Top 11 Key Benefits Study in UK & Brighten Your Career

Nov 04,2020

Benefits of Study in UK

In the European continent the United Kingdome is one of the countries which holds the oldest history of universities. Some their universities have established since the 12th and 13th centuries. Whereas, there are some other universities which are among the top universities of the world as well.

For instance, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College of London, UCL (University College London), Edinburgh University, etc. As a result, in today’s world as far as study abroad is concerned UK is a premium choice among the students. Moreover, UK is known as cosmopolitan country which has their own heritage and also accepts other cultures around the globe.

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Why study in UK?

According to an analysis approximately 270,000 new students from around the world enrolled in UK’s universities and colleges each year. So, the question why this huge number of students does not see any other country to study abroad? Here are the few reasons which help you to find the answer.

  • Plenty of course and study options. There are more than 400 universities and college are educating the students. They are offering more than 50000 undergraduates, post-graduate and higher level of courses.
  • There are several universities and colleges have the scholarship options which supports the not only local but international students too.
  • Many universities and colleges offer the course especially to international students which allows them to working while studying. Also the option allows them to apply for the post study work permits as well. This is one of the core reasons of why quite heavy number of students want to study in UK.
  • UK courses are generally shorter than other countries, helping to reduce overall tuition fees and accommodation costs.
  • Study in UK also benefited to those students who are looking for shorter terms courses with higher equivalency. For instance, usuallyaround the world the Master degree would only be considerable if you have studies full 2 years. Whereas the UK is only a country where its 1 year of Post-Graduation degree course is considering as Masters. The beauty is that 1 year Masters programme also get the same education equivalency on the world forum too.

Benefits of Study in UK

From the past plenty of years, lot of people tells many things about the UK. Some of they say positive whereas some of them say negatives. This situation puts students in confusing state of mind to apply for UK study visa.  Here we try to sort it out the confusion and bring the 17 topmost benefits of study in UK.

World’s Best Universities

As per mentioned above the UK is hub of the world-famous universities and colleges. Here is the list of Some Other Universities and Colleges of UK which provide the best teaching across the world.

Universities of England

  • Warwick University
  • London School of Economics
  • University of Durham
  • Exeter University
  • University of Bristol
  • York University

Institutes of Wales

  • University of Cardiff
  • Glamorgan University
  • Trinity College
  • Wales University, Aberystwyth, Bangor, Lampeter
  • The University of Wales College
  • University of Wales Institute
  • For Music and Drama – Welsh College

Institutes of Northern Ireland

  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • St Mary’s University College
  • Stranmillis University College
  • Ulster University

Institutes of Scotland

  • Aberdeen University
  • Abertay Dundee University
  • Dundee University
  • Edinburgh University
  • College of Art Edinburgh
  • Glasgow University
  • University of Glasgow Caledonian
  • School of Art Glasgow
  • University of Heriot-Watt
  • University of Napier

How to get Admission in UK Universities?

To take admission in the above mentioned and other universities of the UK, international students need to appear for English language tests such as, IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, etc. Aspire Square is one point of contact to clears these tests as the organization holds a leading position in the IELTS Coaching, PTE Coaching, Duolingo Coaching.

Get Admission in UK Universities

Amazing Academic Reputation

On the world forum when people talk about the quality education, undoubtedly the UK Universities rank high among them. According to the QS World Rankings of the year 2019, 10 out of 4 UK’s universities were listed there.

UK education system prefers the practical based knowledge than the text-book teaching. The reason is, it brings the significant changes among the students like it enhance critical thinking, develop analytical skills.

Internationally Recognized Degrees and Qualifications

UK education has its own credibility in the world. Any undergraduates or post-graduate or Ph.D. degree has its own value. The reasons behind are,

The official government organizations periodically assess the education and teaching standard of the universities and colleges.

On the other side, the universities and colleges are also check their quality level from the independent agencies like (QAA) Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

A Cheap Study Destination

While deciding the study abroad option the first word comes in a mind which is a cost. Especially, in among Indian students while they would like apply for UK Study Visa Foreign Exchange rates come first in their mind. Here they need to understand that they can take find the one-year duration for all Master’s programmes.

In compression of 2 years Master’s in other countries 1-year programme is proven cost effective. On the other hand, while studying, students can also take Master’s programme in combinations with PhD which save their entire one-year education and accommodation expense. Moreover, the fees range is in between £6000 to £7000 which also economical in the range of other reputed counters.

Free Healthcare to Keep You Healthy

According to the National Health Services (NHS) UK, the international students can get benefit of free medical treatment while studying in the UK. To be eligible for the benefit at the time of paying the fees students need to pay additional charge called International Health Surcharge (IHS).

Visit to the Aspire Square and get Free UK Student Visa Counselling and you come to all the details regarding UK Study Visa process.

High quality education

There are certain reasons for the UK Study Visa popularity, out of them the quality of education is prominent one. UK is globally known for the high-class research an innovation. The education system provides the skill based and critical thinking-based curriculums which help students to grow their career.

Highest Student Satisfaction Rating

UK has one of the lowest ‘dropout rates. Its quality is unrivalled throughout the world. Encourages relevant skills that are marketable and sought by today’s top companies.

One of the major reasons of Study in UK is their highest students’ satisfaction rating. On the world forum the UK Study is known for the lowest dropout rates especially among the international students.

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Access to brilliant resources, facilities, and experts

UK is not only providing the best studying environment but also facilitate the students with great infrastructure. Around 30% of the UK based universities have adopt research-oriented approach whereas, approximately 45% of the UK Universities are classified by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) as ‘internationally excellent institutes’. In addition, universities are also conducting the event, plan different activities and advising the international students in their personal as well as financial problems.

Improve Your English

UK is one of the most multicultural countries of the world and as per one study there are nearly 300 languages are spoken. However, English is an official language of the country and universities are taking the courses in English too. As a result, the basic eligibility requirement to qualify for the UK Study visa is English language score. To qualify for the UK study visa, students can appear for the Internationally Recognized English Language Tests like IELTS, PTE, Duolingo. The international students that opt to Study in the English Culture will help them to improvise their international language skill. The skill helps them to acquire job in the UK also it helps them to apply for Permanent Residency of The Countries Like Australia, Canada, etc.

Work Opportunities While You Study

In the UK Study Visa Process irrespective of the university you can get the 20 hours per week work visa rights. Additionally, you can work full-time during your semester break and vacations. Moreover, when you finished your academic year you will have full-time job rights called post-study work visa which depends on the length of your course.

Some Other Benefits

Apart from the above mentioned Benefits The UK Study Visa will give some other add-on advantages as well. Like,

Increase your knowledge

  • Improve your career, by deepening your knowledge
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Gaining skills in a new area
  • The chance to live in the UK for up to a year, with your family
  • Save money, by completing your master’s in one year
  • A Huge (And Growing!) Student Population
  • Largest library in the world

Selecting a country to study is a big decision because Overseas Study Visa process is usually required big investment and sometimes it may take longer time than expected. As a result, you need to expert’s advice for that. Over the years Aspire Square is a Top Education Consultant in UK Study Visa. Take a support of Aspire Square in this life-changing moment.

You can visit at Aspire Square get the privilege of Free Counselling for UK Study Visa. An expert’s opinion can shape up your profile help to achieve your dream to settle in abroad. All the branches of Aspire Square immigration are well equipped with coaching facilities as well.

The organization have the best IELTS Coaching, PTE Coaching, Duolingo Coaching classes in Gujarat.

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