters of recommendation.
    6. GRE score (not mandatory).

    Note: The admission process to get into an MS in Computer Science in Canada course may differ a little from university to university. 

    MS in Computer Science in Canada – Scholarships

    Not all students have the financial ability to study in Canada. Fortunately, more than 60 scholarships are available for students with financial troubles to study MS in Canada. The government of Canada, foreign governments, and other public and private organizations sponsor these Scholarships to Study in Canada. Each of these scholarships has predefined qualifying conditions that students must meet in order to be eligible for it. The top scholarships to study MS in Computer Science in Canada are outlined below. These scholarships provide different scholarship amounts. 

    1. UBC International Tuition Award
    2. Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship
    3. DiMarco Graduate Scholarship in Computational Rhetoric
    4. Concordia Study in Canada Scholarship
    5. UBC Affiliated Fellowships Master’s Programs

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    Canada Student Visa

    For international students willing to study in Canada, acquiring a Canada Student Visa is mandatory. The cost for the same lies around CAD 150 (Rs 8500 approx). Acquiring a Canada student visa is not easy, requiring students to prepare comprehensively before applying for a Canada student visa. The documents required to get a student visa in Canada include but are not limited to a

    1. Valid passport.
    2. Language proficiency test scorecard.
    3. Document proving financial stability.
    4. Health certificates.
    5. Character certificates. 

    Cost of Studying MS in Computer Science in Canada

    The cost of pursuing a Masters in Canada includes both the university’s tuition fees and living expenditures (comprising food, transport, stationery, insurance, entertainment, accommodation, and so on). The university fees vary from one to the other. Though top-tier universities such as the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia charge substantially higher tuition fees, there are also less expensive options (such as Simon Fraser University) to pursue an MS in Computer Science in Canada. In Canada, the average first-year tuition fee for an MS in Computer Science is between Rs. 12 and 18 lakhs. 

    The cost of living varies according to the preferences and lifestyle choices of the students. The average annual living expense is roughly 6 lakhs. Hence, the total annual cost of studying MS in Computer Science in Canada ranges between Rs. 18 and 24 lakhs.

    Job Prospects after MS in Computer Science in Canada

    Students who want to work in Canada after completing their degree can apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which must be applied for within 90 days of the course completion. In Canada, the average annual pay for MS in Computer Science graduates is roughly CA$ 85,000 (51.57 lakhs INR). Apart from this, they also have the possibility to earn handsomely in the international market. IT Specialists, Computer Programmers, Computer Researchers, and Professors are among the most popular jobs for Masters in Computer Science graduates and are available on a global scale. 


    Pursuing MS in Computer Science in Canada is an attractive option for those looking for a global career. It’s a fantastic way to obtain valuable experience while also commencing a great career. However, it is critical to select the best university, learn about available scholarships, eligibility criteria, and Canada student visa, as well as gather other information before making the decision to study Masters in Canada. 

    The information has been compiled with the requirement in mind, as well as to assist overseas students in the context. I hope it is useful to you. Our Study Abroad Consultants are always available for more details and guidance.

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