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    Things to do for International Students Prior to Arriving in Canada

    Mar 10,2023

    Things to do for International Students Prior to Arriving in Canada

    So, your Canada student visa has been approved, and you are now ready to begin your study in Canada! Are you sure you are adequately prepared to enter Canada as an international student? The blog will give you the answer. Keep reading

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    Students think they will receive an acceptance letter from the Canadian university, apply for a Canada student visa, have it approved, and be ready to Study in Canada. This however is not enough. In addition to obtaining a Canada student visa, there is a lot to consider and prepare before you arrive in Canada to commence your journey as a university student. This blog has outlined the things that must be taken care of after your Canada Student Visa is issued and before you depart for Canada.

    1. Arrange Accommodation

    Accomodation that is a suitable place to live is the first thing you will need as soon as you reach Canada. Finding accommodation after getting there will be troublesome and time-consuming, hence, is not at all a wise choice. So, it is advised to arrange an accommodation in advance. 

    You have two accommodation choices to Live in Canada as an international student – on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation, with each having its own set of benefits. If you are interested to live on-campus then due to the limited number of available seats, it’s crucial to apply and book the same ahead of time. 

    Regarding off-campus housing, you can seek assistance from legitimate websites that assist students in finding housing in Canada. Also, Canadian colleges aid students in locating the best housing options, so contacting them for this purpose is a good decision.

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    2. Get a Health Insurance

    The Canadian government doesn’t really pay for overseas students’ medical costs. As a result, abroad students who are willing to study in Canada must purchase health insurance bef ore heading to do so.  Because healthcare in Canada can be incredibly expensive for overseas students, neglecting to get health insurance can be troublesome from a financial point of view in case the student face any health issues.

    3. Plan Your Banking Needs

    Financial needs are not negligible, and in order to manage your financial needs in Canada, you will require a Canadian bank account as soon as you arrive. The procedure of opening a Canadian bank account should begin online from your native country. This will make the account opening procedure more quick and more convenient.

    4. Know Your New Home 

    Knowing a little about the Canadian city where you will be living and studying will help you settle in fast and effortlessly. So, try to learn as much as you can about the city. The information is easily accessible over the internet. Keeping a city map in your pocket is also a smart idea to avoid problems such as getting lost in the way and your phone running out of battery.

    5. Learn About Your Course

    Your arrival to Canada can be proceeded by a short interview in which you may be asked about the course you are going to study in Canada. So, you should draw some time to learn the basics of your course. This will help you to respond to the questions properly and gain the much needed confidence to commence student journey in Canada. 

    6. Pack Your Baggage Cautiously

    You can’t fit everything in one or two bags. So, when packing your suitcases, prioritise the items that are most important to you. Some of the items that must find a place in your luggage are listed below

    • There is a set of documents you will require to make entry to Canada as an international student. So, its crucial to double check you’ve packed all of them. These include 
    1. A Valid Passport: to travel overseas, you must have a valid passport. Your passport should be valid for a minimum of six months beyond your return date to your home country, so keep an eye on the expiry date of your passport and renew it if necessary.
    2. Canada Study Permit: if you leave your Canada study permit or temporary resident visa at home, it will be problematic for you to enter Canada as a student. Check that you have both before boarding your flight for Canada.
    3. Letter of Acceptance: upon the approval of your application for admission, you get a letter of acceptance from the Canadian university confirming your eligibility and acceptance to study in Canada. This letter must be in your bag as you may need to show this anytime during the journey and even after that. 
    4. Proof of Funds: to study in Canada, you must be financially stable and you may require to proof this stability anytime and anywhere. So, don’t forget to keep the document showing your financial status with you. 
    5. Airline tickets
    6. COVID vaccination certificate and records
    7. Academic transcripts
    • Canada is a chilly place where it is tough to survive without woollen clothes, and going shopping for them immediately after landing is nearly impossible. As a result, pack as many woollens as the weight limit allows. Winter jackets, gloves, thick socks, and scarves should all be packed. Aside from that, make room in your luggage for various casual garments, formal outfits, and a raincoat, as you may need them without a doubt.
    • Your medical records and medicines are something you should not miss packing, especially when you are struggling with a disease and are under treatment. 


    Canada has a lot to offer international students, such as great quality of education, a dynamic culture and lifestyle, gorgeous scenery, and so on, which is why students from all over the world prefer to study in Canada. Despite all of the positives, adjusting to a new life is challenging. To make the adjustment process go more smoothly, students must plan for some things before leaving their native country. I hope this useful checklist will assist you in planning all of the tasks you need to perform before departing for your new home (Canada).

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