Why Indian Students Should Study in Europe?

Oct 13,2020

Why Indian Students Should Study in Europe

As one of the Best Student Visa Consultants in Gujarat, Aspire Square has added another feather in the crown. We are bringing plenty of more study options for Indian students who want to study abroad. In our extensive experience, we noticed that many students want foreign education but they lack behind for some reason. For instance, fewer course options, lack of funds, some specialized course options, etc. This blog will give you the best solution to all your doubts and the best option to shape your career.

We have done some research on the above mentioned Indian students’ confusions. As a result, we have found that European countries would be a prominent option. European universities have the greatest potential that can provide all the career support to the Indian students. As per our analysis, Europe has a student-oriented culture along with several job opportunities. Because of that we strongly recommend that Europe should be the premium destination for Indian students to pursue foreign education.

Why Study in Europe?

There are several benefits to study in Europe and we have figure-out some of the best reasons. 

World-Class Education Experience

The meaning of world-class education is that the study and curriculum is upgraded and the courses are in-demand. Countries like France, Ireland, Malta, Poland, the UK, etc. are known as a hub of some reputed universities. 

  • For example, Management, Fashion, Design, and Art-related students should study in France.
  • Whereas, Ireland is ideal for IT, Aviation, Pharma and etc. field students. 
  • Moreover, Malta and Poland are known for the most affordable fees structure than other countries. 
  • On the other hand, the UK is among the first choice for Indian Students due to high-class education and multicultural society.  

Enhancement of Linguistic Skills

European continent is known for its inter-connection and diversity of cultures. However, each country has their own language but there is some language which is common everywhere. For instance, Spanish, Italian, French, German, etc. European Universities provide a great chance to study different languages to Indian students. According to research learning a new language improves brain functionality. Learning a new language also helps increase memory and concentration levels. Additionally, learning a native language helps to settle in the country and also support to find jobs. 

There are few organizations in India and especially in Gujarat that helps to learn the European language. For example, French and German languages are common in entire Europe. 

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French Language – 

  • Alliance Francaise – This institute is one of the prominent places to learn the French language. 
  • It has around 25 centers across the country. 
  • You can visit their website to know more – https://afindia.org/ 

German Language – 

  • Goethe Institute – 
    • The institute is known for learning the German Language.
    • It has 6 main centers and 5 corporate tie-ups around the nation.
    • Please visit their website to know more – https://www.goethe.de/ins/in/en/index.html 

Practical Learning is a Key Learning

Since the ages, practical learning is known as the identical way of learning. There are proven reasons behind it. First, it follows the famous quote of “Practice Makes You Perfect” the more you practice, the more you learn. Second, it is also the philosophy of many successful people. And third, the real-life experience will help to grow in a career than theoretical learning.

The education system of entire Europe is based on the practical teaching methodology. It is one of the essential parts of the curriculum. European education believes that the source of the knowledge is not only the books but also practicals that makes the difference.

The countries France, Germany, Poland has set another level benchmark in practical education. Their courses like management, engineering, design, arts, etc. thoroughly follow the practical exercises. To implement practical knowledge in the curriculum some of the universities have done the industry and company level tie-ups. They send the students to do their assignments, apprenticeship, and the course relevant research. This practice sharpens their skills among the students and enhances job placement potential.

Gain Expertise of the field

Since the ages, the European nations is the center of innovations, discoveries, literature, arts, etc. There are plenty of reasons behind it but one of the main reasons is their niche level institutional establishment. Even today if you are willing to get a high level of education then Europe is a hub for it. Irrespective of your education field or study background, you can find the heap’s course options available in your stream. Whether you from arts, commerce background, or science or engineering background you can find your way through European universities.

Work Rights at its best in Europe

Even when you complete your study, there are only rare cases that students have to find jobs on their own. You will get your job offer when you are doing your internship. The internship is counted as a part of educational activity.

As mentioned above apprenticeship, internship, practical assignments are the core parts of the European universities’ education system. As a result, usually students get the job offer while they are studying and performing during their internships. On the other hand, universities are also conducting several job fairs in the year and some of them also provide direct placement services as well. Not everyone can find a job during an internship so countries like France, Ireland, Malta, etc. have a post-study work visa option. Generally, with 2 years of program students can get more than 2 years of full-time post-study work permits. 

In the 19th century, Europe was the origin of industrial revaluation. Even today many world’s leading brands are operating or have their bases in the European countries. Companies like Volkswagen, BMW, L’Oreal, Renault, Total, Allianz, Vodafone, and more have their base in Europe. Whereas companies like Facebook, Google, Dell, Microsoft are doing their operations from there.

Those students want to study abroad in the year 2021, they should consider Europe for the premium destination. There are specific reasons behind it. First, European countries like France, Ireland, Malta, Poland, UK, etc. are at its best destinations for quality education. Second, plenty of universities and course options are available with a post-study work permit. Third, the process for applying for the visa is quite simple, fast, and straightforward. Visit the Aspire Square for detailed Counseling and check your eligibility absolutely free.

As the no.1 Student Visa Consultant of Gujarat, we are closely monitoring the situation and updates. To get the accurate and latest news on the current scenario follow our News-Listing Page. As one of the Top Study Visa Consultants of Gujarat, Aspire Square is one-stop solutions for PR, Study Visaand Coaching.

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